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Are you a dog food brand that is interested in sponsorship and integration opportunities?

Reach our passionate dog loving readership by buying sponsorships on slimdoggy.com or in the SlimDoggy App through these options:

  • Site sponsorships. We have a very passionate and growing audience of dog lovers who are interested in learning about all things related to dog fitness and nutrition. We offer:
  1. Banner/box  ads. $10-$20 CPM.
  2. Sponsored posts. We  write product reviews and testimonials for products that we use or endorse.  Cost is $250 per post.
  • App co-branding opportunities:

Put your brand in front of dog lovers at your most opportune time: when they are feeding and exercising their dog!


We offer a unique and innovative marketing opportunity to help brands build a close and persistent relationship with passionate dog owners.  The SlimDoggy iPhone App can be co-branded with your name and logo and made available as a separate,  custom App for your customers.

  • Integrate your Brand with dog owners at the perfect moment- while they are monitoring their dog’s feeding and activities.
  •  Your Brand provides dog owners  a state of the art mobile technology centered on canine health and fitness. (See Suburu’s success with the MapMyWalk App co-branding effort).
  •  Leverage the SlimDoggy data of over 2,300 dog foods and treats as well as aggregated feeding patterns of dog owners.
  •  Integrate custom brand messaging and custom features within the App workflow (e.g. tip of the day, or direct message to consumers using competing products).
Using the Apple Volume Purchase Program, you can purchase and then make the co-branded app available to the public for free through your website or social media.

Minimum volume purchases apply.  Custom integrations are also available.

Contact us to learn more using the form below or send us a note via info at Slimdoggy dot com.

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