On The Set with Dr. Katy Nelson

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Dr. Katy Nelson

Dr. Katy Nelson

From the set of The Pet Show

We had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Katy Nelson on The Pet Show, a Washington DC area program that is airing this Saturday, 2/16 at 11 AM ET on WJLA (ABC 8).  What a pleasure it was to meet Dr. Katy!  She is really an amazing and kind person who sincerely cares about pets. You can read the preview at the WJLA PetShow page here.

UPDATE: The show is now available online.  Check it out here- our segment starts at the 7 minute mark.

Like us, Dr. Katy is passionate about health and fitness for both pets and people!  We spoke about Jack, the inspiration behind SlimDoggy and the cost of having an overweight dog (billions of dollars each year, shorter life spans for your dog).

We also discussed our dog food database which we are expanding to include the full ingredient lists and a special “Dog Food Index” ranking system for most of the commercially available products (we have close to 2,000 foods with their calories and their ingredients).

We mentioned that our fantastic partner K9 Fit Club will be opening a Washington DC facility this coming May.

Lastly, we presented Dr. Katy with a SlimDoggy T-shirt (hope the size was right) and a SlimDoggy measuring scoop and made a special announcement as well:

From now until April 13, 2013, for every ‘SlimDoggy’ t-shirt sold, $3.00 will be donated to the Washington Humane Society’s Fashion for Paws, and for every measuring cup sold, $1.00 will be donated. Use the promotion code DRKATY13 to ensure the donation gets made! You can buy these at shop.slimdoggy.com

In addition, through the end of February, we will also donate $0.50 for every SlimDoggy app that is downloaded with the same code.  Just enter the code DRKATY13 in the promo code field after you download the app when you first log in.

Please help Dr. Katy raise money and help make the Fashion for Paws charitable event a rousing and ruffing success!


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  1. Awesome interview – thanks to you and Dr. Katy, dog owners are much more educated and mindful of their doggie’s needs!

    • Thanks Peg. Dr. Katy is pretty special. She really cares about pets. Make sure you watch her show every week.

  2. I love Dr. Katy’s show.It is the most informative 30 min. on tv. Thanks to all who make the show work so well. thanks Dr Katy

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