Jack at the Vet – Mischief or Not?

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We’ve been doing a few vet visits with Jack lately to get to the bottom of his stomach problems. We switched him to a salmon diet a few months ago and that has helped (chicken allergy), but he still has upset stomachs way too often. So far he’s had xrays that showed nothing remarkable and last week he had an ultrasound. That showed a ‘thickening’ in part of his stomach lining which immediately set off the alarms, but the vet thinks that it’s inflammation rather than a tumor based on the appearance of the thickening. Our next step is an endoscopy so they can take some biopsies of the lining and make a definitive diagnosis. He also has a Vitamin B12 deficiency, which is likely related to his stomach problems.


It’s been worrisome, but he’s too healthy and robust for it to be serious, so I do think it is just inflammation – similar to an ulcer. Given his history, an ulcer doesn’t surprise me. Right now he’s just taking over-the-counter antacid and some probiotics our homeopathic vet gave us. We’re reluctant to do the endoscopy just because it’s invasive, requires sedation and he is ten years old, but we need to know for certain and get him fixed up.


So Jack has been spending some time at the vet’s lately – and a couple of different vets because we took him to a specialist. I’m proud to say that he has been a very good patient – as a matter of fact, in the report from the specialist she said “He was a very good patient. Physical exam today showed Jack to be bright and alert with normal vital signs“. Since Jack has been known to have some reactivity issues in the past, this was the best news and I’m happy to report no mischief!


It got me thinking about how dogs behave at the vets and the vastly different reactions our dogs have displayed over the years.


Sally never met a human or dog she didn’t like. She would wiggle-waggle her way into the office, climb up next to me on the bench and wait for her appointment. Never missed a beat and was always happy to go. (One early exception was our first vet who she developed a fear of but once we switched vets – she was fine).


Tino was quite different, he would reluctantly allow me to bring him in and then he would freeze and not move an inch other than to shake uncontrollably. For a dog who was normally fearless, he was a real baby at the vets.


Becca always acted very resigned…she would come in and work her way behind my legs and lie down under the bench. Her training as a service dog was obvious.


Jack, barges in like he owns the place, sniffs every inch of it and then sits facing me, panting as if to say, “okay, I’m done, when are we going”? (See photo)


Maggie, luckily we’ve only had a couple of vet visits with her, so it’s too early to really define her behavior. Oddly, she doesn’t seem to be fearful and willingly goes back with the Tech for whatever is in store for her in the back room.


How about you – how does your dog react at the vet’s office?


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  1. Glad to hear you don’t think Jack’s stomach issues are too serious, and good to read he was a gentleman (dog?) with the vets!
    Both Moses and Alma have yet to meet a person they don’t like, so they’re both well-behaved at the vet. I can tell they’re a little stressed (panting, dandruff), but they still take direction and wag their tails for pets and treats.
    Jen K recently posted…Monday Mischief 19: Moses Meets a PorcupineMy Profile

  2. Dins gets distracted by all the smells of the vet’s. Tries to play with other dogs and is generally restless. Once we actually get in the office it is a little different- namely has to he held firmlu for anything to be done right.
    Dina Mom recently posted…Black and White SundayMy Profile

  3. Such things certainly are worrisome. Jasmine had undiagnosed belly problems for 5 years! In and out of vets all the time and no diagnosis. Finally, while being at a new vet’s for pre-stem cell treatment x-rays, he felt a mass in her abdomen and it did show up as a mass on additional x-rays he took as well.

    After some initial blood testing and exploratory surgery, it turned out it was not a mass at all but an eosinophil infiltration in her stomach and small intestine tissue. Jasmine had IBD.

    As for vet visits, all our guys love going to the vet’s. Even Jasmine did, in spite of all the horrible things that happened to her.
    Jana Rade recently posted…Living With The Dog Mamma: (Part 2) A Dog In The HouseMy Profile

    • Poor Jasmine – I’m hoping the biopsies will tell us something. Jasmine was good about everything wasn’t she 🙂
      mkob recently posted…Jack at the Vet – Mischief or Not?My Profile

  4. Your dogs are so different in their own way 🙂 Your description of Becca makes me laugh. Donna is more like Tino, except that she doesn’t stay frozen and will keep walking to the door, which obviously is not going to open sesame for her 😛

  5. So glad that the vet doesn’t think the problem with his tum is serious 🙂

    Del used to be absolutely fine at the vets, until he was neutered. After being neutered, on his return to get his stitches out, he refused point blank to go into the vets room- they had to remove his stitches in reception! He hasn’t been back since, but he’s due his vaccinations next week, so we’ll see how it goes…
    Rach recently posted…Pharrell ‘Happy’ Parody- “Yappy- Life in the Dog House”My Profile

