Pilates for Pooches?

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 Canine to the Core


As someone who has practiced Pilates for the past 2 + years, I am excited to see that some of the concepts are now being applied to canine fitness and rehabilitation.  This class in Michigan seems like a great idea!



I started Pilates after a series of injuries to my ankles curtailed my normal training regimen.  I was skeptical at first, thinking that it wasn’t going to be much of a workout.  But a thanks to a persistent and forceful instructor, I soon learned that it could not only be a great workout but it could also greatly enhance my athletic performance.  Who knew?!


I suspect that the same will hold true for dogs.  I have seen the inflatable balls used before as a physio therapy modality at the VMSG dog rehab center in Ventura Ca.  So why shouldn’t it work as an exercise and training modality?  Balance type maneuvers can also burn a lot of calories as all of your muscles, including ones that you haven’t used in years, are required to fire to keep you from toppling over.  In theory, this type of canine training might offer low impact exercise and rehab alternatives to people with injured or otherwise disabled pets.  Another victory, perhaps, in the battle against dog obesity?


What do you think?  Has your pet ever tried to balance on a ball before?  I am interested to hear your experiences with this and other non-traditional exercise programs.  Cheers.


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