Pet owners allege dog treat maker is censoring backlash

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sugar-and-champagne-katy_296This is an interesting if not inflammatory story from WTOP in Washington DC.

Pet owners allege dog treat maker is censoring backlash –

Dr. Katy Nelson, the host of The Pet Show, which airs on WJLA (ABC 8) in DC on Saturday mornings at 11 AM provides sound advice regarding pet treats. [Note- we will be on the show on 2/16 and will let everyone know when it is available on the web!  Prior broadcasts are viewable here.] 

Here is the snippet from the article:

Katy Nelson, an emergency veterinarian in Alexandria, Va., advises pet owners to not feed their pets treats made in China. She says pet food companies are starting to take the issue seriously in light of recent canine and feline deaths.

“While this particular antibiotic has not been linked to the reported illnesses, it may be one link in the chain that helps the FDA to figure out just what is making these pets sick, and in some instances, killing them,” she says.

My advice is to read ingredient labels and keep in mind that you often get what you pay for (cheaper is not always better!)


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