Tale of Tails: Tino & the Coyotes

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I was working on a post for next week about coyotes, actually reworking a piece we had written for Dogster last year and I realized with all the Tino stories I’ve told here, I never wrote about any of his run-ins with coyotes.

Today, I’ll share a few – there were more, but these were probably the scariest. The first happened when we lived in Pasadena and we would run with the dogs in Cherry Canyon. There was a great loop we ran there – about 3 miles. We would take the dogs early in the am usually around 6:30-7, so prime coyote spotting time.
A lone coyote running through underbrush in Yellowstone National Park
One day we were coming around a bend in the loop and Tino just takes off up into the brush. I grabbed Sally so that she wouldn’t follow and I hear Tino crashing through the bushes. Steve takes off after him, but it’s brush and heavy overgrowth and not easy for him to get through.
All of a sudden I hear some yipping and growling and I freak as I realize it’s not a rabbit he’s after, but coyotes and he has probably stumbled into their den. Steve starts yelling, I start yelling and luckily, Tino had enough ‘street sense’ or in his case ‘living in the wild’ sense – probably from his time on the streets and he high-tailed it out of there without injury.
The second scariest time, I was alone up in the hills behind our home in Thousand Oaks. Tino and I were on a long run – one we did frequently, but it took us up into the hills, across a meadow and then back down around to our home. We were just coming over the top of a small rise, the entrance to the meadow. Tino was off-leash and a little bit ahead of me.
All of a sudden he takes off. I know the run…it’s was his “I’m chasing coyotes run”. (Oddly, it’s different than his “I’m chasing a rabbit run”). I have a vantage point from the top of the rise that he doesn’t since he is already on his way into the valley. I see not just one coyote, but multiple coyotes….all lying in wait for Tino to be lured into their trap.
He is chasing the first one, and the others are posed to circle around behind him. I’m really freaked out now. I start running at full speed – which unfortunately is no where near fast enough to catch up to him. I pick up a big stick and start waving it over my head, running and screaming as loud as I can.



Once again, Tino’s street sense kicks in and he realizes the trap. He makes a quick 180 turn and starts running back to me…with the coyotes chasing him. They quickly see this crazed human running at them wild-eyed and screaming and they decide to give up the chase, but not before one of them takes a slight nip at Tino’s tail.
He wasn’t really harmed, thank god, but he was always leashed going through that meadow from that day on. And I would always grab a stick as we came over the crest, just to have it ready.
Then there was the day I was sitting in my office one morning and looked out to see a coyote strolling through our (fenced) backyard. Luckily, Tino was in the house – I can’t imagine what would have ensued if he had been out back.

Come back on Thursday for our post on Protecting your Dogs from Coyotes.




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  1. Coyotes can be very scary! We had one running around our neighborhood and it actually got into a fence fight with my dogs!! It was not good.
    Lauren Miller recently posted…Squirrel Watching on B&W SundayMy Profile

  2. OK, that second story sounds reaaaaaallly scary. I’m glad we don’t have Coyotes in Australia. Though I did find once find Elsie on her bed outside eating a saltwater crocodile…

  3. We have them around here but not directly in our neighborhood. I think the scariest was at BlogPaws the first morning we were up and out for a walk at 5am and security told us to stay on the resort property until the sun was fully up as there are a ton of coyotes out there. It would be super scary to meet one let alone an entire pack in a set up. No thanks.
    Emma recently posted…Mischief From The PastMy Profile

    • Alone, they will usually run from you…a pack, yeah pretty scary. Mama bear instinct really kicks in though.
      mkob recently posted…Tale of Tails: Tino & the CoyotesMy Profile

  4. Believe it or not we have coyotes in New Jersey. They tend to avoid humans so we don’t see them very often. The only one I’ve seen was on the other side of our fenced yard. Bears are scarier than coyotes in our state. They also have been known to attack dogs. Luckily we haven’t seen any, but there have been sightings very close to our home.

