K9FitClub and Tricia Montgomery

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I had the opportunity to chat with Tricia Montgomery, the President of K9Fitclub this week.  I was very impressed with Tricia’s passion and the story behind K9Fitclub and I wanted to share it.  Tricia’s journey as well as her vision for the future of the club is truly amazing. Read about it in the Q&A that follows.

For those of you who don’t know, K9Fitclub is building a nationwide community of fitness clubs dedicated to dogs and their people.  They offer a variety of group classes including “Oh My Dog Bootcamp”, and a variety of classes that include activities such as walking and running, games, weight training, dogstacle courses, core training and some fetch and hide and seek.  Also offered are specialty classes like “Mind, Body, Sit” – Tai Chai Wa Wa, a fusion of Tai Chai and Yoga and “Dog Fit Dancing”.   Their first clubs are located in Illinois (they just opened a new facility in Chicago) and they have plans to expand nationally over the next 12 months.   You can see a list of current and planned facilities here.

Sharing a Passion

SlimDoggy and K9fitclub have so much in common, which is why I am so excited to know Tricia and K9FitClub.

  • We believe that having an overweight pet is something that can be changed once you know how to exercise and adjust your feeding portions.
  • We know that having an overweight pet is costly and can lead to serious health issues.
  • We are committed to providing dog owners with tools and information to help them get their dog in shape.
  • We know that many dog behavioral issues can be related to lack of adequate physical and mental exercise.
  • We are committed to improving the health of dogs and the accordingly, the health (and lives) of their owners.


Q&A With Tricia


Q: Tell me about the vision behind K9FitClub?


A:  We are concerned that pet obesity and human obesity are both spiraling out of control.  We wanted to do something that would be fun, enhance the bond between dog and owner, while simultaneously providing fitness programs that will help the dog and the owner get in shape.  We have put together a team of fitness, dog training professionals and veterinarians who are guiding the programs and classes that are available to our members.


Q:  I understand that your own personal experiences have helped shape the K9FitClub concept.  Can you tell me a little about your background and history and what led you to this point?


A: K9 Fit Club was developed during my time with the Chicago Veterinary Medical Association. I have been involved with the veterinary profession and animals since 1993. During my childhood and through my adult years I was obese.   In 1991 during a visit to the vet with my overweight dog, I was told that my dog was overweight and that I was also “fat”.   This little ‘kick in the pants’ was all I needed to embark on a weight loss program. With the help of some great people, a plan was developed that included nutrition, exercise, dogs and most of all fun.  I ended up losing over 130 lbs and my dog lost 7 lbs over the course of one year.   I later realized there were so many people, just like me, who needed a program of healthy living and weight loss designed around people and dogs. They needed K9Fit Club. My heart – my passion is in helping both pets and their people.


Q: What a great story thanks for sharing!  Tell me about the types of equipment that are used in your classes.


A:  We use a lot of different equipment to keep things interesting including bands, yoga mats, cones, magic circles, medicine balls, swiss balls, and kettlebells.


Q: Did you say kettlebells!?  I want to see a dog working out with a kettlebell!


A: Yes, I did say kettlebells.  We have some small ones and have developed some drills for dogs that use this piece of equipment.  I’ll send you a photo


Q: That is awesome.  Perhaps a new division –Canine– will open up at the CrossFit games?  Is there anything else you would like to share about your plans?


A: Yes, I would take CrossFit games over the Hunger Games any day! We realize it is not just about being thin, it’s about both of us being healthy and getting a new leash on life. Dogs are the barometer for our feelings, when we are sad, they are sad, if we are feeling down about ourselves, they share that feeling and become our mirror image. We have an amazing team at K9 Fit Club, from the trainers, both personal and pup, to the Veterinarians, both locally and nationally. We are currently under contract and working with William Morris Endeavors and Rachel Ray on the development of a reality based television show about overweight dogs and people.

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  1. This sounds like a great idea and one that can be helpful to dog owners. I am in DC and will look forward to the opening of a facilty here.

    Great story re: Tricia!

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