Tales of Tails: Maddie

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Only picture I have of Maddie.


A Tale of Tails from one of our Readers: Terri


A bedraggled flea-ridden little mess of fur greeted me as I returned home from school one day.  My younger daughter and boyfriend “rescued” this tiny little thing that had been wandering around outside his store, obviously dumped there by someone no longer wanting to care for her.  Why did  they bring her to me? Good question!

We had not replaced our dog Duffy, after he died of old age a few years previously, and I  had gotten use to being able to pick up and travel when we desired and not having to be on schedule that having a pet requires. We were just fine with NOT having a dog…plus this little thing was a chihuahua…a breed I never thought of as being particularly friendly.

My daughter started to bathe her in the kitchen sink where she fit with room to spare. She looked like a drowned rat, and had a bad case of fleas that hopefully would be taken care of by a vigorous bath.  As she was getting toweled off, she jumped into my arms and started to lick my face….poor thing only had three teeth and her tongue hung out the side of her mouth!

But it was love right from the beginning!  We became best friends..she loved me unconditionally, she’d fit inside my coat, or in my purse.  Sometimes I took her to school with me, unbeknownst to administration, and the students fought to be the one to walk her for potty breaks.  She’d sleep under the covers down by my toes, which I thought was so funny.  I sure loved that little dog.  We lost her to old age, after only a few years but it was a perfect match…thank heavens we rescued her… or did she rescue me???


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  1. Sweet, sweet Maddie! Great memory.

  2. That is such a great story. I don’t know what I would do if I ever saw an abandoned, flea ridden pug. How could you not fall in love?

    • You are so right. If there is a chance to help a dog in need, go for it! You will be rewarded 10x I promise. Thanks Bunk the Pug!

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