    Wags (and purrs) from Life with Dogs and Cats.
    Susan and the gang from Life with Dogs and Cats recently posted…Story: A sticky situation; Tucker encounters burrsMy Profile

    • Bears would definitely be more scary. We have some of them and mountain lions too. Never seen the bears, but have spotted a mtn lion before. Both worse than the coyotes, but part of the price you pay I guess…the farther away from the city you live, the more wildlife.
      mkob recently posted…Tale of Tails: Tino & the CoyotesMy Profile

  5. Tino you brave pup! Happy it was a happy ending for both of you two.

  6. I’m glad Tino and you could escape. I have to admit that I never saw a coyote (except Wile E. Coyote but that pobably counts not really). I’ve heard that they even enter the cities and you can meet them when you walk your dog at night. Scary…
    easy rider recently posted…easyblog SMART SUNDAYMy Profile

  7. Oh my!!! We have Coyotes here in NJ but luckily we have never seen one in person! We have seen bear though… Scary!!
    Jenny B recently posted…14 WeeksMy Profile

  8. Holy crap! A coyote trap? It’s a good thing you grabbed that stick! I’d have been screaming at both the dog and the coyotes. WOW.
    Flea recently posted…Working Dogs, FBM 87My Profile

  9. Okay, maybe because I’m an East Coast girl, but if I saw a coyote – the story would have been much shorter and it would have ended like this: “then she screamed, fell out and died!” Happy Labor Day Slim…
    Groovy Goldendoodles recently posted…THE SOUNDS OF SUMMER | MONDAY MISCHIEFMy Profile

  10. Luckily I haven’t seen any coyotes around here, let alone running into a pack. I really don’t know what I’d do in that situation; I hope I’d be able to think quickly on my feet like you. I’ve been fortunate out on our walks since we moved to a rural area; I’ve only seen deer and racoons lol.
    Jen Jelly recently posted…Animals Are Parents, TooMy Profile

  11. H wow now those are some adventures. Glad all went well and he wasn’t hurt!
    Sand Spring Chesapeakes recently posted…Monday Mischief~Labor Day BloopersMy Profile

  12. Wow! That had to have been crazy scary. It’s hard to keep up with a dog on a chase! I am so glad it was okay, but I’d definitely carry something too.
    M. K. Clinton recently posted…Jamberry NailsMy Profile

  13. Those are very scary stories. Glad we haven’t had a coyote encounter!
    Hailey and Zaphod recently posted…Mischief Monday – It is MY Precious NowMy Profile

  14. OMD we are holding our breaths! Yes we expect to hear coyote stories from where you are but believe it or not they are a real problem in the big city. Because of trash and rats. There have even been sightings in the park we walk too and signs that they have been there, dead squirrels and rabbits. But even worse they are known to steal little dogs right out of their back yards in the suburbs. So scary glad Tino had his street smarts. Love Dolly
    Dolly the Doxie recently posted…Daily MischiefMy Profile

  15. Wow! I can imagine how scary that would have been!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!
    Jenna,Mark “HuskyCrazed” Drady recently posted…Working Dogs on Labour DayMy Profile

  16. Wow, Tino sure had some close calls! We have Coyotes here too, but luckily I haven’t encountered any up close, phew!

    I hope you’re having a fun day,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂
    snoopy recently posted…Monday Mischief – You’re gonna blow it!My Profile

  17. There are coyotes in our area, but I haven’t heard them in a long time so I don’t think they are close any more. We used to hear them a lot when we lived further out in the country, back then we only had cats….but they were outdoor cats so we always had to be sure to get them in at night….they came very close to our house. Scary….and those experiences with Tino sound very, very scary as well. Thank goodness it all came out OK.
    Jan K recently posted…Happy 10th Birthday to Our Little GirlMy Profile

  18. Yikes! I am not a fan of coyotes. Glad Tino escaped.
    2 brown dawgs recently posted…Training With BirdsMy Profile

  19. Oh my gosh!! I would have been terrified!!

    Our yard is fence too. One would think it would be safe from wildlife, no? Yeah. There was the day that the dogs went nuts so I let them out. As I walked by the window I noticed something at the top of the hill. It was a deer. I rushed right out but luckily it had already jumped back out. LOL

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