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walk-your-dog-hop-button_zps2ff4c0f9I’ve had dogs in my life for most of my adult life – about 26 years (not to age myself or anything). These dogs include my first, Maxine and then Sally, Tino, Becca, Jack & Maggie, in order of appearance. I am and have always been diligent about walking my dogs. Luckily, I’m a runner, so I can get my run in while exercising them. I figure that I have walked (or run) with my dogs probably everyday of those 26 years. Yes, some days I missed, but many days I took them more than once.

That adds up to a lot of walking over the years! Even if I only walked a mile each time, that comes to almost 10,000 miles! Wow – I can’t even wrap my head around that number of miles… but I checked my math (365 X 26 = 9,490).

This past week was National Walk Your Dog Week. I think that’s a great week to commemorate the dog walk – it’s iconic – there are jokes about it, songs about it, even movies – think “The Incredible Journey”.

To me there is nothing more peaceful than a leisurely evening stroll with the dogs, unless it’s that morning run, or the brisk afternoon hike I take with them.

This past week, I asked SlimDoggy’s FaceBook friends to share their favorite walks with their dogs and here’s some of walks we heard about:

Diane Carpentieri (Mykooldog):  My favorite is walking on the beach when no one else is there. It is sheer pleasure seeing the dogs toying with the tides and chasing sea gulls.

CraigandTheresa Foster (All Out Dogz) Here is a pic of Hayden and Micah on our favorite walk! The creek comes out at beautiful blue mountain lake. We followed the creek bed up the mountain and it made for a fun place for the pups to run and play in the water.
fosterwalksBoingy Dog: My all-time favorite walk is around Lake Merritt but we’re trying to visit more places and bring some variety. Kayo and I are city girls so we love the lake. There have to be at least 100 people there are any given time. Lots of dogs, joggers, bikers, skateboarders, geese, squirrels, rowers and paddlers, rollerbladers, yoga-ists, tightrope walkers, weigh lifters, and more. It’s a seriously happenin’ place! And a good 5K.

Ian Thomson (Sheba’s Life Story):  My favorite walk is along the river or around a lake, basically anywhere with water so Sheba can have a swim. She loves the water.

Jo Peris: At a park at our local lake in Dover De. Shady, grassy, over a couple of little bridges and a dam and also a tiny beach.

Elaine Enlightening: I like to walk Tao anywhere that there is lots of trees and water. There is a lake nearby with lovely large patches of grass where my toy poodles can unofficially run and play off leash. I only do that when we are alone. The Bass Pro has beautiful walking around the lake and such. Will be walking more as fall settles in. It’s back to being really hot and humid presently, which my female puppy, Lady, hates.

Bobbi Basile: Here’s a picture from our walk this am…and one of our favorites. It’s in a local park with trails through the woods. Early in the am we have the place to ourselves. There’s a lake through those trees. It’s picturesque and peaceful…until a squirrel crosses our path and then it’s “game on!”

bobbiswalk Penny RawDog: Love walking on trails in the spring and summer but usually in the fall we walk around Downtown Salem, MA, or go to the beaches and watch the seagulls, smell the crisp cool ocean breeze, go for a swim here and there and of course meet other dogs and their guardians.

 Kelly Ison (SmartCookee) Abbey and I walk around our neighborhood that includes several museums and parks….It really is a beautiful walk.

Jamie Badial (Best Paw Forward) Love walks this time of year in some of the local parks. Falling leaves, autumn colors, cool air. My dogs love it too.

 Lisa Sugarman Costello (Luv Our Pets Longer) Morgan and I walk the neighborhood and now we can go down the beach again for a romp.


They all sound like great walks don’t they? I wrote about some of our favorite walks on our FB page this past week and have one more to add. This is Jack & Maggie’s favorite walk that we like to take on Sunday mornings. It’s along the crest of one of the hills that form the valley we live in. When it’s clear enough, you can see all the way to the ocean from some spots. Here’s a few pictures:

view105Those are the Santa Susanna Mountains and Simi Valley in the distance.

view106Jack & Maggie checking out the view.

view101This one show about where SlimDoggy’s house is – can’t really see it because of the trees.

view108This is looking the other way from the top of the hill with the Santa Monica Mountains to the left, Conejo Valley in the foreground and the Pacific Ocean is there where it flattens out in the middle.


We are joining Boingy Dog and Paws and Pedals for the Walk Your Dog Hop:


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  1. This is such a fun post and thank you for joining the hop! I love including all the answers from your FB page and your personal story. 10,000 miles – so impressive! All your SoCal photos really make me miss SoCal life – I love Oakland but I really became a SoCal girl in the 8 years that I was down there. I love hearing about all the cool places people walk their dogs and especially knowing so well what their dogs love and don’t like so much. The bond we build and understanding of our dogs that we get when we walk them is a treasure!
    BoingyDog recently posted…The Top 10 Reasons to Walk Your DogMy Profile

    • It was great to see so many people enjoy it as much as I do.
      mkob recently posted…Walks With My DogsMy Profile

