Our Trip to Big Bear

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We just returned from our annual trip to Big Bear Lake. Of the four of us, we think that Maggie probably had the best time of all of us.
jack and maggie greetings
She really took to the water this year – as soon as she saw it she waded in a few feet, then a few feet more and then off she went swimming away. Every time we went down to the water, she’d go for a nice swim.
Maggie swimming2

Remembering his escapade from last year, Jack had no interest in the water at all. He liked the beach, but his focus, as expected, was on scavenging along the shore looking for treasure food. He scored big one day with a huge dead fish carcass. We spotted him with it and then had to struggle to get him to let go – his “leave it” isn’t very good to begin with, and with a HIGH value treat like dead fish, there was no way he was giving it up. We were able to slide a stick into his mouth and pry it open a little to pull out the fish, but he held on to the stick and carried that all the way back to our cabin. I think he thought it was the fish. Once he got to the top of the stairs, he realized it wasn’t and gave me a disgusted look for stealing his fish from him.

We took some great hikes up in the mountains. We let both of them off leash and they were very well behaved. As a matter of fact, I think they were both a little worried about getting lost because they stuck really close to us. They’d trot a few yards ahead and then stop and look back and wait for me. Their attentiveness made for a nice hike, knowing they were being so good.
hiking with jack
Steve also took them for a run up Pineknot trail, a favorite trail we hiked last year too. It’s a nice narrow dirt trail that winds up the side of the mountain. Lots of pretty scenery. We got in some trail exercises too that SlimDoggy Steve will write about for FitDog Friday.
pineknot trail
Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t very cooperative this year and we had a lot of rain. That’s unusual for this time of year, but we know we need every drop. We had a huge thunderstorm Tuesday night – big claps of thunder and lots of lightening. Happy to say it didn’t seem to phase either of the dogs. Jack made himself right at home. He looks so comfy doesn’t he? It’s unusual because he doesn’t get on the furniture at home, but he climbed right up on this sofa.
jack makes himself at home
Here’s hoping next year the weather cooperates a bit more. What are your vacation plans this year?


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  1. Jack looks like one happy vacation dog in that last photo. Rain on vacation is a bummer, but a good excuse to be lazy and nap more. Sounds like a fun trip for everyone.
    Emma recently posted…Dog Training With Train ‘n Praise {Giveaway}My Profile

  2. I bet Jack smelled other dogs that had also been on that couch!

  3. Aww, you fish thieves 😉 Jack looks super comfy on the couch, indeed! I love the swimming pictures of Maggie ~ her & Missy would have a blast swimming together!! Looking forward to your trail exercises on FitDog Friday!
    Barbara Rivers recently posted…Our pack mastered the July 4th Festivities with these 3 key elements!My Profile

  4. In spite of the rain it appears that you all had a great time! I just LOVE forests….so relaxing and beautiful! Love that last photo!
    Caren Gittleman recently posted…#Sponsored: Purina Wants to “End the Wagless Workplace!” #PetsatWorkMy Profile

  5. Looks like the perfect, quiet weekend. Great vacation for all species.

    Side note: I enjoyed my daily confirmation that I am not a robot, but it appears you guys are now robo-inclusive 😉 In any event, the new text below your comment box has a small typo – “so” instead of “to.”

    • Thanks for the heads up…I wonder how long it’s been like that!
      mkob recently posted…Our Trip to Big BearMy Profile

  6. I can imagine that Jack gave you a major stink-eye for taking his fish. It is so awesome that Maggie enjoys swimming. I’m glad y’all had a great time in spite of the weather.
    M. K. Clinton recently posted…Kurgo Cargo Cape for Traveling with DogsMy Profile

  7. Vacations and dogs, does it get any better than that? Hope you had a blast!
    Monika recently posted…Hospital HowlidaysMy Profile

  8. That sounds like a GREAT vacation! I’m glad that Maggie has learned to love the water. I’ll never forget when we had our first Lab… I naively thought that someone would need to teach him how to swim 😉

    We have mountain camping trips planned. We always like to camp near lakes so our Labs can get their fill of swimming!
    KB recently posted…Positive Training – The RecallMy Profile

  9. What a lovely trip and how nice that Maggie has come out of her shell, swimming is so much fun you have to do it. Jack just wanted more fish oil in his diet. Glad everything went great and your back home safe.
    Sand Spring Chesapeakes recently posted…Tour De Sand Spring~#AmericanJourney @chewy.comMy Profile

  10. All the elements of a great vacation are there: outdoors, hiking, dogs, water, special treats (dead fish), napping on the couch. Looks like Jack lived up to my husband’s motto: While on vacation there are no rules!
    PS. Is that Steve looking at his cell phone in that picture with his back to us? I hope you were not texting and hiking!
    Anne recently posted…Ease Your Anxiety About Your Pet’s AnesthesiaMy Profile

  11. Looks like such a relaxing spot. I enjoyed seeing the pics of Maggie swimming. She is adorable and reminds me so much of Ace. It’s also nice that the dogs stuck so close on their off-leash hikes. We are spending a weekend near Joshua Tree in August. We are renting a house that allows dogs, but we haven’t decided if we’re bringing Ace yet.
    Lindsay recently posted…The Ritual of Walking My Dog: Paws on the Sidewalk, Leash in My HandMy Profile

  12. That looks like a lovely place for a holiday. Great hikes and a lake!
    Clowie recently posted…Paws for ThoughtMy Profile

  13. So nic e to see Maggie settling in and enjoying herself so much these days. She really has come so very far with you guys. You should be proud of all you have done to make her feel safe.
    melf recently posted…Wordless Wednesday #247 – Water ball dogMy Profile

  14. That looks amazing! And no leash!
    Groovy Goldendoodles recently posted…A PET BLOGGERS NIGHTMAREMy Profile

  15. It looks like you had a fantastic time! It’s great to see Maggie enjoying the water so much. Too funny about Jack and the fish. That would be Luke too….we work on his “leave it” a lot and he’s pretty good. But if he had something special like that…forget it!
    Jan K recently posted…Sam’s Happy Health Update & Cat Crawl GiveawayMy Profile

  16. Oh I’m so glad to her Maggie enjoyed herself, you’ve done such an amazing job helping her find her confidence.

    It looks like a real nice place to just relax and enjoy spending time with those you love and taking in the natural beauty.
    Jodi recently posted…Follow-Up Friday – July 10, 2015My Profile

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