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We did a series of videos on dogs for  In this one, we answer the question: “How much to feed a puppy”. (yes, we paraphrased the exact question that eHow wanted us to answer, but ours is more general).


Rarely will you see a fat puppy.  This is because their metabolism is so high while they are in their growth stage that it is hard to over feed them.  Nonetheless, you should have a good idea of the puppy’s daily calorie needs and you can use the Slimdoggy app or widget to do so.


Remember these tips to make sure that your puppy transitions to a healthy and lean adult:

  • While your puppy will be able to eat  twice as much (or more) an adult of the same weight, you should still watch their body condition and adjust the feeding up or down accordingly.
  • As your puppy nears adulthood (around 1 years of age for most breeds), you should gradually reduce their daily calories to reflect the requirements for an adult dog.
  • Develop good habits while your dog is a puppy so that you continue these for their entire life:
  1. Learn how to estimate your dog’s daily calorie needs. You can use the widget or the Slimdoggy app to do so.
  2. Once you know your dog’s calorie requirements, make sure to measure accurately. Don’t guess!
  3. Account for treats.  If you do use treats you will need to reduce the food amounts accordingly.


Remember, you want a Slimdoggy, not a chubby puppy!  Enjoy the video.

How Much Do You Feed a 4-Week-Old Orphan Puppy? —powered by

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  1. This is great information just when I need it, since we have a puppy joining our household soon! I knew we didn’t want to go with what the bag of food told us, and wasn’t sure if the widget went that young (I see it does now). It’s good to know how important it will be to track his weight and keep adjusting accordingly.
    Jan K recently posted…Monday Mischief – Canines & FelinesMy Profile

  2. Excellent video. We are still waiting to cut back Freighter…lol. Had to change his food to a higher protein and fat because he was too much of a slim doggy. 😉
    2 brown dawgs recently posted…Tasty Tuesday–Smooches Product ReviewMy Profile

  3. Great video! Love the slimdoggy not a chubby puppy.
    Sand Spring Chesapeakes recently posted…Meet The Bloggers~I’m JoAnnMy Profile

  4. Great post! Sometimes Mom thinks she should cut back on Bailie’s food, but she is such a skinny minny still.
    emma recently posted…The Joy Behind the Dog | GBGV | Meet the Pet Bloggers HopMy Profile

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