What’s the Grossest Thing Your Dog Ever Ate?

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Jack holds the crown in our household for eating the most gross things, although Sally would be a very close second. Jack’s first instinct is to put it in his mouth. Hold something out to him and he goes to eat it, whether it’s food, a paper towel, a toy or his leash. “Eat first, ask questions later” is his motto. Horse poop, coyote poop, dead animals, any gross thing he finds along the side of the road…a delicacy. No wonder he has weird stomach issues.
Maggie is a bit more discerning. She smells everything before opening her mouth. Even if I just gave her a piece of the same treat, she will still smell the other half. Her one bad habit is her affection for Jack’s poop. Yeah, no other dog’s just Jack’s…don’t ask me why.
Tino wasn’t a fan of poop – dead animals were his thing and since he could catch rabbits in our yard when he was younger, he had his own raw feeding program going.

Sally was a champ too. Like Jack, she was eat first, ask questions later and was able to ferret out all sorts of weird things to eat on our runs. Probably her weirdest meal was had while we were on vacation. We had gone to Morgan Run, a golf resort in San Diego. It was a pretty course, with a nice trail and lots of little ponds to explore on the property and close to the ocean.

I was walking her one morning when she got overly interested in one area of this pond we were walking by. I knew the signs of an “edible discovery” so ran over to see what it was. Since it was the edge of a pond, I figured it was a dead fish or something. Oh but, no…it was a crayfish – or at least something that looked like a crayfish (I didn’t know that they are found in Southern California, and I guess they are quite a problem.). And it was still very much alive, but Sally was intent on eating it. All I saw was little legs and claws waving at the corners of her mouth and her crunching away on it…gross. And before I could figure out how to get it away from her, down it went.

Why wouldn't I eat that mom?

Why wouldn’t I eat that mom?

I figured she’d get sick later, but nope, unlike Jack, she had an iron stomach. The next morning on our walk, she made a beeline for the same spot. Luckily I was smart enough to keep her leashed until we were past the pond.

So, tell us, what’s the grossest thing your dog ever ate?

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  1. Easy ate a kitchen sponge once… we rushed to the vet who was waiting with a colleague and the complete op-team… fortunately on the way he puked sponge-bob’s cousin on my lap… I never was so happy about puke in the car… we only needed an x-ray at the vet to see if everything came out. but nevertheless we had to pay for the whole effort …. :o(
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  2. In Germany, Katie lived with Mom in a more rural area and she enjoyed eating cow pies, yuck! She was also a big fan of horse poop. Me, I tried to swallow a dead squirrel, but Mom was able to grab it and pull it back out of my throat. That was when I was much younger and thank dog it was winter, so she didn’t have to actually touch it she said. Bailie was a walking garbage can and even ate her own poop as a young puppy, but she also learned drop it and leave it really well and currently none of us eat real disgusting stuff.
    Emma recently posted…An Ugly Domestic DisputeMy Profile

  3. Blueberry hasn’t eaten anything that gross, although the horse patty that resembled dried diarrhea was definitely gross enough to make her sick minutes after eating a chunk of it.

    My dog Copper once ate the entire contents of a jar of petroleum jelly. The result was greasy soft poop. He was fluffy so his entire back end was oily and I had to double bathe him to get it clean.

  4. A used tampon. Yuck. apparently that’s not uncommon. If you Google “dog ate tampon” you get seven pages of hits.

  5. Yes, Kelley is the winner. That is definitely the grossest! I’ve always thought that eating their own vomit was extremely gross. Yuck!
    M. K. Clinton recently posted…BFTB NETWoof News January 18, 2016 #DogNewsMy Profile

  6. Wow, a crayfish…she must really have had an iron stomach!! Buzz once swallowed a dead baby bird when he was just a few months old and I wasn’t fast enough to pull it out of his throat. Yuck. I don’t remember him having any diarrhea though. Missy has eaten several used tampons, too. So gross, especially when they come back up after a few hours. Our bathroom trash can is now behind locked doors.
    Barbara Rivers recently posted…Comment on Best Of K9 Fitness 2015 by K9sOverCoffeeMy Profile

  7. Diapers! Scoobie was constantly trying to steal diapers and eat whatever was in them.

    I’m very surprised dogs can digest crayfish. I’m actually impressed.
    Pet Regale recently posted…10 Minute Vegan Peanut Butter Dog TreatsMy Profile

  8. The last sheepdog I owned tried very hard to swallow a frozen dead squirrel. It was very cold that morning and took all my strength to remove it from his clenched jaws. It was just gross and I couldn’t get home fast enough to wash and sterilize my hands. Finn couldn’t figure out why I was all wigged out having to pry that thing out of him. BOL

  9. Used tampons. Goose poop (which resulted in giardia – not fun), deer poop, rabbit poop, the foam liner in in a package of pork chops, socks, a bird that had probably been dead a while…

  10. Nellie loves the nastiest rotten deer parts.
    Sand Spring Chesapeakes recently posted…Feeding TrickeryMy Profile

  11. Thunder ate a field mouse (live) when he was out pheasant hunting as a puppy. Just swallowed it down. Yuck x 10.
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