SlimDoggy Mischief

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I had a story about Tino I was going to post today, but we had a mischief escapade on Saturday that just had to be reported. I’ve told you before that Jack & Maggie are both seniors, so their mischief days are pretty much over. They are both usually very good dogs. But Saturday, I don’t know what got into them, but we had a flurry of mischief that Snoopy would be proud of.

As is our usual habit, I go to yoga and Steve goes to boot camp on Saturday mornings. I stop at the grocery store for the weekly shopping on the way home and we both usually arrive home mid-morning.

This Saturday, I got home first and let the dogs out. Again, as is normal, they come racing out, run around a bit and then follow me back and forth from the car to the house as I bring in the groceries. Maggie usually makes a side trip to roll in the grass, but Jack stays pretty close. This Saturday, I was hurrying to get the groceries in before Steve got home so I could bring the dogs inside with me.


You can see here where she jumps in the car, jumps out the back and runs back up the driveway…which Steve is driving down.

We have a long driveway and the dogs love nothing more than to run out to greet us and run along side the car as we come in – something that freaks me out and I don’t allow as I’m always afraid we’ll accidentally run over them.

Of course I had no sooner gotten one load of groceries in when Steve pulls into the head of the driveway. I grab Jack and run him into the house before he can see Steve, but Maggie spies him and off she goes up the driveway. I throw Jack in the house with the bag of groceries, my purse and take off after Maggie.

She races up the driveway to the car which Steve has stopped in the driveway, she runs around it and then races back towards me. Before I can grab her she jumps into the open door of my car and makes her way to the back end. I think okay, great, she thinks we’re going for a ride, so I close the car door, but then realize the back end is open for the grocery unloading.

Steve starts down the driveway and I race around to block her from jumping out the back – but of course I’m too late and here’s Maggie taking a flying leap out of the rear end of my SUV. I catch her mid-air because all I can think about is the arthritis in her shoulder and how this leap is going to hurt her. Steve is in motion and while I break her fall somewhat, she wriggles away from me and I scream “STOP”. Luckily, they both heard me. He stops and she stops so that I can grab her and hold onto her until Steve is parked.

All is well, Steve’s parked, Maggie is safe – I’m kind of a wreck, but she didn’t get hurt or hit by the car. I grab the rest of the groceries and walk back into the house…and what do I see? Jack, head first in the grocery bag finishing off the breakfast scones I bought!

Caught on film after the fact...

Caught on film after the fact…Looks at that face…he’s so proud of himself 🙂

It’s like they conspired while we were out to create havoc when we returned! Luckily the rest of our Saturday was calm and peaceful.

Of course we are joining up with the Monday Mischief Blog Hop, hosted by Snoopy’s Dog Blog, Alfie’s Blog and My Brown Newfies



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  1. Good mischievous team work you two! (Not you, Steve and Kate. But nice save!) Ours very often work together to create distractions/steal food… maybe you need three? 🙂
    Bethany recently posted…Does The Puparazzi Follow You?My Profile

    • I guess that comes with the territory when you have multiple dogs. Three…I don’t know if I could do it.
      mkob recently posted…SlimDoggy MischiefMy Profile

  2. I think they’re telling you they still have plenty of vim and mischief left! I’m glad Maggie is safe.
    Tenacious Little Terrier recently posted…Monday Mischief #21 – Human Barks at DogMy Profile

    • That could be the message – received loud and clear.
      mkob recently posted…SlimDoggy MischiefMy Profile

  3. The first time you turned your back, the two of them were probably giving each other the high paw. “Just like in the movies, dude!” They had the soundtrack to Oceans 11 or Mission: Impossible in their doggy heads the entire time. You’ll have to watch them, because Maggie gets the snack next time. 😉

    –Woofs (and purrs) from Life with Dogs and Cats.
    Susan and the gang from recently posted…Story: Fit to Print: cats love printersMy Profile

    • Too funny…now i hear that music too as I replay it in my head. It really adds to the visual.
      mkob recently posted…SlimDoggy MischiefMy Profile

  4. Awesome dog teamwork! That decoy plan went off perfectly! That is the thing in a multi pet home, we can always use each other to get what we need 🙂
    emma recently posted…Trouble in Sisterly Paradise | GBGV | Monday MischiefMy Profile

  5. Oh my gosh, what a way to start a Saturday! That is true mischief. I think Jack had a plan and put Maggie up to it. 🙂
    2 brown dawgs recently posted…The Dog Next DoorMy Profile

    • If either of them planned it, it was certainly him…otherwise Maggie would have ended up with the food 😉
      mkob recently posted…SlimDoggy MischiefMy Profile

  6. Hehehe just like a couple of bandits! The scone photo is too funny!
    Caren Gittleman recently posted…Dog Treats & Jingle Toys Encourages Pet Adoption-A Guest Blog By Aubree SweeneyMy Profile

    • I know – he’s sitting up so proud of himself isn’t he…
      mkob recently posted…SlimDoggy MischiefMy Profile

  7. hahahaha sometimes those seniors surprise you and get into some mischief. I bet Jack enjoyed those scones and that they didn’t reek havoc on his tummy. I think a go cam is in order next time. What kind of vehicle do you have there, I’m in the car market now and looking for a hatchback to put crates in for my dog shows and such.
    Sand Spring Chesapeakes recently posted…Monday Mischief ~Weatherbeeta Vs GmanMy Profile

