Walk Your Pet Month

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walking the dogCan’t believe it’s the middle of January and I’m just writing about this! A great day to observe for your pet and for you as well. Just a simple 30 minute walk each day will do wonders for the waistline.


Many shelters and rescue organizations are offering the opportunity to help a shelter pet by coming in and and taking one (or two) dogs for a walk. What a great things for us to do – especially those folks who aren’t in a position to adopt…you can certainly take an hour out of your week to take a few dogs (or cats) cooped up in cages all day out for a refreshing dose of freedom!


We know from experience how much it benefits the dogs and their opportunities for adoption.  In the past, we have been “fitness fosters”  for dogs who were placed in homes where the foster parents were unable to exercise the dog.  The foster parents appreciate the help and the dog LOVES IT!  Further, releasing that pent up energy allows them to be calmer and less anxious when new families come to check them out.  Call your local rescue or shelter to see if they allow this.


Do yourself and a shelter pet a favor this month…WALK A PET!

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