Tales of Tails

Tales of Tails
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We are introducing a new feature here at SlimDoggy called “Tales of Tails”. In this section of our site, we are going to be posting the stories behind our 4 rescue dogs as well as posting YOUR dog’s story. This will be an ongoing feature with regular posts each week and we’ll be sure to Tag each of the stories to the Dog so that you can follow them easily.

We’ve had four rescues in our family and each one of them has a different tale. We will kick things off with a series on Tino, our first rescue and his adventures and the things we learned from him. Tino had a great story, so watch for it coming soon on our site, and I’ll tweet about it also.

Call to Paws

But we want hear your stories too! It could be a funny story…a story about your dog’s weight loss (we love those!) or, if it’s a rescue story, that’s even better! Sharing these types of stories will not only be fun and give you a chance to participate in the community, but they can be inspirational to people that haven’t  yet felt that special bond and the incredible feeling you get when you share your life with a loving pet.  We hope the stories may just encourage folks to make a visit to their local shelter and adopt a pup in need of a home

You can submit your stories to us at social  at  slimdoggy.com. It can be a short one-page post, or it can be longer and we’ll deliver in chapters. We may eventually turn this into some kind of contest with fabulous prizes, but for now, it’s just an opportunity to share.

Read about Tino: http://slimdoggy.com/category/talesoftails/tino/

Read about Ivy: http://slimdoggy.com/category/talesoftails/ivy/
Read about Maddie: http://slimdoggy.com/tales-of-tails-maddie/


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  1. Tales of tails sounds really good, looking forward to hearing the stories! Especially the rescue dogs and their forever homes.

    • Thanks Maggie. Do you have a good story to share? Please send it over and we will include it in the series.

  2. Hello! Just read your comment over on one of my favorite blogs, Keep The Tail Wagging. Thought I’d jump over here and introduce myself. Nice to have another dog blog in the neighborhood!

  3. Ill definitely be talking to some of my obedience clients and try and get some pictures and stories. Almost every obedience or behavioral issue I work with is greatly assisted simply by adding in EXERCISE! I’ll see what I can dig up.
    KD Mathews recently posted…What’s The Rush??My Profile

    • Thank you KD, we look forward to hearing the stories. Did you happen to see our recent story about Exercise as Magic?

      Same concept- exercise as a method of effecting behavioral changes. It works! For dogs and for people!

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