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You may have seen some posts recently from other Pet Bloggers about the Writer’s Process Blog Tour. It’s a fun virtual tour designed to share the inner workings of our blogs and our writing process as well as introduce you to other Blogs we enjoy that you may not be familiar with. As part of the tour, you answer three questions about your writing process and then introduce three blogs that you enjoy reading.
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We were invited to join the tour by Stacey Van Horn from CrazyDogLife.com. Stacey has two adorable dogs that she writes about – Nadie and Prince. Prince is a good SlimDoggy and is working hard at shedding some extra weight he’s put on. Nadie is the smart one of the bunch and tries hard to be cooperative with mom, but is not always successful. Stacey and her family were involved in rescue for many years although a move to a smaller home has restricted that. Stacey writes about her dogs, her family and about the business of blogging. Be sure and stop by her blog for a visit.

Now on to the questions:

What am I working on?

Typically I may have two or three posts in some stage of development. Since we write for both SlimDoggy and SlimKitty, that’s a lot of posts each week. Right now, I’m writing several different posts documenting our vacation to Big Bear with photos and videos. The trip wasn’t long, but lots of new adventures for Jack and Maggie. We share the writing on the Blog with Steve usually writing the food related and fitness related pieces. I write the personalized stories of our adventures with our dogs as well as the Dear Labby, Mythbuster  and other regular features we post. I try to schedule our posts out at least a couple of weeks, but always leave room for ‘current events’ as you never know when inspiration is going to hit.




Why do I write what I do?

We write what we know. We are both health and fitness advocates for our dogs and ourselves, so writing about those types of topics is easy and comes natural. Our biggest inspiration is of course, SlimDoggy Jack. It was our diet and exercise work with him to get his weight down and off his anxiety medicine after we adopted him that lead to the creation of SlimDoggy.com.  We also have had many dogs over the years, so we have lots of stories about our outings and adventures with our dogs. We’ve also had hard times with our dogs with training issues, sickness and death.  All of our collective experience goes into writing the blog.


How does my writing process work?

Our goal has been to be the premier go-to resource for nutrition, health and fitness information related to our pets. We try to keep our writing focused on that message. We also enjoy developing series like our A to Z Ingredients to help brand SlimDoggy as an expert. We write about our adventures with the dogs frequently, so those are driven by their behavior. I keep a long list of possible blog topics and if the Jack and Maggie adventures have dried up, I’ll go through the list until something inspires me. We also get questions from readers (to Dear Labby).  Finally, I am a Librarian, so research comes natural to me. I enjoy taking a simple topic or question and scouring the internet looking for relevant and useful information and then packaging it into an easily usable format for our readers. Typically, I will write the post and then let it sit for a day or two while I think through photos to use and whether it needs supporting research. Then I’ll go back and refine and edit as needed. I probably go through each post 3-4 different times depending on the length and content of the post.

But like many of us, my process, like the Blog itself is a work-in-progress and changes over time. Being flexible to reader feedback, new interests, current events and real life is all part of the game.

The next part of the Blog Tour is a fun part – I get to introduce three Blogs I really enjoy and invite them to participate in the Writer’s Process Blog Tour.

Honey & Pam at Montreal Overlook


The first Blog I want to introduce is a Blog I’ve followed from the earliest days of SlimDoggy: Something Wagging This Way Comes created by Pamela Douglas Webster. Why do I recommend it? First, you have to love the play on words that is the title of her blog. Second, her dog Honey is just the cutest and sweetest Golden Retriever ever. Third, but most important Pamela’s writing style and sense of humor just draw you in so that you look forward to reading her everyday. My personal favorite post at SWTWC is Where is the Dog When You Have Sex? How can you not appreciate the delicate handling of such a sensitive topic. And versatility? Pamela can go from that raucous subject matter to a frank and honest evaluation of the best methods for the disposal of dog poop in her post What Do You Do After you Scoop the Poop?. If you are not already a S’Wagger as she calls her followers, you should be.

