Teaching Dog Tricks

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We’ve never been big on dog tricks. Yes, we’ve taught our dogs to fetch and sit and lie down – but those are hardly what I would call tricks. I’ve always wanted to have a dog that could play dead when I pretended to shoot him or balance things on their nose, or even high five. I’ve just never spent the time training them.
It takes time and patience to teach these types of tricks…and a willing participant. I probably could have trained Jack to do most anything. He has such a high food drive, it motives him to do most anything. Plus, he is pretty smart and would always pick up new commands pretty easily.
Tino was probably our least ‘teachable’ dog. It’s not that he wasn’t compliant, he was very obedient, I just don’t think he had much interest in learning tricks. He had better things to do like patrol his yard and monitor the rabbit comings and goings.
Since we don’t teach tricks, I can’t really offer any first-hand suggestions or tips, but what I can do is point you to some resources if you are interested in teaching your dog some tricks.

I can also offer some entertainment. The little guy in this video could be Jack 11.5 years ago…he’s very smart and has an amazing repertoire of tricks and for only 16 weeks old, he’s pretty amazing. (I love the moon walk).

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  1. We teach tons of tricks. Zoe knows over 50 different cues and Phoenix is right behind her. 🙂 They really enjoy it and training tricks actually doesn’t take that much more time than training anything else. I prefer them over boring obedience stuff.
    Lauren Miller recently posted…Car Sick but Happy!My Profile

  2. I only do my easy-tricks and I know a lot :o) my momma teached me to bark when she gives me a sign… sadly we both had no plan how to stop it :o)
    easy rider recently posted…easyblog CHANGING…My Profile

  3. We are not big into tricks either. We do the basic commands and that is about it. Bailie does “roll over” which is our most fancy trick, LOL!
    Emma recently posted…The Comfortable And Stylish Molly Mutt Bed {Giveaway}My Profile

  4. LOL, nice, especially him rolling over in both directions 😉

  5. That’s one serious talented pup! Having food-motivated dogs certainly helps with training.

  6. Thats Cool! Teaching your dog tricks is a great way to boost his mental stimulation, and it allows the two of you to bond. Also, it is advisable that you wean your dog with treats as they learn the tricks so as to let them respond only to your verbal instructions.
    N. Kumar recently posted…Yoga For Weight Loss [ 3 Power Yoga Postures]My Profile

  7. Whoa, that pup sure has quite the batch of tricks of his paws! The moonwalking is quite remarkable especially at only 16 weeks. Sam’s one and only ‘trick’ is to lick his chops on cue, and then on the other side on cue. Patients sure seem to love it, and he definitely loves the high value treats. But I’ve not been successful with any other ones. Sigh. 😉

  8. What a cute little pup!!!

  9. I don’t do fun tricks, just dress up and hold weird things tricks.
    Sand Spring Chesapeakes recently posted…Now Jump To The LeftMy Profile

  10. I never knew how much fun tricks could be until I started doing them with Luke. We both really enjoy it. But I do think you have to have the right dog for it. I tried a little with Cricket and Sheba and they had way less interest!
    Jan K recently posted…Health Updates and MoreMy Profile

  11. I’m pretty bad in the trick department too. So you’re not alone 🙁

  12. Great video of an adorable dog! I agree that teaching a dog these sort of tricks is definitely possible if you are patient. Thanks for posting!

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