Why Some Dogs May Need Help Staying Warm

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dog coats 2I found this to be an informative piece on winter clothing for dogs.

Responsible Pet Ownership Blog: Why Some Dogs Need Winter Coats to Stay Warm

We often assume that our dog’s fur is enough to keep them warm despite the conditions.  But perhaps we should reconsider?

According to  the author Linda Cole, “Older dogs can have a harder time generating and holding body heat. Putting a sweater and/or coat on your dog when he’s outside is a practical way of dealing with colder weather. It’s important to keep an eye on an older pet to make sure the cold isn’t bothering him.”

Ms. Cole also points out that “Dogs with arthritis can be helped with a warm winter coat to help protect their joints when they are outside. Wearing a sweater or light jacket inside the house can also give them more comfort. Cushing’s disease, hypothyroidism, kidney disease, hypoglycemia, respiratory problems, diabetes, a thinning coat, or recovering from surgery, as well as other conditions can contribute to how well a dog is able to maintain his own body heat and handle cold weather.”

This kind of makes sense.  So if you notice your dog’s teeth chattering or if you are cold even though you have an extra layer of clothing on, check to see if your dog might need some covering as well.


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