Jack gets Park Day 2.0 Bingo #2

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It took us awhile to get our 2nd Bingo for Park Day. Mom’s been busy going to Blog Paws and stuff, but we finally got it! bingo4

Here’s the card we finished and while some of the squares are the same as our 1st Bingo, we added a few new things to our Park Day adventure.

First we visited a park at sunrise. This was easy because we go for our walk first thing in the morning, every morning. Sometimes, depending on the time of year, it’s still dark out when we do our morning walk. But, here’s some pictures of Maggie and me enjoying the sunrise.


Jack & Maggie on their morning hike.

Jack & Maggie on their morning hike.


Conejo Valley Open Space

Conejo Valley Open Space


Then we took a walk in a Nature Preserve. This is a trail close to our house that we take all the time. It’s in the Conejo Valley Open Space which is kind of a Nature Preserve.  This is taken from their website:  The Conejo Open Space Foundation was formed in 1995 to promote and maintain the open space and trail system of the Conejo Valley and to educate residents as to their roles as custodians and protectors of the open space and the environment.

This is just one of many, many trails in the Open Space, but it’s the one we hike most often.


It’s a pretty fun trail with lots of good stuff to smell. There’s also a big sign we see that has maps and pictures of wildlife that you might see on the trails so that you can watch for them – especially the rattlesnakes – you have to be real careful of those.  You see one of the pictures on the sign is of a cat…well, it’s actually a bobcat and a mountain lion. I watch for them ALL THE TIME, but I’ve never seen one yet. They are supposedly good luck if you see one.

Jack at the trail sign. See the picture of the mountain lion?

Jack at the trail sign. See the picture of the mountain lion?

There are some really big mountains in the Open Space. In the part where we walk there are these cool cliffs. I want to climb them, but moms won’t let me. There’s lots of good smells and all these nooks & crannies that animals hide in.

Here's one of the cave like rock formations.

Here’s one of the cave like rock formations.




In one of the caves up near the top moms says there is a hawks nest. We saw the momma hawk fly into it one morning with food for her babies, but no matter how many times we come back so that moms can get a video, the momma hawk hasn’t come back. We’ll keep trying.



You can see the hawk's nest right in the middle of the cliff.

You can see the hawk’s nest right in the middle of the cliff.


One of the squares on our Bingo card says we have to spot a squirrel. We don’t have very many squirrels around here – too many stinkin’ coyotes I think. So, they are really hard to get a picture of because they always run away. Finn & Giz said we could switch bunnies for the squirrels, so here’s some bunnies. These are actually in our backyard, so we get to see them all the time. I usually ignore them, except for last week when one got stuck in the fence and we had the “bunny for breakfast” incident.  Moms can’t get a picture of me WITH the bunnies, because I would just chase them and they would run away, so it’s just the bunnies on their own.

Bunnies hanging out in our backyard.

Bunnies hanging out in our backyard.

That’s our Park Day 2.0 adventure. Hope you liked it.


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  1. Come visit me! We have squirrels all over the place and even some white ones!
    emma recently posted…Memorial Day Weekend | GBGV | Mischief MondayMy Profile

    • White squirrels huh? Never seen one of those!

  2. Loved your Park 2.0 adventure! Love the hawk’s nest.
    Tootsie recently posted…A Poster for My Friend Bouncing BertieMy Profile

    • Hope we can get a video!

  3. BINGO!!! I love your cave formations and your bunnies! Thanks for playing a second time around!
    FInn recently posted…Bringing the Kids to WorkMy Profile

    • We may have even one more…went to the beach today…over 30 mins and we saw a kite!

  4. Very great adventure, Jack, and congrats on getting your 2nd Bingo….great job! That Nature Preserve looks really cool. I hope you get to see your Mountain Lion someday, as long as it’s from a distance! 🙂
    Jan K recently posted…Black & White Sunday – Rain, Rain, Go Away!My Profile

  5. Love the adventures of Jack and Maggie….bunny bkfst, oh no….keep stories and sightings coming!

    • Memorial Day beach trip coming next!

  6. Come to WV we are loaded with squirrels! Took a picture of a black squirrel the other day. Enjoyed your adventure and good job on BINGO!!!
    Rebecca recently posted…Park Day 2.0 … BINGO #5My Profile

  7. Oh the snakes would scare me. I’d be so worried that one of the dogs would get into it. 🙁
    Jodi recently posted…This ‘N That Thursday ~ May 30, 2013My Profile

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