Park Day 2.0

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Darn, Park Day 2.0 is here already and we didn’t get a chance to get to the park AGAIN!! Last week, I sprained my ankle, so mom said I had to REST – I hate that.

This week, there was a BRUSH FIRE near our park and we couldn’t go! But here’s some pictures of the fire taken from our house. Our park is right at the bottom of that hill where you see the smoke.

"Springs" brush fire in Camarillo, CA

“Springs” brush fire in Camarillo, CA


And here’s some pics from the newspaper:

SlimDoggy lives out of frame lower left

SlimDoggy lives out of frame lower left


Kind of scary – we are just sitting in the house, looking out the window. You can see our Fire Alert Sticker in the window. Mom got those to tell the fireman that there are pets in the house in case she’s not home.

Looking at the smoke

Looking at the smoke


The fire, called the Springs Fire started in Camarillo, CA near the 101 highway. The Santa Ana winds which blow east to west picked up and the temperature soared and the winds really kicked in – an easy recipe for these types of fires getting out of control. It started at 7am this morning and by 2pm it was already over 6,500 acres and on its way across the Santa Monica mountains on it’s way to the ocean. Luckily we are in the opposite direction, so are in no danger.

Next week, I’m going to make mom take me earlier in the week rather than wait till the last minute!

park day

We’re happy to be a part of Park Day 2.0 even though we didn’t get to the park. We have ALL MONTH to enter the very cool Bingo contest they are sponsoring – check it out on their Blogs. Thanks Finn & Gizmo, our Park Day 2.0 hosts.


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  1. Woof! Woof! We saw it in the evening news. Glad you guys are safe. Do you have that sticker on every window? Hope Jack and Maggie are feeling well. Don’t you worry Park Day ends in June (and you can do multiple posts). Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar
    SUGAR: Golden Woofs recently posted…Bring Creativity On Your Dog WalksMy Profile

    • I only had two stickers, but we just got a bunch more at the American Pet Expo, so I’m going to add them to more windows!

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  3. Thanks for teaming us with us for Park Day 2.0…It’s gonna be a great month and you’ve got lots of time to get your bingo..In the mean time that fire is scary…Just checked and it’s still not under control…Do stay safe….
    GizmoGeodog recently posted…PARK DAY 2.0!My Profile

  4. Thanks for posting about Park Day 2.0! I would stay inside too with a fire roaring like that! Stay safe!
    FInn recently posted…Park Day 2.0!My Profile

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