Tales of Tails: Ivy

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Ivybackyard3A Tale of the Tails from one of our readers – Peg O.


Our late dog, Ivy, a Lab/Akita mix was rescued – not from an animal rescue but rather via a friend. Ivy’s Mom was a white Akita and her Dad a black Lab. Her Mom was owned by a friend of ours and 14 days after giving birth to her 8 pups, she jumped the fence and was hit & killed by a car. leaving her pups motherless.


Getting word of this, we just knew it was time to adopt a dog. So my step-daughter, husband and I went to select a pup even though we couldn’t quite take her home yet – she was only a couple weeks old. The puppies were bottle fed with puppy formula until they were old enough to go to their forever families. I can’t even imagine how much attention and love was required to care for 8 motherless puppies.


Finally, at 5 weeks, we brought Ivy home. She looked like a tiny, little polar bear. My first daughter, Christine, was born a year later. I believe thatIvyJim caring for a young pup such as Ivy, helped prepare me for the care of an infant. 🙂  Ivy had epilepsy and would experience a number of grand mal seizures throughout her lifetime. We learned much about the care that’s needed for this ailment and Ivy was very trusting of us – she instinctively knew when a seizure was coming on and was sure to be close to one of us when it started so we could care for her.


At age 14, Ivy passed on. She was a loyal, protective, special family member. We’re thankful for the joy, laughter, and unique experiences she brought into our lives.
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  1. What a sweet story ….. rescue dogs are the best ! Its as though we rescue them – but they also rescue us !

  2. Awwww, thats a neat story…

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