Lilah Tucker Jasper shade wall logo


The next Blog I want to introduce is a blog that I became more familiar with recently when we introduced SlimKitty. We are always looking for cat bloggers or dog bloggers with cats to guest post at SlimKitty since we don’t have cats and one of the Blogs I contacted was Life with Dogs & Cats created by Susan C. Willett. Susan has four cats and three dogs, so she has valuable experience with both. Susan writes with so much humor that you will definitely get a laugh whenever you visit. She does a several regular features including Texts from the Cats or Texts from the Dogs, but my favorite feature is her Haiku. I was never good at poetry and Haiku was so beyond my reach, so I admire her skill at producing such soulful Haiku from her animals (Yes, I am saying that with tongue in check). The Haiku is spot on, and you should absolutely check it out. She usually posts them on Tuesday “Haikusday”, but you can find them on her site any day of the week. Haiku by Cat and Haiku by Dog.



The final Blog I want to introduce you to is Dogthusiast created by Jen DeHaan. If you haven’t met Jen’s dogs Mort and Tig, you really need to take the time to go introduce yourselves. While Tig spends her time lounging and looking pretty (something she is very good at by the way), Mort is a bonafide sports nut. You know how we feel about active dogs here at SlimDoggy, so we love following Mort’s adventures and reading his weekly Mort Report. Jen is also serious about dog training and hosts a great Blog Hop on Tuesday’s called Training Tip Tuesday. The Blog Hop is a great opportunity to get some valuable training tips from folks who know their stuff. Jen provides good practical advice for training issues like recall or rehabilitation, but she also provides some fun training tips too – like How to Get your Dog to Balance on Things. We love the idea of combining training and a workout because the core strength necessary to balance on a fire hydrant.…well, let’s just say Mort must have a pretty ripped six pack under that fur.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our Tour – it was fun for me to share a little bit of how we work and to share some Blogs we really enjoy. Please be sure to check them out and tell them SlimDoggy sent you 🙂



We are joining the Thursday Barks and Bytes Blog Hop Co-hosted by our friends at 2Brown Dogs and Heart Like a Dog. Grab the badge and join the fun!



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  1. Great blog tour – we enjoyed reading about some of the other cat and dog blogs!

  2. Thank you for the wonderful words and agreeing to participate in the Writer’s Process Blog Tour. It was very interesting to hear about your writing process! I also love your choices of blogs to introduce to the tour … really good ones. Can’t wait to hear about their process!
    Stacey recently posted…The Writing Process Blog Tour – A Glimpse Inside the Mind of a Crazy Dog LadyMy Profile

  3. We have our writer’s tour post today too. Love your post and nominees. You are lucky to have two of you to work on it, but then again, you also have two blogs and a lot going on beside that. As you know, we love the health and fitness stuff!
    Emma recently posted…The Inside Scoop on My GBGV LifeMy Profile

  4. Excellent post and nominees! I’m loving this tour. It’s so interesting to see the process of other bloggers.
    It’s Dog or Nothing recently posted…Bonding with AtkaMy Profile

  5. It’s always interesting to sees how other bloggers blog; I’ve reached a crossroads with my blogging and I’ve been reading many of the blogging tour posts and it’s helping me determine the next steps that I want to take. Thanks for sharing your process.
    Kimberly Gauthier recently posted…Bribing Our Pack with Jones Natural ChewsMy Profile

    • We certainly can pick up tips from each other – this was a great idea. Don’t know who started it, but glad they did.
      mkob recently posted…Writer’s Process Blog TourMy Profile

  6. I’m loving this! Working on mine to post this weekend. Great concept to learn more about all the blogs we enjoy – including Slimdoggy. This is a paw some supportive community.

  7. Thanks for some insight into the world of Slimdoggy & Slimkitty. I always search your site for answers to any and all food questions. I love the four blogs that you mentioned. I wrote my Writer’s Process Tour last week and enjoy seeing where everyone’s styles differ and are the same.
    M. K. Clinton recently posted…Telephone DogMy Profile

  8. A librarian, it all makes sense now! Your posts are always well-informed, well-written and well-presented.

  9. OMD! You mean Dear Labby isn’t actually written by Maggie or Jack? I’m devastated!

    But other than that, I loved reading about your process. I need to figure out how to replicate it since my future has sporadic internet access and I won’t be able to post spontaneously like I do now.

