Maggie’s Waistline

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Maggie's Waistline!

Maggie’s Waistline!

We adopted Maggie about 8 months ago from a local Labrador Rescue organization. Maggie had been a ‘breeder’ dog and the rescue organization had convinced the owner to surrender her now that she was past her puppy breeding prime. She was skinny, scrawny and undernourished. Her coat was dull and bristly and very sparse. She was afraid of everything.

We didn’t have an overweight issue with Maggie, but she was very underweight.  We started feeding her some good healthy food, using the SlimDoggy App to figure out how much and she’s put on about 10 lbs…and is probably right where she should be now. Her coat is a beautiful thick & shiny black as you can see…and her waist is just right!

Watch for Maggie’s full story in our Tales of Tails section soon!

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  1. Maggie is a lucky pup!

    • Thanks Jana. She sure is. Wait until you hear her full story and how well she has transformed into a 1st rate member of the house.

  2. Maggie sure looks healthy now!

    • She is very healthy and very happy.

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