    • Well, luckily I’d been snacking on the scones on my way home, so there was only about 1/2 left!
      mkob recently posted…SlimDoggy MischiefMy Profile

    • Oh, forgot this piece. Our SUV is an Audi Q5 – love it.
      mkob recently posted…SlimDoggy MischiefMy Profile

  8. Hi Y’all!

    Oh Jack, all those extra calories you’re going to have to work off! Hey, if the bag was on the floor…:)

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog
    Hawk aka BrownDog recently posted…Monday’s MischiefMy Profile

    • I can usually leave things on the floor with no problem, but this bag was kind of open since I was snacking on the scones in the car…
      mkob recently posted…SlimDoggy MischiefMy Profile

  9. Haha! I bet they were planning that the whole time you were gone!
    I can’t believe that you caught Maggie in mid air! That is amazing!
    Jen recently posted…Don’t Break The Ice! Our Trip To Frozen Lake ErieMy Profile

    • It wasn’t so much a catch but a block and hold…I just didn’t want her to hurt her shoulder and that’s a long jump.
      mkob recently posted…SlimDoggy MischiefMy Profile

  10. LOL….That was a two part mischief if I ever heard one. At least everyone was Ok, but the scones were gone. That’s the sad part.

    • Yes, that’s the worst part – luckily I ate most of mine in the car on the way home 😉
      mkob recently posted…SlimDoggy MischiefMy Profile

  11. OMD!!! That is quite the fitting story for a mischief monday!
    I’m so glad everyone is safe though!
    I can imagine how shook up you must have been!!!
    ((Husky hugz frum da pack))
    Jenna,Mark “HuskyCrazed” Drady recently posted…❇ OMD! Monday ❇My Profile

    • Especially after coming back from yoga, I’m all ‘zen’ and then this happens!
      mkob recently posted…SlimDoggy MischiefMy Profile

  12. OMD! Hilarious! Maggie was a great distraction for Jack! And here all I can think about is whether or not you got hurt grabbing a flying dog. You okay?
    Flea recently posted…Funny Dogs Exercising, FBM 58My Profile

    • I’m fine – it all happened so fast I didn’t even think that I might get hurt…I don’t think I would have attempted it if it had been Jack.
      mkob recently posted…SlimDoggy MischiefMy Profile

  13. Hahaha they make a great double team!! I think Jack got the better end of the deal though LOL
    Seriously though, glad you caught Maggie in time
    Misaki recently posted…Mini MisakiMy Profile

    • Yeah – just enough to break her fall a bit, but not enough to hold onto her.
      mkob recently posted…SlimDoggy MischiefMy Profile

  14. Hi. This is my first day popping in on your blog and I’m glad I did. I bet life is never dull in your house. I enjoyed your funny tale.
    Sharon S. recently posted…Wordless Wednesday: I Adopted 3 Feral KittensMy Profile

    • Usually they are pretty calm – but this certainly made up for all those calm days! Welcome – hope you visit often!
      mkob recently posted…SlimDoggy MischiefMy Profile

  15. Teamwork!! You should have checked Maggie’s bed for a hidden scone from Jack. “You go cause a distraction and I’ll grab the scones. I promise it’ll be worth it…ummmm, scones!”
    M. K. Clinton recently posted…PetBox Rocks!My Profile

    • LOL – You’re right, but knowing Jack he would have TOLD her that, and then just ate all of them.
      mkob recently posted…SlimDoggy MischiefMy Profile

  16. Oh no! The scones! Just when you can catch your breath after the escape scare.
    Kari recently posted…Isis caught on tapeMy Profile

    • I know…and I was really looking forward to finishing it – luckily I ate some in the car!
      mkob recently posted…SlimDoggy MischiefMy Profile

  17. LOL, love reading the adventures….

  18. Haha! Oh man, that sounds chaotic! Good thing all made it through without a scratch… Jack better than anyone else, I guess!
    Jen K recently posted…Monday Mischief 20: Up – and Down – One CanineMy Profile

    • Of course he made out the best…always lands on his feet like a cat.
      mkob recently posted…SlimDoggy MischiefMy Profile

  19. Whoa, that is definitely some mischief there. I’d say Jack owes Maggie big time! I’m super glad to hear that Maggie didn’t get hurt.
    Jodi recently posted…Mixed-Up Monday – January 27, 2014My Profile

    • Visions of surgery were flashing through my head…
      mkob recently posted…SlimDoggy MischiefMy Profile

  20. Hahaha, oh man. This sounds all too familiar. When you said you put Jack and the groceries in the house, I immediately thought “Oh no.” Grocery bags are a favorite in this house, lol.

    I’m glad everyone is okay! I would’ve done everything you did, so I had a good chuckle from it. 😉
    Marquie recently posted…Oh no, not THAT look!My Profile

    • He’s usually pretty good about staying out of grocery bags…I guess it was just too tempting.
      mkob recently posted…SlimDoggy MischiefMy Profile

  21. I truly think dogs conspire and plan ways to annoy. It can’t just be spontaneous.
    jan recently posted…A mostly irrelevant and somewhat disjointed post about dogs walking on waterMy Profile

  22. Never a dull moment, glad everyone is ok!

  23. Oh my gosh!! I laughed at Jack getting into your breakfast! What a sneaky pair, those two. I’m glad Maggie didn’t get hurt, though. Ace tries to run up to cars too when we’re at my parents’ house. They have an electronic fence, and the dogs are usually off leash there.
    Lindsay recently posted…Dog Shaming (10 photos)My Profile

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