Social Network for Pet Owners: Q&A with YummyPets

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yummypetsWe recently were introduced to a company called Based in France and spawned from a digital media agency, YummyPets launched in early 2012 to become the social network for pet owners. We spoke with Charlie Leon, Community Manager to learn more about their vision.


SlimDoggy (SD): Tell us about how you got started.  What was the impetus behind YummyPets?

YummyPets (YP): Yummypets ( was created by our web agency, Octopepper, in 2012. It really started with a technical challenge: could the team create a social network website?  So we started thinking, what should the site’s theme be?  That’s when Leo (CEO Matthieu’s cat and CPO- Chief Pet Office of the project) gave us this brilliant idea: pets. There are more pets than humans in Europe and 1 in 10 pets already have a social media profile.  Plus we all have pets here so it’s a subject close to our hearts.


SD: What are some of the key features of your site?

YP: The website first started as a simple social network where you could post photos of your pets. In one year we had over 150,000 members on the website.  Now you can still share your photos, but also your videos, chat with your friends, write private messages and ask for advices on the Pet Behavior Forum.

We also provide a unique community platform with useful & targeted services:

Missing pets service: members can post free notices and ask the community to help them find their missing pet.

Pets Classified ads: to buy sell or donate pet products

Shopping: to find the pet products deals on the Internet.

Leo of yummypets

Leo, Chief Pet Officer

And of course there’s our famous game the “Yummy or Not”, which is a pet version of “hot or not”.

We are always working on new services to create the world’s first and only pet life cycle management ecosystem.


SD:  You originally launched in Europe.  What are your plans for the US market?

YP: We already have about 10,000 members, businesses, and organizations from the US and Canada thanks to our natural virility.

We are currently working on a partnership with a US company who creates connected objects for pets.  Perhaps there is a way to integrate with the SlimDoggy app and/or your community?

Hopefully by 2014 we will be fully implemented in the US.



SD: Why the name YummyPets?

YP: Let me reassure you, we don’t eat pets! In French when you say something is “yummy” (“à croquer”) it means it is über adorable! We made the choice to keep the same name in English, and to set a new trend! Yummy = “awwww”!


SD: Do cats and dogs peacefully co-exist on your site?

YP: On Yummypets dogs don’t chase cats and cats don’t eat mice! Our website is a peaceful word where all pets are friends! Some even meet in real life! And all owners are all here to share the same passion and love for their companions.

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  1. Sounds very interesting.
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  2. Sounds good to me! Still, I have a hard enough time keeping up with emails from our mutual blogging buddies (telling me they’ve published another post). I can’t remember the last time I checked out “Pack”, or updated my account on petsmove. And now that Ducky is “growing up”, she isn’t as excited about going to daycare every morning like she used to be…She wants to stay home with Callie, Shadow, and me in the morning at least…I spend more time getting ready to take her down there than I need to, thus getting a later start on the rest of my day. Oh well. Anyway, this does sound “interesting”, as Linda said.
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  3. Very cool, like the name and the reason behind it.
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