Top 5 Healthy Snacks for your Dog

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imageSlimdoggy’s mom is not much of a cook, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have Tasty Treats As long as they are good for us. Here’s SlimDoggy Jack’s TOP FIVE HEALTHY snacks (in no particular order)

  1. Carrots: Can’t say enough about carrots…healthy, good for their teeth, their eyes and Maggie treats it like a bone  – she goes and lays down and gnaws at it for 5 minutes or so.
  2. Zuke’s Minis: These little kibble sized treats are great to put into Jack’s treat toys, for ‘find the food’ and for his clicker training. The ingredients are reasonable and the calorie count is low.
  3. Canidae Snap Biscuits:  Although these contain chicken meal  (which is processed) not chicken, we like these for portion control– each biscuit snaps apart into 4 smaller ones which helps with total daily calorie counts.
  4. Apples: These are a great low calorie treat that provides some tartness as a change of pace.  Jack prefers Pink Lady and HoneyCrisp when they are in season (What am I saying…Jack eats anything! )
  5. Peanut Butter: Ok, so maybe it’s not that healthy, but it is high in protein and a little can go a long way if used properly (with treat toys, for example).

What are your top “go to” tasty treats for your dog?
We’re joining the Tasty Tuesday Blog Hop sponsored by Sugar, the Golden Retriever and Kolchak from Kol’s Notes:

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  1. Those all sound like great treats! Fortunately Shiner loves just about anything. Her treats are usually what’s left on the baby’s tray after dinner. Tonight it was broccoli.

  2. Woof! Woof! Apples, Carrots and my favorite BANANA. Yes to Zukes, the only brand that mom buys for me. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Peanut Butter but its been a year that mom took it out from my treat list. Have Peanut Butter with caution. Happy Tasty Tuesday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar
    SUGAR: Golden Woofs recently posted…Tasty Tuesday: Layered Strawberry Frosty PawsMy Profile

  3. Is Jack eating natural honey roasted peanut butter?

    • BOL…that wouldn’t be too healthy…only mom eats that. He gets plain old unsalted.

  4. Oh yummy treats! My babies love carrots and broccoli and tomatoes. And eggs. And everything. But their favorite, of course, are Jones Natural Chews. I love that a center bone can be stuffed with peanut butter or pumpkin,
    Flea recently posted…All Jones Chews in One Convenient PlaceMy Profile

  5. Kolchak and Felix are wild over sweet bell peppers. They LOVE THEM. They also eat a whole lot of green or wax beans – Koly will even pick them right off the vine in the yard!

    Sometimes I will make bit sized treats, just for this reason! They’re better for the diet.
    Kolchak, Felix & Jodi recently posted…A Low Down, No Good, Dirty Rotten DayMy Profile

  6. We’re an apple, carrots, peanut butter family!
    Kimberly, The Fur Mom recently posted…A Mastiff Blog | Tips and Methods to House Training Your PuppyMy Profile

  7. Kirby loves em all except carrots so I sneak them in his meals and treats.

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