The New and Improved SlimDoggy Dog Food Rankings

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We are pleased to announce that we have updated our dog food database and made some improvements in our dog food ranking system. A summary of our approach is provided below. For a full description of our methodology please refer to the dog food ranking reference page.jackannounce

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Our dog food data contains a lot more than just rankings too.  We have collected calories, ingredients, and macronutrient  (protein, fat, etc.) so that you can learn exactly what is in your dog’s food.


Dog Food Rankings, the SlimDoggy Approach

Dog foods are evaluated based on their ingredients as reported by the food companies.   Foods with real, named meat and fish and that are free of by products and artificial ingredients are rated more highly.


New Additions to the Dog Food Ranking Methodology

There are two major changes to our dog food ranking methodology.


  1. We changed the scale to a 0-5 system with 5 being the best. We also now use a ½ point increments. Thus, you will see 3.5, 2.0, 4.5, etc as the rankings. We made this change so that it is easier to interpret the rankings and to group similar scoring foods into the same rank.
  2. We have added a macronutrient component to the ranking system that looks at the dry matter basis carbohydrate content in all foods and rewards lower carb foods. We added this component because dogs are really carnivores and their bodies are meant to thrive on diets high in animal and fish proteins and fats.


We have also added some new foods and treats and removed those that are no longer available for sale. The total number of dog foods and treats in the database now exceeds 3,200. And this will continue to climb as we are in the process of adding several more food brands to our data set.


Check out the dog food database and let us know if we are missing your dog’s favorite brand or recipe.

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