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This week’s theme for the #52Snapshots, #PBSG photo challenge is FOOLISH. I’m sure many folks will come up with ‘foolish’ photos of their dog and well, we aren’t one to buck the tide – especially when I have this character. I don’t know how she gets in these positions, but she often sleeps on her back with her legs in the air. This time, she slid off her bed and was half-on half-off. How can this be comfortable?
maggie a little foolish

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  1. That really doesn’t look comfy! LOL!! She’s too cute!
    Lauren Miller (ZoePhee) recently posted…Flying! Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

  2. It looks like an ab stretch to me!

  3. Brilliant! One of mine does the on the back with the legs in the air sleep pose but never half off the sofa like that…clearly dogs have a different sense of what’s comfortable!

  4. that can be comfortable too… sometimes we have to do that for our inner balance :o)
    easy rider recently posted…easyblog BLAST FROM THE PASTMy Profile

  5. LOL! At your house, I would say she is working on a new yoga pose for SlimDoggy!
    Emma recently posted…FoolishMy Profile

  6. LOL that is silly. You have to wonder how that end up like that and is it comfy. 🙂
    2 Brown Dawgs recently posted…This Better Be An April Fool’s JokeMy Profile

  7. Personally, it looks like it’s doing wonders for stretching her back. I would love to try it myself- problem is I wouldn’t be able to get back up LOL

  8. Oh! My! Dog!!! That is too funny!! How in dog’s name can she be comfortable like that?! My girls get into some crazy sleeping positions, too, but that one of Maggie’s gets 1st Place.
    Callie, Shadow, and Ducky’s Mom recently posted…Wait Until Daddy Gets Home!My Profile

  9. We used to get positions like that here when the pups were younger. It looks like a nice deep stretch 🙂
    Erin recently posted…Wordless Wednesday: Cuddling The Other HalfMy Profile

  10. BOL!!! Is this a new form of doga?!
    Golden Daily Scoop recently posted…Wordless Wednesday: PeepingMy Profile

  11. Sometimes I hurt just looking at positions Sam gets into when he sleeps. My neck would hurt for months if I did that! 🙂
    Monika recently posted…April FoolsMy Profile

  12. I have yet to discover a position that dogs can’t fall asleep in. They’re true artists.

  13. hahahaha! Maggie that is adorable!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!
    Jenna,Mark “HuskyCrazed” Drady recently posted…Blast from the pastMy Profile

  14. I love that pose. Maggie looks comfortable and completely relaxed. When’s the last time we humans said that after a nap?
    Sharon Seltzer recently posted…WW: Wheelchairs For Paralyzed Baby GoatsMy Profile

  15. As long as she is comfortable!

  16. Maggie! We love your stretch! I will try it before my next run!
    MyDogLikes recently posted…Wordless Wednesday: Hunting for EggsMy Profile

  17. lol, I never let me mom get the pics of me doing something foolish, though I do all the time!
    A Happy Havanese
    KiKi recently posted…Wet Nose Wednesday and Why Dogs Noses are WetMy Profile

  18. Silly Maggie! She does look a little goofy sleeping like that. Animals can sleep in the most unusual positions. Hopefully she got some good rest 🙂
    Robin recently posted…Wordless Wednesday: April Fools DayMy Profile

  19. Aww, Maggie…you’re such a Yoga Dog!!!
    Barbara Rivers recently posted…April Pet Events ~ Pet First Aid & Heartworm Awareness, Dog Fighting Day & many more!My Profile

  20. Oh, I don’t know! That looks kinda comfy, BOL!
    Buddy recently posted…Happy 3rd Birthday, Buddy!My Profile

  21. What a silly pose, have a great nap
    Sand Spring Chesapeakes recently posted…Superstar! Celebration And A Giveaway~Wordy WednesdayMy Profile

  22. BOL! Maggie, how are you going to get OUT of that position!?
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them
    Cathy Armato recently posted…Dogs’ Love Spring!My Profile

  23. OK, that is the best….too funny! I have some photos of Luke that are kind of similar, only he’s not quite as contorted as Maggie is here!
    Jan K recently posted…FitDog Friday – First Spring WalksMy Profile

  24. Sorry I’m so late visiting. Oh, that’s not being foolish. MOL!
    Cathy Keisha recently posted…Hamburger With A Side of OliviaMy Profile

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