What Makes a Dog a “Velcro Dog”?

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Jack is a velcro dog. What does that mean? Does it mean he’s bonded to me? Does it mean he REALLY loves me? Does it mean he freaks out if I’m not around? It means a little of all of that. Mostly, it means that Jack is attached to me like velcro. He follows me everywhere, attached to my hip. It’s flattering that he loves me so much, but it can be a bit annoying when:

  • I’m trying to cook and I trip over him when I turn to the stove.
  • I enter our walk-in closet and he follows me and blocks the door.
  • I go to the bathroom and he sits next to me until I’m finished.
  • I take a shower and he lies down outside the bathroom door.
  • I go for a walk in the yard or up the driveway and is so close to my side I have to back up to get around him.
  • Being a velcro dog could also mean your dog has separation anxiety. Separation anxiety “describes a condition in which a dog exhibits distress and behavior problems when separated from its handler”. (Wikipedia) It can be quite serious, destructive and debilitating if not handled correctly. While I don’t think Jack has separation anxiety, we will take a closer look at the condition, it’s signs and possibly remedies in a subsequent post.
    velcro dog

    Luckily, Jack doesn’t exhibit any distress when I leave. He usually seems to know when I’m going out – mainly because I put on ‘real clothes’ instead of my usual around the house clothes. But luckily his attachment doesn’t carry into anxiety. He doesn’t even follow me to the door, he just climbs in the bed that gives him a view of the driveway and watches me leave…and he’s there watching for me when I return.
    Tino was the opposite of Jack. Tino was probably the most independent of our dogs, although Maggie is giving him a run for his money for that title. There were many days when Tino would go outside after breakfast and spend his entire day out in the backyard. He would have no idea if I was home or had gone out and didn’t seem to care, he was perfectly happy with his own company.

    While Jack usually wants to be near me when I am home, he’s perfectly content and comfortable when I’m out. How about you and your dog? Independent? Bonded? Velcro? Separation anxiety issues?

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  1. Bailie and I each have some velcro, but we are also just fine being left alone and we don’t follow Mom everywhere. Our cat Sophie used to be that way the first months after Mom adopted her.
    Emma recently posted…No Mischief AllowedMy Profile

    • You guys have a big family to keep you company.
      mkob recently posted…What Makes a Dog a My Profile

  2. We don’t have velcro dogs although I’ve called Rodrigo and Sydney that from time to time. They just like being with me – it can be next to me on the sofa or just in the same room as me when I’m watching TV or working. It feels like more of a pack mentality, because eventually, I’m surrounded by 4 dogs and if I move to another room, they’ll eventually follow.
    Kimberly Gauthier recently posted…Dangers of Raw Feeding for DogsMy Profile

    • Yep, even Tino would eventually work his way into the bedroom with us at night.
      mkob recently posted…What Makes a Dog a My Profile

  3. I’m a velcro dog too… but that’s common for my breed… it drives my momma crazy when I follow her even to the bathroom :o) It fortunately (knock on wood 87 times) works when I’m alone at home for an hour or two…
    easy rider recently posted…easyblog MISCHIEF MOANDAY…My Profile

  4. Sam is a semi-Velcro dog choosing the worst possible moments (for me at any rate) to stick to me. Once outside, he’s more than content to follow his nose and pay me absolutely no heed! 🙂
    Monika recently posted…Sam Sez ~ April 4, 2015My Profile

  5. Eko and Penny follow me everywhere, but I think that might just be to make sure they don’t miss out on any potential treats I might have. They definitely have velcro stomachs.