  2. What a beautiful post. Beautiful cause it includes a whole lot of other people’s favourite dog-walking spot & includes some great photos along the walks. Inspirational to say the least and it also reminds you straight away of your favourite times with your dogs – both present and past. Thanks for sharing and linking up to the Walk your Dog BlogHop
    Paws and Pedals (Kate & Scooter) recently posted…Canine Running at ParkrunMy Profile

    • I really enjoyed reading about folks favorite walks and seeing the pics they sent in.
      mkob recently posted…Walks With My DogsMy Profile

  3. As you know, walking is tops at our house. We love some of the same old walks and we love exploring new trails and areas. Walking is a great activity that you can do your entire life (once you learn to walk as a baby). It is a great way to bond humans, dogs, and nature! Keep on walking…
    emma recently posted…Emma in the Ring | GBGV | Monday MischiefMy Profile

  4. Happy Walking!My favourite time of day is my morning walk with my dogs.
    Hailey and Zaphod recently posted…Mischief Monday – Racoon needs some amputationsMy Profile

  5. Those are all great places to walk. I guess brown dawgs favorite place would be in the forest if there is a chance of coming across a bird or a bunny. 🙂
    2 brown dawgs recently posted…Monday Mischief–The ChaseMy Profile

    • Those are both very good ‘walk’ incentives.
      mkob recently posted…Walks With My DogsMy Profile

  6. I loved reading about people who love walking with their dogs as much as I do.

    Most people think of walking with their dog as exercise. But for me, it’s really about bonding with Honey. I don’t think anything ties people and dogs together more than long walks.
    Pamela recently posted…There’s No Place Like Home – Good for the Dog; Good for YouMy Profile

    • First, Welcome Back! We missed you. Second, I agree – it’s just a wonderful bonding time – on days when Steve takes Jack for a run, I truly miss our time together.
      mkob recently posted…Walks With My DogsMy Profile

  7. That place looks so beautiful! Jack and Maggie are so lucky to have all that nature around them!
    Francesca Villa recently posted…We’re Almost There!My Profile

  8. What beautiful scenery for a walk!
    SuperCutePetContest recently posted…September Winner!My Profile

  9. What a cool view you have. Walking is great for so many reasons, peace of mind is certainly one for me.

  10. That’s a lot of miles! Loving these pictures, I used to live not too far from there, makes me miss home!
    Jessica recently posted…National Walk Your Dog WeekMy Profile

  11. Great post! I love all the pictures and how you culled so many comments into one neat little package. Happy walking/running!!
    TeLing recently posted…The importance of walking your dogMy Profile

  12. That’s what is so great about walking…no equipment required and you can do it anywhere, from urban strolls to mountain hikes like yours…I do envy your views…our flat terrain offers little in the way of a panorama, but I’m happy in our ancient oak hammocks dripping in Spanish moss..
    GizmoGeodog recently posted…Head-Lites Collars for Walking Safety–Review & GiveawayMy Profile

    • Yeah – you have lots of greenery – everything is brown around here now.
      mkob recently posted…Walks With My DogsMy Profile

  13. I’m so jealous of everyone’s gorgeous walking spots! 🙂 I miss living in a smaller city, we used to go to a large 5 acre fenced in dog park. I loved walking with Nailah there because she could explore off leash and it was beautiful.
    Nailah Bone recently posted…The Challenges of Keeping Up on Loose Leash Walking SkillsMy Profile

  14. Everybody else’s walks sound so idyllic! During the week, we just have boring walks in town, but on the weekends, we try to get to a variety of different places.
    houndstooth recently posted…An Adventure In Sidewalk ArtMy Profile

  15. You inspired me to get up and go for a post rainstorm walk – I was afraid of a muddy dog, but heck life is short!
    Carol Bryant recently posted…Dog ACL Surgery Six Weeks LaterMy Profile

  16. Great post! Super pictures of your favorite walking spot. I think I saw your house! I enjoy walking through the marsh and woods looking for pheasants with my gang. We go to get exercise and spend time together. If we get a bird then that is a bonus.
    Sand Spring Chesapeakes recently posted…Monday Mischief~The MarkerMy Profile

  17. Thank you for featuring us on your blog, it was nice hearing about other peoples walks.

    Sheba’s Life Story recently posted…2 Rotties Bronson and Chico looking for new homes.My Profile

    • You’re welcome – thanks for sharing your favorite walk – I loved gathering all that info and reading everyone’s story – will have to do it again!
      mkob recently posted…Dog Food Ingredients A to Z: GlycerinMy Profile

  18. So many people have such beautiful places to walk! The views from your favorite are phenomenal! I feel the need to branch out from our usuals a little more now. 🙂
    Jan K recently posted…Walk Your Dog (or Dogs)!My Profile

  19. What a great post. My favorite walks are always the peaceful walks out in nature where I can have my dog off leash and just enjoy spending time with him. As one person said on Facebook, walks along the beach when no one else is around can be especially relaxing.
    Lindsay recently posted…Pet-related project seeks your help on KickstarterMy Profile

  20. I love the pictures of the Santa Susanna Mountains and Simi Valley, what a beautiful place to live! I think anyone would love it, and I’m sure your dogs are in heaven. Thanks for sharing.
    Brian recently posted…National Walk Your Dog WeekMy Profile

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