What Mom & Dad did at BlogPaws

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By SlimDoggy Jack

Mom wrote about what Maggie and I did when they were gone for the weekend to BlogPaws, so I thought I’d write about what THEY did at BlogPaws while we stayed home.

They laughed a lot about this sign they saw. Dad says it’s almost the same as the sign on his dorm room in college.

BlogPaws sign

Sign on a session door at BlogPaws


They neglected to bring home the mountain of treats and toys and generally cool swag that I have seen on my friends Blogs. This is all we got. I know we’re supposed to be “slimdoggies” but this is ridiculous & pitiful.

BlogPaws swag

BlogPaws swag


pete the vet

Pete the Vet FaceBook picture since dad didn’t get one of them running!

Dad got his run in everyday and even though he went without me, he met Pete the Vet, from Ireland and had a nice run with him on Saturday morning. Pete is a triathlete!

They collected cards from other people. I don’t know if they are playing cards or bingo cards or what, but they are happy they got so many as it means lots of new friends for us! I hear that some of the cards are edible!

They went to classes to learn things. I have to go to classes too, socialization classes they are called where I learn to get along with other dogs and other people, I wonder if it was the same thing? I wonder if they barked at anyone? One of the classes was taught by their friend Kimberly from Keep the Tail Wagging. Kimberly has THREE dogs that sound really fun & cool. I hope I get to meet them someday.

They met with Pet360.com to hear about their monetization opportunities. Dad ran into a former colleague, Nico, and told me that he is excited about working with him again, along with the rest of the Pet360 team.

They saw this guy Norman RIDE A BIKE. I hope they don’t think I’m going to be able to do that!


Norma riding a bike – crazy!



Rocco, our FitDog Friday co-host.


They met many of their blogger buddies including Rocco, from To Dog with Love, one of our co-hosts for FitDog Friday. Kelly, from Peggy’s Pet Place, our other co-host wasn’t there, but lots of our other friends were – too many to name, but they seemed really happy to have met everyone.Β  Gee, Rocco looks beat, he must have been partying hard at that Red Carpet event! You’ve got to learn to pace yourself little guy.

They met a lot of great twitter friends too – I am surprised that they were able to hold conversations without a 140 character limit!

All in all, it sounded like they had a great time. I wish I could have been there, but Maggie and I had our own adventures.


Jack working on his poker game with Maggie

Jack working on his poker game with Maggie


I hear next year BlogPaws is going to be in VEGAS!!! Maybe they will let me go since they can drive to Vegas. They might be afraid I’ll lose too much money on the slots, but they don’t know I’ve been studying up and learning how to count cards, so I plan on cleaning up at the poker table!

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  1. Enjoy adventure from Jack and Maggies viewpoint, no prob at site….

  2. I hope you get to go to Vegas! Sorry Kelly wasn’t at Blog Paws to meet your mum and dad, that would have been awesome! I can’t wait to hear more.
    Peggy Frezon recently posted…Wednesday Pet Roundup 5-22-13My Profile

  3. It was lovely to meet your mum and dad at BlogPaws – they’re definitely fantastic lunchtime company. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks – it was great to meet you too!

  4. It was great meeting your mom and dad at BlogPaws, they are doing great things!!
    Jodi recently posted…BlogPaws Part 1My Profile

  5. We loved meeting your parents, but I wish we could have met you too Jack! I hope you get to come to Vegas, so you and Luna can rake in the winnings at the poker table!
    Beagles and Bargains recently posted…Wordless Wednesday: Video from a Dog’s Eye ViewMy Profile

    • We will be holding that over his head for the next year πŸ™‚ Leverage for good behavior!

  6. I’m bummed I didn’t meet your parents there! I have been hearing all about Slim Doggy on other peoples’ blogs, but this is my first time checking it out! (Am I living in the dark ages or WHAT??). I was in that last session that Kimberly did where everyone was getting super confused about the “No Follow Links” and I think your parents were sitting on the row behind me! I had never heard of no follow links, but I wasn’t as confused as some people were…haha! Her session was actually one of my favorites!

    Okay, I rambled…sorry!! Hope to get to see you in Vegas! πŸ™‚
    Elyse and Riley recently posted…Wordless Wednesday–BlogPaws Swag!My Profile

    • Funny – we got a little side-tracked by those no-follows didn’t we. Glad you stopped by – come back and join us for FitDog Friday. See you in Vegas!

  7. I liked your version of BlogPaws, well, except for the amount of swag you ended up with. What were they thinking?
    Sage recently posted…WW: A PassionMy Profile

  8. We really missed having you; you would have fit right in! Hope to see you guys in Vegas!!!!

    • Mom says if I’m good…maybe!

  9. Be sure to add this to the BlogPaws Linky List. So glad you were there – love the review! See you in Vegas! http://www.blogpaws.com/2013/05/share-blogpaws-2013-conference-blog-posts-here.html
    Carol Bryant recently posted…Therapy Dogs: A Short History Of Canine CompanionshipMy Profile

    • Thanks Carol – I have added this to the Linky.

  10. WOW Norma sure is talented! Oh well, at least you got some good treats although they were few πŸ™ Looked like you had a nice time at Blogpaws, will have to go next time!
    kirbysdawgblog recently posted…Quick Mischeif – BarKbox!My Profile

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