  6. Harley is fine when I’m gone, but when I’m home – velcro all the way baby! Jax of course is imitating everything Harley does, so he’s a bit attached too. I tripped over him yesterday in the kitchen. Turned around and oops – there he was. I never dropped the margarine though…
    Groovy Goldendoodles recently posted…HONORED TO RECEIVE THIS AWARDMy Profile

  7. Laika is a velcro dog to the core; but luckily she exhibits no separation anxiety issues. I think as far as she goes being a Shepherd mix just makes it par for the course. I have recently been able to teach her to ‘wait on the chair’ for me as I clean some dishes or do some other mundane task. It’s really funny looking back at all of our dogs; they really have such unique personalities and quirks. Laika is definitely my velcro dog; and to be honest I find it more endearing than anything 🙂 I don’t mind having a constant companion by my side.
    Jen Gabbard recently posted…Roundup: Our Favorite Dog Articles, Deals & Videos of the WeekMy Profile

  8. Delilah is the Velcro dog, until I let her off leash in the woods. 🙂 Seriously she does follow me all around the house, into the closet, into the bathroom, under my feet in the kitchen..etc.

    Sampson is more independent. He knows he will be taken care of and he’s very comfortable doing what works for him. For instance there are many nights that he just gets up and goes to bed. He’s easy going like that. 🙂
    Jodi recently posted…Divide and ConquerMy Profile

    • Yeah, Jack is much less sticky when we are on a walk.
      mkob recently posted…What Makes a Dog a My Profile

  9. Mummy says I’m not a velcro dog, but I am a nosy dog. I like to know what everyone is doing and to help out where I can 🙂
    Misaki recently posted…Exercising in the parkMy Profile

  10. Shadow is my Velcro dog — she wants to be near me at all times — but thankfully doesn’t suffer separation anxiety since she has Callie to keep her company when we’re not home. Ducky stays in her crate in the bedroom when we go out so she can’t start a fight over a toy — and I put up a gate to keep the other two out of the bedroom. Ducky feels safe in her crate — a carryover from her days at the shelter, I guess. Callie and Ducky are a bit more independent, although Ducky will try to horn in on the attention if Shadow’s getting some.
    Callie, Shadow, and Ducky\\\’s mom recently posted…Wait Until Daddy Gets Home!My Profile

  11. Bentley loves to be with us, but comfort will win out if its a choice of the floor or his bed. LOL! Velcro is a good way to describe our Golden Retriever Tucker. We always called him our back pocket dog because he was always as close as my back pocket. I’d love to trip over him again. ♥
    M. K. Clinton recently posted…BFTB Channel 7 NETWoof News April 6, 2015My Profile

  12. Glory and Nellie are independent but Gambler is velcro. It was funny this weekend the dogs went outside, I went to the bathroom and closed the door for the first time in a long time and john let the dogs in I could hear footsteps running up and down the steps and all around and when I came out gman was so happy to see me john said he was looking all over for me, he knew I was here but not where.
    Sand Spring Chesapeakes recently posted…Supervisor MK Get’s Fired~Monday MischiefMy Profile

    • Haha…that happens with Jack all the time – if he loses track of me in the house – he makes a mad dash looking for me.
      mkob recently posted…What Makes a Dog a My Profile

  13. I understand completely! Reagan my Aussie is definitely a velcro dog, but that is expected because of her breed. It gets annoying with her when I end up tripping because she is so close. My 3 Huskies: Nakita is Miss Independent, Harmony will follow if she thinks there is an opportunity for food lol and Cario is surprisingly a velcro dog. Huskies are known to be independent dogs so it surprised me when he wanted to be near me all the time. I had thoughts of him having separation anxiety. I tried a few strategies to solve the problems. It was a combination of things but I have accepted that he is just attached to me, which I won’t complain about.
    Faith Ellerbe, Live.Wag.BARK! recently posted…Things To Consider About A Dogs Feeding ScheduleMy Profile

  14. Chessies are pretty independent. Storm is probably the most independent of the three. Thunder is loyal and will lay at your feet. Freighter follows us around because he wants to see what we are doing. He is the only one that will follow me all over as I clean the house. Yeah like that is super exciting….lol.
    2 Brown Dawgs recently posted…Wordless Wednesday–SprintMy Profile

  15. The girls are pretty independent, Sheba especially spends a lot of time outside by herself. Luke sticks a little more closely to me, but he will also go off on his own at times. He hasn’t shown any separation anxiety, thank goodness.
    Jan K recently posted…Questioning Pet Vaccinations (Part 3 – Titer Tests)My Profile

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