Sally Mischief in Griffith Park

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sally_smI love to tell stories about Sally, our first pup mainly because she was our first dog together but more importantly we got her as a puppy and she was part of our daily life for over 13 years. She was a very sweet girl, although she did create her share of mischief.
When we first got Sally we lived very close to Griffith Park in Los Angeles, and she grew up running and hiking the miles and miles of trails there. By the time she was 18 months old, we had a daily ritual to meet our friend Liz and her two dogs Rudy & Monte for a run or a hike. Sometimes Liz would bring her neighbors dog, Ralph, so there would be the two of us and the four dogs.
A favorite run was up a step trail to the top of Griffith Park – past the Observatory to a spot called Amir’s Garden. From there we would run along a narrow trail across the top of the mountains/hills and loop back around to where we parked the cars. It was probably a good 5 mile run and we would do it at least 2-3 times a week.
griffith park

The dogs were usually able to be off leash the entire time and they had a ball.
At the top of the hill, where we looped around and came back down there was a perfect rest stop for us. It was the intersection of a number of trails and there were water fountains to grab a drink from. We would stop for a drink and then pick a trail. There was also a horse trough, ostensibly for the horses, but one day Sally decided she was a little too hot and she jumped right into the trough and laid down.
Rudy and Monte were Borzoi’s and not quite the water fanatic our Labrador was so they looked at her like she was a little nuts. It was the funniest thing since she just took it upon herself to do it. I wanted to get a picture of the trough so you could see how big it was, but instead I found this great video. This is the exact trough that Sally jumped in!


Looks like Kalki enjoys it too!
Needless to say after that swim and then running down dirt trails to get home, she was a huge mess by the end of the run. This became a new favorite thing for her to do each time we ran that trail. I learned to carry lots of towels in the car.



We are joining up with the Monday Mischief Blog Hop, hosted by Snoopy’s Dog Blog, Alfie’s Blog and My Brown Newfies



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  1. Lots of fun memories. We’ve learned to leave the car seats covered in towels. It leads to some odd comments when people end up riding in our car and we’ve forgotten to clean out the back in advance.
    Bailey recently posted…Trying Out CrochetMy Profile

  2. What a good idea Sally had to use the horse trough as a bathtub :o) We had to learn it the hard way too, to have towels in the car as both dogs had a bath in algae on the beach :o)
    easy rider recently posted…easyblog BLAST FROM THE PASTMy Profile

  3. what a sweet girl she was

    retro rover
    retro rover recently posted…Norbert in NyackMy Profile

  4. LOL its like a personal swimming pool.
    2 brown dawgs recently posted…Hot Summer DayMy Profile

  5. Smart girl, your Sally! In their younger, more agile, days Callie and Shadow probably would have done the same thing! Such wonderful memories — thanks for sharing them with us!
    Callie, Shadow, and Ducky’s mom recently posted…Indoor Busy FunMy Profile

  6. Muddy and tired, no better combination!

  7. Awesome, nothing better than dirt, water, and exercise! She found her “thing” and I bet she looked forward to it every run on that trail.
    Emma recently posted…Whodunit? Detective Emma is on the Case!My Profile

  8. Sounds like a great time!

  9. You can never have too many towels in the car. She had the right idea to cool off!
    It’s Dog Or Nothing recently posted…Keep Your Dog Safe this Fourth of JulyMy Profile

  10. Sally was such a pretty girl. It looks like the perfect doggie swimming pool to me. What a funny memory of mischief!
    M. K. Clinton recently posted…National Camera DayMy Profile

  11. hahaha!!!! I loved that video!!!! Sally was just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!
    Jenna,Mark “HuskyCrazed” Drady recently posted…OMD! Aww moments – Canada day tips to keep your pet safeMy Profile

  12. Oh my goodness – the VIEW! That looks like an incredible place to hike to. That trough video – love it! Really seems like a good dog-thing-to-do 🙂
    Jen recently posted…The Mort Report: I’m teaching my humans how to live, and the sand is EVERYWHEREMy Profile

    • Griffith Park was fabulous. On one side of the summits you had all of LA laid out in front of you and then on the other side, Burbank, the valley and the San Gabriel mountains. It was pretty cool. Say what you will about LA, the park was great.
      mkob recently posted…Sally Mischief in Griffith ParkMy Profile

  13. oh bless her
    Misaki recently posted…Wood carvingsMy Profile

  14. Have you tried those car hammocks? If Mr. N is filthy (and I’ve forgotten a towel), I make him sit on the floor mat until we get home!

    • I just put blankets down in the back of the SUV. Luckily, where we are now, there isn’t much water and Jack and Maggie aren’t fans anyways.
      mkob recently posted…Sally Mischief in Griffith ParkMy Profile

  15. What a sweet, fun girl she was!
    Hailey and Zaphod recently posted…Mischief Monday – A hunting we will goMy Profile

  16. BOL! That’s a great video! I’ll bet Sally was in love with the trough. Having water dogs changes things. We have a horse blanket in the car at all times, in case the dogs get wet or muddy.
    Flea recently posted…Dogs Kissing, FBM 78My Profile

    • She did love that trough…she would run ahead of us to jump in it so she could get her swim on.
      mkob recently posted…Sally Mischief in Griffith ParkMy Profile

  17. I think keeping several towels in the car is a must if you own a Lab! That is so cute and so funny that Sally jumped into that trough on her own. I can just picture it (cute video of the shepherd too!). Ace would probably do that but with some encouragement.

    Poor horses have to drink the dirty water? Haha
    Lindsay recently posted…Does Rescue Remedy really calm a dog during fireworks and thunder?My Profile

  18. This was a sweet story and a great memory. Blue inspired the towel in my car. He loved to swim. So do Scout and Zoey so now I have 3 towels in the car.

  19. Too cute! I bet she loved that! Rita would probably love it too – cuz she hates to swim, but loves to go for a dunk in the water! (I hope no horses ever tried to drink out of that!) 😉
    Jackie Bouchard recently posted…10 New Vocabulary Words for Dog LoversMy Profile

  20. Silly Sally, my gang would do the same thing.
    Sand Spring Chesapeakes recently posted…Monday Mischief~A Winner And A LoserMy Profile

  21. Oooh, that trough looks like fun, I’d love to play in it! Not sure my Mum would be too happy though, with all my fur getting wet and dirty! 🙂

    I hope you’re having a fun day,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂
    snoopy recently posted…Monday Mischief – The AftermathMy Profile

  22. Haha! That’s exactly what Alma would do, too – if there’s water, she’s got to to be in it!
    Jen K recently posted…Wordless Wednesday 27: Dogs in VeniceMy Profile

  23. That’s too funny, and I can certainly see all of our dogs doing that too…they love water and don’t miss an opportunity to jump in and cool off.
    Jan K recently posted…Wordless Wednesday – Still GrowingMy Profile

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