Tale of Tails: Tino and the bird.

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Tino was pretty goofy...

Tino was pretty goofy…That’s his hunting hat he has on.

When we lived in Thousand Oaks, our house had a small courtyard in the front. The courtyard was gated with a locked gate, so we frequently left the sliding door to the courtyard opened for Sally & Tino so they could go out and sun themselves while we were at work all day. Tino in particular loved being outside and we hadn’t had a chance to install a dog door for him yet so he no longer had free access to the outside. I felt bad about this because he really preferred to spend his days outside. The best we could do was leave that sliding door open for him.

One day, Steve arrived home from work before me, greeted the dogs and proceeded to his walk in closet inside the master bedroom.  The house was U shaped with the courtyard in the center and the family room door and the master bedroom bedroom on the opposite ends of the U.  What he found there was carnage…bird feathers all over the floor of the closet. No signs of a bird, no carcass, just feathers. The dogs, who had followed him into the room looked completely innocent.

We can only imagine a bird flew in the open sliding door and somehow found its way (or more likely was chased) to the closet, where he met his demise at the hands of Tino – although Sally may have played a role in the chase. I know some of you maybe offended that they would kill a bird, but you must remember Tino & his brother lived by their wits in the wilderness for many many months before we rescued him and hunting his own dinner was how he survived. I’m sure he killed birds, rabbits and whatever other critters he could find and catch, in order to stay alive.

Neither of the dogs looked any worse for the wear, everything else in the house was in perfect order – whatever went on that day is a mystery. It’s one of those times we wish we had a camera installed in the house to see what really took place.

We installed a dog door the next day.

How about you – have your dogs unintentionally inspired some home improvements?


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  1. Wow, a bird…I don’t think Katie or I would be interested in a bird, but the cats definitely would be. We aren’t allowed outside unless Mom is home, so no mysteries like that. You would think they would have tossed up the bones or something if they had really eaten it…a definite what happened mystery!
    emma recently posted…St. Paul Saints | GBGV | Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

    • Tino had a pretty cast iron stomach – he could keep down most anything…so I don’t know.
      mkob recently posted…Tale of Tails: Tino and the bird.My Profile

  2. Hi Y’all,

    Of course not! ; ;

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog
    Hawk aka BrownDog recently posted…Some of This and More of That!My Profile

  3. Dogs will be dogs. I have Cairn Terriers, and one of them, Mr. Gatsby, is a Hopper Hunter (frogs or toads). He foams EVERY time he ‘plays’ with one, but he keeps going back for more. I’ve cried because he doesn’t actually kill them; he just punctures them and it’s sad. But, he’s a dog, and he’s a terrier, and he likes to hunt vermin.
    Jill C. recently posted…I’m AliveMy Profile

    • I know, what are you going to do – can’t take the instinct out of the dog…and we probably shouldn’t try.
      mkob recently posted…Tale of Tails: Tino and the bird.My Profile

  4. If anyone is offended by the natural order of nature, they have a real problem.
    jan recently posted…Kill as many humans as you want, but don’t dare kill a dogMy Profile

  5. Mom had very tasty vintage wallpaper on the kitchen walls, where I was imprisoned behind the puppy gate for months. Mom would come out of the bathroom after just a few minutes to find pieces of her irreplaceable 1950s wallpaper on the floor. Eventually it was all removed, she got tired of the bare walls after three years, and they were finally tiled in June. Love Dolly (Pee S: That’s just a start.)
    Dolly the Doxie recently posted…Wordless Wednesday: He’s Home!v2My Profile

  6. Our dogs have killed squirrel and a duckling. They’d love to catch a backyard rabbit, but they haven’t been fast enough. I egg them on. Get it! Those things reproduce like CRAZY. They’d eat me out of house and home if I let them. And as much as the dogs would love to eat a chicken, and especially a duck, they know better. Domestics are off limits.
    Flea recently posted…The Dogs Went Down to the Watering Hole, etc.My Profile

    • Tino caught a few rabbits in his day…he would stalk them and wait for them outside their den.
      mkob recently posted…Tale of Tails: Tino and the bird.My Profile

  7. lol….sounds like my Maddie….you’d never know what she would give as a present!

  8. Even if I have no idea how Joker would act if a bird happens to fly in the house Joker seems to ignore birds, and little critters on our walks. He has zero prey drive for them. My cats on the other hand would be willing to kill a bird any day!
    Francesca Villa recently posted…Wordless Wednesday: LupettonessMy Profile

  9. Gizmo’s never seen this, but back in Stuart, FL Murphy and Cecil had a bird fly in the chimney…lucky for the bird I was home and was able to shoo him out before any damage was done
    GizmoGeodog recently posted…Thankful to 1800PETMEDSMy Profile

  10. What a great photo in his camo hunting hat. He was just making sure the bird didn’t poop in the house.
    joann stancer recently posted…This ‘N That ThursdayMy Profile

  11. Thanks so much for participating in TNT! Good job Tino. There were no guests allowed while your parents were at work…lol. Wonderful picture of him.
    2 brown dawgs recently posted…This ‘N That ThursdayMy Profile

  12. When I was young our family dalmatian came back with a guinea pig one day. Sadly RIP. We buried it quick but a kid was stomping the streets for days looking for his pet and posted pics up everywhere about it. Needless to say the gate and fence-line was super strengthened after that & we all kept a low profile for a while there……..

  13. They put new fencing in the back garden when I was a puppy. They seemed to think the existing fence wasn’t strong enough.
    Clowie recently posted…Where’s my doggy?My Profile

  14. Phe killed a squirrel not too long ago in the backyard. I didn’t post about it because I didn’t know what people would say! As for home improvements because of our dogs, if I had the money I spent on home improvements for my dogs I would probably be a rich woman! One example, we put up a brand new fence and laid concrete below it so they couldn’t dig out. That project alone was a $10,000 project. What we won’t do for our fur babies! And my husband thinks I am crazy:)
    Dogs N Pawz recently posted…This ‘N That Thursday: Hu Bro Dognapped Phe!My Profile

    • It’s just natural instinct for some dogs. Some of mine are very prey driven, some could care less…’circle of life’ and all that. I hear you on the home improvements! Bali vacation for a month!
      mkob recently posted…Exercise Alternatives for Senior DogsMy Profile

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