Mischief Resolutions

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Today I’m going to highlight resolutions we are making in an attempt to curb some mischief around here.

jackandkobresolutionFirst, Jack resolves to practice his recall. He can be really good at it sometimes and other times I can be right next to him and it’s virtually impossible to get his attention without a poke in the shoulder. I know this is actually MY issue in that I’m not consistent or diligent with his training, so I have to resolve to spend more time with him working on his recall. We both take on this resolution.

Secondly, for Maggie, her mischief resolution is more basic.  She resolves to be MORE mischievous. Maggie is so fearful sometimes, she won’t try anything new. When she encounters something new – which is often, first she has to see if her brother Jack is doing it and even then, even after she watches him, if it is the least bit different, she gives up pretty easily. Just look at this little video of her with one of her xmas presents. She probably never had presents before so she really doesn’t know what to do with it. So, Maggie resolves to become more playful and maybe even a little mischievous in 2014



We are joining the Mischief Monday Blog Hop, but don’t forget our Resolve to Move Your Mutt Blog Hop where we are displaying our resolutions to Move Your Mutt (our your BUTT). Check it out and join – it’s open all week (linky list below).



The Monday Mischief Blog Hop is hosted by Snoopy’s Dog Blog, Alfie’s Blog and My Brown Newfies



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We are co-hosting this Hop with our friends from Keep the Tail Wagging, so be sure and check out their Resolutions – and everyone else in the Hop. And leave a word of encouragement – remember, together we RESOLVE to Move Our Mutts and to keep our resolutions!  


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  1. Here’s hoping there’s lots of mischief, then, for 2014! Maybe she’ll just need to unwrap more gifts throughout the year… you know… for practice 😉
    Jen K recently posted…Monday Mischief 18: Christmas RecapMy Profile

    • I was thinking about doing just that!
      mkob recently posted…Mischief ResolutionsMy Profile

  2. What a sweetheart! We had a retired German Shepherd police K-9 who had absolutely no idea how to play. It took a few months but he got the idea and enjoyed years of fun. I’m sure she will get into some mischief soon!
    M. K. Clinton recently posted…The Mischievous Shelter DogMy Profile

  3. Good on you Maggie! I think we should all resolve to be more playful and a little bit mischievous in 2014 😉
    Joanna recently posted…NYE – The WORST night of the year!My Profile

    • I agree…I could do with a little more fun myself!
      mkob recently posted…Mischief ResolutionsMy Profile

  4. I think those resolutions will be met. Poor Maggie’s arm bless her.
    Sand Spring Chesapeakes recently posted…Black And White SundayMy Profile

  5. Awe she reminds me of Nestle (kitty) with her remote control mouse. I bet she gets the hang of the ball soon and here’s hoping she becomes more adventurous.
    2 brown dawgs recently posted…Monday Mischief–Saw ToothMy Profile

    • She really doesn’t like to pick things up with her mouth – really odd for a retriever.
      mkob recently posted…Mischief ResolutionsMy Profile

  6. Wishing your home an evening out of the mischief 🙂 Maggie will get there and I have a feeling in my dog belly that a year from now you will be trying to curb her mischief…Mom always says to be very careful what you wish for!
    emma recently posted…Jackpot! | GBGV | Monday MischiefMy Profile

    • I know – I was a little worried about that, but decided seeing her have some real fun would be better!
      mkob recently posted…Mischief ResolutionsMy Profile

  7. Is Maggie’s leg doing better? Looks like that ball will be a lot of fun!
    Flea recently posted…Funny Bone Monday, 54 – of Memes and ResolutionsMy Profile

    • She is doing much better, thanks. Started short 5 minute walks yesterday and she’s so happy to get out! Thanks for asking.
      mkob recently posted…Mischief ResolutionsMy Profile

  8. I think she’s looking for the treat !

    • Well, you’re right – there are treats inside, but she couldn’t quite figure out how to get them out.
      mkob recently posted…Mischief ResolutionsMy Profile

  9. hmmmm…..wish my girls would do a resolution on recall!! BOL
    Happy New Year to you!
    ((husky hugz))
    Jenna,Mark “HuskyCrazed” Drady recently posted…OMD Monday..Christmas editionMy Profile

  10. I would like it if the dogs would resolve not to get sick/hurt in 2014 but that might be asking too much. I need to work on Mr. N’s recall too. He sometimes will blow me off to go say hi to another dog/person THEN will come back.

  11. Good luck with your resolutions!
    Dina Mom recently posted…I Solemnly Resolve to Move My MuttMy Profile

    • Thanks, you too. Can we add Dina to our Resolve to Move Your Mutt photo albums?
      mkob recently posted…Mischief ResolutionsMy Profile

  12. Of course- the little diva would love it!
    Dina Mom recently posted…I Solemnly Resolve to Move My MuttMy Profile

  13. I could use both those resolutions! But probably the second one more. Happy New Year Maggie and Jack! Cooper
    Two Cats and a Cattledog recently posted…Monday Mischief: Cat plus Entrepreneur equals TroubleMy Profile

  14. Those are great resolutions! I especially love Maggie’s, and I hope she can succeed at that. More fun is good for everyone! We are working on our resolutions and hope to join in and share something this week.
    Jan K recently posted…Monday Mischief – Week 1 w/ LukeMy Profile

  15. I think Maggie’s resolution to do more mischief should also be Jack’s (forget the recall thing Dude, your Mom is trying to con you!) 🙂

    That video was so sweet, did Maggie start playing with it eventually?

    Happy New Year to all,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂
    snoopy recently posted…Monday Mischief – The Big Yellow ThingMy Profile

    • Don’t encourage him Snoop…
      We put some treats in it and then she rolled it around and got the treats out…
      mkob recently posted…Wordless Wednesday New Year’s My Profile

  16. Those sound like some great resolutions. 🙂
    Pup Fan recently posted…Weird (and fluffy) scienceMy Profile

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