  6. Mr. N doesn’t like the vet (shakes) but will take direction and tolerates it if I’m with him. He is allergic to bee stings and had a bad encounter before we got him that landed him in the ER. Not a good experience for him. He’s very stoic for shots and poking and prodding though.
    Tenacious Little Terrier recently posted…Monday Mischief #20 – My Dog is Better-Behaved than your KidsMy Profile

    • Poor Mr. N…bee stings can be pretty bad – our Sally got one on her mouth once and her face swelled up – it was pretty scary.
      mkob recently posted…Jack at the Vet – Mischief or Not?My Profile

  7. My girl, Clover, looooves the vet. More than once I’ve gone to the vet and described her problem as “She’s not herself – she’s sad” and the vet has given me a confused look. The vet makes Clover feel better just by visiting!
    Tegan recently posted…Cindy is an old dog that can run really fastMy Profile

  8. Hoping that all is ok with Jack, sending positive thoughts. As loud as Dakota is at home, he is a perfect “gentleman” at the vet. He sits calmly waiting his turn with a smile on his face. He doesn’t love it there for sure but he is super good. I think part of it might be due to the fact that we also have him groomed there. This way when he goes, he isn’t always sure what he is going there for.
    Our cat is also excellent. Doesn’t love it but he doesn’t cry in the car or at the vet, but boy oh boy does he “high tail” it back to the carrier when he is done! Happy Monday!
    Caren Gittleman recently posted…Book Review:Babette’s Pack by Kathryn WalterMy Profile

    • Good for Dakota being a gentleman at the vet. You are probably right – if he likes the grooming, then there’s a shot it might be something fun!
      mkob recently posted…Jack at the Vet – Mischief or Not?My Profile

  9. Katie and I are nice to the vet, always, but we both shake like leaves when we walk in the door. Bailie is still young and could care less. Mom hopes she stays that way but figures she too will develop fear as she gets older.
    emma recently posted…Winter is a Season, Not an Excuse! | GBGV | #ScoopThatPoopMy Profile

    • Ah, the ignorance of youth…I hope she stays that way too – I always felt so bad when Tino was shaking so badly.
      mkob recently posted…Jack at the Vet – Mischief or Not?My Profile

  10. Both my boys (Jasper and Tucker) would love nothing better than to climb into my lap or hide under the chairs at the vets. It’s a little bit of a challenge, since Jasper is 70 pounds of dog! But I don’t blame them. Jasper had a terrible issue with his anal sacs when he was younger, and Tucker has hurt his toes a few times, so they relate vets to pain. Lilah, on the other paw, is always sweet, and happy and waggy. The funny thing was, she used to be the timid scaredy dog! We’ve come a long way working with her, and now she’s very brave and friendly.

    –Woofs (and purrs) from Life with Dogs and Cats.
    Susan and the gang from LifeWithDogsAndCats.com recently posted…Story: Foggy DoggiesMy Profile

    • It’s tough when vet = pain, but unfortunately that’s frequently the case. Glad that Lilah has improved.
      mkob recently posted…Jack at the Vet – Mischief or Not?My Profile

  11. You are right. They do act different. When we left Storm at a strange vet (repro specialist) to be spayed, I thought they would have their hands full with her. But they said she was very good. (Maybe they were just being nice? lol). Thunder is clam and Freighter is excited.

    Hope you figure out what is going on with Jack.
    2 brown dawgs recently posted…Dog Show Round UpMy Profile

  12. Hoping that Jack’s problem is not at all serious and he’ll be back to normal good health pronto. Jeffie is our oddball. He doesn’t like strangers, yet his behavior at the vet is golden even if the vet tech is someone he’s never met before.
    Sue at Talking Dogs recently posted…Paw Print Pet Lover Bracelet #Giveaway | Monday MischiefMy Profile

  13. Im glad you are figuring out his tummy issues! Poor guy!
    Mika cries the whole duration of being at the vet…like “scream” cries, to the point where you would think someone is beating her!
    Lexus is just very scared while there. Ears pinned back, tail between lets…you get the picture haha! We try and make them as comfortable as possible, but we can only do so much!
    ((husky hugz))
    Jenna,Mark “HuskyCrazed” Drady recently posted…OMD! Monday ❇My Profile

  14. I’m glad to hear that all is ok with Jack! Sherman takes an OTC antacid every day and it seems to have helped with his stomach issues.
    Sherman and Leroy were at the vets so much with me when I worked there it was like their second home so they were very relaxed, unless they had to get x-rays done. Neither one of them cared for that!
    Jen recently posted…4 Things I Learned About Leroy This WeekMy Profile

    • That would make it easy on them. I don’t think any dogs likes being held down for those xrays.
      mkob recently posted…Jack at the Vet – Mischief or Not?My Profile

  15. Uh oh Jack, feel better. We don’t like the vet at all. When we get to the building, mom has to drag Torrey in. I get carried so I have no choice in the matter.

