Walk Your Dog Week – Wrap-up

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walkyourdogmonthOctober 1st – 8th was National Walk Your Dog Week. As part of our commitment to the health and well-being of ourselves and our dogs, we challenged ourselves to not only walk everyday, but to find new and interesting places to walk Jack & Maggie. We joined the #DogWalkingWeek Blog Hop sponsored by our friends at MyGBGVLife and Cascadian Nomads. The following is a summary and photos from each of our walks.
Day One: We drove down to one of the farms down the road – an avocado and lemon ranch. At the top of the trail we also discovered they had blueberries too!walkyourdog_dayone

Day Two: Steve took the dogs for a run in the Conejo Open Space, on Lizard Rock Trail. It has some fun bridges and twists and turns so they really like it.

Day Three: We drove the in the other direction in our valley to a different farm. This one had a huge field of tomatoes…and they look just about ready to pick.



Day Four: We drove down past our usual walk to the road that runs through a valley (on it’s way to a treatment plant, so sometimes it’s smelly). Lots of interesting wildlife and nature to look at on this walk – some of the oak trees are huge.


Day Five: We were a little short on time day five, so we went to our favorite walk. This is the walk we do most often. There’s a den of coyotes that we had a run-in with a few weeks ago down to the right, so we have to watch for them, but sometimes we meet up with dad who is out running on this trail and that’s always fun!



Day Six: We drove to a park and trail not far from our house that winds through a valley. It was a hot day, so we didn’t do too much, but they both had time to smell the flowers (or pee mail) and make jokes about Jack’s mouth being as wide as the tunnel. Do you notice that in most of the photos both Jack and Maggie have noses to the ground…you’d think they were scent hounds!



And on Day Seven, we rested. Not really, because we do walk or run every day, but Steve forgot to bring the camera on their run this am, so no pictures.

It was a great week and I know the dogs loved getting out to different places. It was really hot here the past week, so we didn’t get in an afternoon walks that I wanted to do, but maybe next week. I hope you all participated in Walk Your Dog Week. Be sure and check out the Blog Hop over at our friends at MyGBGV Life and Cascadian Nomads.


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  1. The only thing we like more than walking our dogs is running with them.

  2. Aww, the dogs look so happy with their noses to the ground. I’m so glad they got to go visit so many fun places over the last week. Ace absolutely loves going for walk in a different neighborhoods or parks. He goes to work “tracking” thing as well.
    Lindsay recently posted…Why are vets against raw dog food? And how to get them on boardMy Profile

  3. Yay, I can comment! Love the walk photos! Bailie was eating some last blueberries off a bush the other day, a healthy mid walk snack find. Thanks for joining us!
    Emma recently posted…It’s A Walk Wrap #DogWalkingWeekMy Profile

    • Yeah, I don’t know what was wrong earlier – the comments were ‘closed’…weird. Thanks for coming back.
      mkob recently posted…Walk Your Dog Week – Wrap-upMy Profile

  4. What a fab walk!
    Misaki recently posted…Poppies (or was that puppies??)My Profile

  5. I love walking somewhere different every day. But without a car, it takes some creativity. At this point, we know every back alley and trail without six miles of our home.
    Pamela recently posted…Learning From My Minimalist Dog About StuffMy Profile

  6. What a variety in your walks-enjoyed all the pictures!
    Tiffany’s Diamond Dogs recently posted…#WigglebuttsGoHollywoof Road TripMy Profile

  7. So many adventures! I love taking my dogs new and exciting places. Our dog-walking week wound up being the same two walks, but we had fun anyway!
    Kari recently posted…Things that go blink in the nightMy Profile

    • The important thing is to get out and walk.

  8. What a great week with lots of great pictures.

  9. You guys went to a lot of cool places this week – I’d love to live nearby a place like Lizard Rock Trail or the Santa Rosa park. I do remember the coyote story though, pretty scary stuff. Laika and I really enjoyed the variety this week – so many new smells and sights. It’s gotten me pretty motivated to continue to seek out new trails around here, there’s a few hidden gems I didn’t know about.
    Jen Gabbard recently posted…Dog Walking Week – Mud, Snakes, & the HippyMy Profile

  10. What a great variety of places you got out to! I think we would enjoy seeing the farms the most….you live in a really neat area.
    Jan K recently posted…Monday Mischief – Destructor of ToysMy Profile

  11. Looks like you had a good week!
    2 brown dawgs recently posted…Wordless Wednesday–Tree MazeMy Profile

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