Just What Are These Dog Food Ingredients?

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dog food3Primer on Dog Food Ingredients

For a quick and simple read on what to look for in dog food ingredients, check out this piece at healthydogs4life.com

Just What Are These Dog Food Ingredients? | HealthyDogs4Life.

As you may know, we at SlimDoggy are working on some exciting things regarding dog foods, how they rank against each other, and how to appropriately assess which food is right for your dog.

In the meantime, this article is well worth the read.  Importantly, the author points out the following:

“The best dog foods, the super-premium ones, have recognizable ingredients – a lot of them things humans eat regularly.

The super-premium dog foods are, unarguably, the best food for your dog. Many contain human-grade, and even organic, ingredients, rather than the massive by-products most companies use. These foods also have a higher price tag. But this price is worth it for the health of your dog. By keeping them healthy, you will ultimately lower your vet costs and improve the quality of their life, as well as their lifespan.”

That last sentence is though provoking.  I wonder if we could prove that theory somehow….

Quick poll.  Tell us which brands/formulas you feed your dogs in the comment section below.

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  1. I have bben feeding my 8 yr old maltese the natural balance dog food of sweet potato and chicken for small breeds and he likes it and doesn’t have the gas or stomach problems he had with other foods or allergies I was dealing with.

    • Glad that you have found a food that is tolerated by your dog. We will be updating our food database soon with full ingredient lists so that you will be able to compare based on what is actually in the food. I hope that this will help you as you consider your dog’s diet. Make sure to provide proper exercise as well! It helps the dog maintain their proper weight and even makes them feel better.

  2. Thanks for your interest in pet health. Our son, Tony, brought your work to our attention and we’re looking forward to your review of dog food. We have a great Yellow Lab that was over-weight. We’re now feeding her much less dry food (Nutranuggets) and slightly steamed vegetables. Hero is slim, trim and healthy. Now, I need to get my eating habits under control… Thanks, Dick and Shari

    • Thanks Dick and Shari. Great to hear about Hero. Now work on your self 😉

      Please come back to our site often – we post 5-10 times per week. And check out our App if you have an iPhone. It is a great tool and it already includes calorie counts for about 1600 foods. Ingredients and rankings will be available soon as well.

  3. Looking forward to seeing what you are working on! Always love learning new things when it comes to feeding my dogs!

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