What’s New in the SlimDoggy App – Social Sharing

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We have made several enhancements to the SlimDoggy app recently.  Today we want to share some details on how the Social Media Sharing feature works.

Why We Added This

Based on feedback we have received from our users, we learned that for many people, sharing their dog’s weight ‘change’ journey, (weight loss or a weight gain), is fun and can increases their accountability and success rates.

We say, why not “brag” about how fit and healthy your dog is – or create a virtual contest with your friends to see whose dog burns more calories?

Now you can easily post your dog’s activities and feedings to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

How it Works


Share Icon

To share to social media, go to the Diary page and tap on the burned or fed tab.  If you want to share an activity, tap the activity and then tap the share icon on the top right of the page.



Facebook or Twitter?


Choose which account, Facebook or Twitter, that you wish to share with and you will be shown a sample message (which you can edit).  Once you are happy with the message, tap “post” and you will be asked to authorize the sharing.  You may have to log in to your social account if this is your first time sharing.  Note: once you grant permission to post on your account, you won’t have to re-grant permission each time.



The default message will share your dog’s activity (e.g. run, walk), duration, and calories burned.




Share message




To share your dog’s feedings, tap on the “Fed” tab on your dog’s Diary and follow the same process.  The default message will share your dog’s food brand, serving amount, and calories fed.




For Twitter users, if you run into difficulties, go to your SlimDoggy app home page (the one with the picture of your dog) and tap the Settings icon (wheel on top left).  You will be able to provide authorization credentials there.  See the screen shots below for how to do this.



Social Sharing Settings Example Pages



Sharing Settings from Home Page



This page is the SlimDoggy app settings.  Tap sharing to see your social media sharing info.










Next, choose which account to view, Facebook or Twitter.



Choose Facebook or Twitter













In the case of twitter, you will go to the Twitter authorization page, where you can authorize the app to post on your Twitter stream.


Twitter Authorization




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  1. Woof! Woof! We shared our quick walk last Monday on FB. This is the 2nd time we did. The 1st time we did a photo badge shows up for your link. Last Monday share the photo badge is blank. check it out on my FB wall page. Hope next upgrade we can include a photo of our activity. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar
    SUGAR: Golden Woofs recently posted…Words on WW: See Beautiful TagsMy Profile

    • I’ll check it out. I passed along your idea about the photo – really liked it!

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