    • On of the downfalls of being a small dog…they can carry you to places you don’t really want to go!
      mkob recently posted…Jack at the Vet – Mischief or Not?My Profile

  16. Paws crossed that those probiotics do the job. They’re pretty miraculous as a stomach supplement. My own dogs get to the feed store annually for vaccines and that’s it. The vet there looks them over, proclaims them healthy and we’re on our way. In their nearly 12 years, they haven’t had health issues.
    Flea recently posted…Funny Dogs in Shoes, FBM 57My Profile

  17. Harley came to us with a horrific case of Giardia so he sees his vet’s office like a second home! He adores everyone and doesn’t seem to mind the poking and prodding. Leo is a little more reserved but he too seems to have positive experiences when we’re there. Please keep us informed with Jack’s progress, the Boys and I are concerned… Take care Slim 🙂
    Cathy recently posted…BIZARRE BEHAVIOR | WEIRD WEEKENDMy Profile

    • Thanks for your concern over Jack. We will keep everyone posted for sure. Giardia – eck…hope he’s fine now.
      mkob recently posted…Jack at the Vet – Mischief or Not?My Profile

  18. My typically overly friendly dog Ace hangs his head and tail at the vet and acts shy. It’s kind of cute and kind of pathetic. 🙂

    I will be thinking of Jack and hope he is feeling better soon! He sounds like such a good boy.
    Lindsay recently posted…You could use a puppy break (10 photos)My Profile

  19. When I visit the vet, I get all wiggly when they take me back to be examined. I love all the attention I get!

    Garth Riley recently posted…ANNOUNCING Dog In A Box PHOTO CONTEST (with Special Guest Stars!)My Profile

  20. All of our dogs love our vet and I’ve made a point of not consoling them when we go. Instead, I just act normally and bring treats for good behavior, because a dog trainer once told me that consoling the dog is rewarding them for their fear. It’s hard NOT to do, but I try very hard.

    The puppies aren’t fans of the shots, but they’re easily distracted with a cookie. LOL
    Kimberly Gauthier recently posted…Our First Month with Littermate Puppies #GoodHomeStoreMy Profile

    • I’ve read that too…but then also read that it’s BS…like if your kid was crying, you wouldn’t try to console them…so I don’t know what is true…Hmm…guess I’ve got a research project.
      mkob recently posted…Jack at the Vet – Mischief or Not?My Profile

  21. oh Jack I hope everything is fine. Sorry for your upset stomach. We recommend pepcid 1/2 hr before meals and on occasion prilesec. If inflammatory bowel disease we swich our dogs to Purina HA. We also have some dogs on Vit B12 injections that have a deficiency. Glad he had a ultrasound and all looks good. I don’t blame you on holding off on the endoscopy. If he needed a dental and you could kill 2 birds with one stone then I might do it otherwise I too would try different things first unless really bad off. Good luck and hugs to all, not fun trying to figure something out.
    Sand Spring Chesapeakes recently posted…Scoop That PoopMy Profile

  22. I hope that Jack checks out fine. I’m sure you are keeping him fit and healthy so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Bentley doesn’t mind going to the vet. When they call our name, instead of going to the vet’s office, he makes a U-turn for the front door trying not to be obvious! Hahaha
    M. K. Clinton recently posted…Tuesday’s Wagging TailsMy Profile

    • Haha…that u-turn for the door is a trick most of mine have tried at some point too.
      mkob recently posted…Dog Food Ingredient SplittingMy Profile

  23. Hope you get good results from Jack’s tests! It is funny how different dogs react to the vet. Toby loves it until his favorite vet tech (our daughter Amber) comes in. He greets her with joy every time, only to look shocked and betrayed when she starts doing vet tech stuff to him. Every time.
    Amy recently posted…Marine Mammals Don’t Belong in Captivity! Be the Change For AnimalsMy Profile

    • Poor thing…you would think he’d learn, but dogs are so forgiving I’m sure he forgets about it as soon as he leaves.
      mkob recently posted…Dog Food Ingredient SplittingMy Profile

  24. Kobi is the only one that takes it in stride. He is the dog who is pretty much not afraid of anything. The girls are the opposite….they don’t even want to get out of the car (easier to deal with with 25 lb Cricket, than 67 lb Sheba!). So far Luke is doing OK….poor little guy has already been 3 times in his short time with us!
    I hope they get to the bottom of everything with Jack and get him back to 100%. It’s always encouraging to at least know that they seem healthy and happy in every other way.
    Jan K recently posted…Fruity GoodnessMy Profile

    • Can’t carry a 67lber in…Poor little Luke, but that comes with the territory I think.
      mkob recently posted…Dog Food Ingredient SplittingMy Profile

  25. Sorry we’re so late to this post, gonna see if you did an update – hope all is ok!

    Wags to all,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂
    snoopy recently posted…Monday Mischief – A little misunderstanding! 🙂My Profile

    • NO update yet, we were waiting to hear from his insurance before we schedule the endoscopy. He’s doing fine. the supplements seem to be helping. Thanks.

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