Slentrol for Dog Obesity

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Really, a drug?  Really?


I wanted to refresh everyone’s memory by linking back to the time when Slentrol (dirlotapide) was first approved by the FDA as a drug to combat dog obesity.  You can read a nice synopsis of that announcement here: or a disturbing piece about it here: .

If you aren’t familiar with the situation, you may be horrified to learn that this drug was approved for dogs even though it was known to cause nasty side effects in humans (and dogs).  Or maybe you’ll be horrified simply because your rational mind understands that it really doesn’t take a drug to get your dog to a proper healthy weight!  Come on people.  Exercise your dog and serve them proper food portions.  If your dog is unable to exercise much, you will have to feed them less.  Not sure how much to feed your dog?  The SlimDoggy app will show you exactly how much to feed your dog based on their activity levels.   Do it for your Pet.


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