New Center Helping Fearful Dogs

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Our family has some experience with this topic after adopting Maggie, a fearful (and formerly abused) dog.  So it was with great interest to read the story of Cinder an abused Malamute and the new Behavioral Rehabilitation Center at St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center in Madison, N.J.   The facility is funded by the ASPCA to help fearful dogs overcome their fear issues.  The article, Authored by Sue Manning of the Associated Press, can be found here:

New center offers help for dogs consumed by fear – Lifestyle –

President and CEO Heather Cammisa makes some great points in this interview.

Maggie - ears back, averted eyes. Telltale signs.

Maggie – ears back, averted eyes-telltale signs of fearfulness

– Dogs hiding in the back of the cage and fearful won’t have a good quality of life and further, are less likely to be selected for adoption.  These dogs have a higher return rate than normal adopted dogs.

– Like our Maggie, Cinder had a rough time before she was rescued.  Cinder is missing the tip of her ear, has broken teeth and a broken toe, injuries that were caused during food fights.  Maggie has bite marks all over and a permanently bent tail tip from sitting in a cage that was too small.

– Also like Maggie, Cinder has come a long way. ‘Once shy, Cinder is  “all grins and giggles now”.

It really is amazing how these dogs can bounce back from adverse situations.  Cinder and Maggie both have shown marked improvement and that progress will continue over time.

You can read more about our work with Maggie in out Tale of Tails: Maggie series.

Do you have a fearful dog story?  Tell us how your dog has learned to overcome their fears and adjust to life in their forever home.


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  1. I love that your Maggie is now a personable dog. Her story is amazing.
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    • I know, we’re pretty glad about it to. She still has moments, but she’s a pretty happy doggie now.

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