Losing Weight with your Dog

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funny-dog-picture-refrigerator-jackpotFor those of us who have overweight dogs and who are overweight themselves, here is an older article about how to lose weight with your dog.




Although there are no specific guidelines about how much to feed your dog in this piece (use the SlimDoggy app for that!), overall concept is reasonable- workout with your dog and it will be more fun and you will both lose some weight. (I will be posting another article soon on a fantastic company that is dedicated to helping dog owners workout and have fun with their dogs as a way tom improve health and lifestyle).


One interesting tidbit from this piece is the reference to the research study “People and Pets Exercising Together” a joint study by The Wellness Institute in the Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago and Hill’s Pet Nutrition. In this study, two groups of overweight people were given a strict diet and exercise regime. One group was made up of dog owners and the other group was made up of people without dogs. Results showed that the group who exercised with their dogs lost more weight and were happier overall than the other group.  I find this fascinating and another reason to “get off your butt, workout with your mutt”.  If you are interested in digging further, here is an article with a lot more information about the study:


And the PubMed link is here for those that are really curious: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17062806



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