    Thanks for placing me in such good company. I’m so flattered. Hopefully I won’t become famous as the girl who writes about sex and poop. 🙂

    Now I’d better start planning my own post.
    Pamela recently posted…How Far Would You Go To Know If Your Dog Loves You?My Profile

  10. Thanks so much for including us in your blog tour. I love the other two blogs, too.

    I keep a list much like yours, for fresh ideas. It’s my go-to list, and I can always find something.

    –Wags (and purrs) from Life with Dogs and Cats
    Susan and the gang from LifeWithDogsAndCats.com recently posted…Haiku by Cat: WatchingMy Profile

    • It’s funny about that list – sometimes something that has been on there for a while just inspires me that day, but last week, I passed right by it. I guess that’s serendipity.
      mkob recently posted…Writer’s Process Blog TourMy Profile

  11. I’m so forgetful… Did we already discuss the fact that we’re both librarians?? I forget… Anyway – I’m sure that’s partly why we are so similar! 🙂 Great post and great nominees!
    Jackie Bouchard recently posted…Know Kids Who Love Dogs? Two-book #Giveaway!My Profile

    • It’s like me with the dogs from Mexico…I don’t know if we talked about that…but yep, makes sense.
      mkob recently posted…Writer’s Process Blog TourMy Profile

  12. It is really interesting to hear about others writing processes. Thanks for sharing!
    Hailey and Zaphod recently posted…An Acceptance Speech by HaileyMy Profile

  13. Thanks so much for joining the hop. You sounds so organized with your writing. I wish I could plan more ahead. I usually have ideas for posts in my head, but rarely have time to write them…lol. You picked some good blogs for your tour.
    2 brown dawgs recently posted…Thursday Barks And Bytes–Thanks All AroundMy Profile

  14. Thank you for introducing me to some great new blogs. We will be sure to check them out. I wish I was as organised as you. I haven’t yet found a routine but am still learning so much. It think it all comes with experience. Well done on your blog over at Waggy Tales we love it.
    Waggy Tales recently posted…Summer Safety Series Part 1 | 7 tips to keep your dog cool this summer.My Profile

  15. I absolutely love this series, and learning more about everyone’s writing style! It’s such a great motivator as well, I’m so inspired by the many great blogs in the community (and especially this one!) In particular I am so amazed and how you have both blogs up and running! That’s a ton of posts indeed even with two writers. Something I hope to get to one day with my multiple blogs, one of which is gathering dust more often than not.

    I love to hear how you let a post sit for a couple days. That’s something I should try out – a great idea.

    And thanks so much for the invitation to this series, and highlighting DOGthusiast – such nice and thoughtful comments, I really appreciate it. And I can’t wait to participate by putting a post together!
    Jen recently posted…How being consistent can help train our dogsMy Profile

  16. Thanks for sharing your writing process! I did mine a few weeks ago, it’s interesting to see how other bloggers go through their process . I love that you were able to get jack off anxiety meds through diet & exercise! I look forward to seeing your Big Bear post, I’ve always wanted to go there.
    Cathy Armato

  17. So enjoyed your tour. Nice that you and Steve do this all together. You guys are some busy folks glad you got some time away on a little vac with the pooches.
    Sand Spring Chesapeakes recently posted…Thursday Barks And Bytes~Beaks And ToesMy Profile

  18. I have been really enjoying this writing tour, I love hearing what others are working on, and their process to get to that point.
    Thank you for sharing on the tour!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!
    Jenna,Mark “HuskyCrazed” Drady recently posted…My husky is a spot thief!My Profile

  19. It is great to hear about your process! The two of you have undertaken a lot of work with 2 sites. You do an incredible job at what you do. It is great to see pets getting healthy because of your site. 🙂
    Robin recently posted…Pet Food Labels Explained Part 1My Profile

  20. Thank you so much for joining the blog hop. What a fascinating post, would you believe this is the first I’ve heard of the Writer’s Process Blog Tour? Truth.

    That being said I write similar to you in the regard that I usually read the post a couple of times and some of them I will sit on for days, just because it’s not quite right.

    I also keep a few drafts in my dashboard for those days when I’ve got nothing.

    I also find it fascinating to discover how other people’s process works. Thanks again, I really enjoyed this.
    Jodi recently posted…Follow-Up Friday – July 18, 2014My Profile

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