Is There Such a Thing as a Leisurely Walk with a Lab?

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lab walkThis is one of my favorite pinterest images – this aerial view of a walk with a Lab, with the Lab going all over the place. It’s funny mostly because it is so true.
Jack is a pretty methodical walker, he walks mostly by my side, and I can predict which bushes he is going to stop and sniff, where he’s going to check pee mail, etc. But Maggie – Maggie is all over the place – she’s ahead of me, behind me, to the right, to the left, circles back to recheck something, runs ahead to get to the pee mail spot first. You get the idea.
I thought I would make my own rendition of a typical walk with Jack & Maggie. That’s me – the yellow line, Jack is blue and Maggie is pink. Who do you think got the most exercise on our walk?
How about you and your dog – what would your trail look like?

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  1. You should take Bailie for a walk! She is always way, way off the trail! I used to be, but these days I’m a bit more mature and only detour for squirrel or wabbit sightings. Cousin Lena the lab walks pretty much straight, just pulls a lot. At least the off road walkers add some mileage to their trek.
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  2. Looks like Maggie got the most physical exercise out of the walk 😉 Our pups are Boxer Chow-Chow mixes, and walk very nicely on leash ~ Missy’s prey drive is fairly high, so when she smells/sees a rabbit/bird/cat/small, fast moving animal, she’ll do a zig-zag move for sure!
    Barbara Rivers recently posted…Understanding and Fulfilling Your Dog’s Breed(s)My Profile

  3. You, trying to hang on! I know the feeling. Walking the pups sometimes feel like a contact sport.

  4. mine probably would look like a fever chart :o)
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  5. hahahaha my trail would look like………SQUIRREL!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!
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  6. Maggie, our golden lab is a great walker, she loves to be right by my side. Bruin, on the other hand needs a lot of work! lol
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  7. BOL pretty close to yours, Kilo loves to run ever which way after anything that catches his eye.

  8. It looks like Maggie outpaced you about five times in a single walk.
    jan recently posted…Spend the night in a doghouseMy Profile

  9. Bentley would use Maggie’s trail and Pierre’s would be a zig-zag pattern.
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  10. Walks are a training time for us, walking my two pups – they are too strong to be allowed to do their own thing so when we walk they have to walk nicely right beside me (one on either side) and loose leash. We go at my pace, stop when I stop, speed up when I choose.
    I vary my pace to keep them interested, sometimes I just walk slow and enjoy the day, but we work hard on having them checking in semi regularly and paying attention to the walk. Its a good bonding time for us, then their reward is off-leash play/sniff/pee on everything at the field nearby where we live. 🙂
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    • Excellent discipline. We do some walks like that too – Maggie struggles a little with it, but she stays pretty well in check. When we go to the park I give her a little more freedom.
      mkob recently posted…Is There Such a Thing as a Leisurely Walk with a Lab?My Profile

  11. Mr. N believes in exploring everything so his would probably look more like Maggie’s. If we’re not headed to any particular destination, I’ll usually let him pick the path.

  12. Wow – Blueberry and I would be all over the map. Especially since I’ve made the mistake of going off-trail a couple of times for picture ops, so now she thinks it’s acceptable to do that any old time. It used to be she’d only go off-trail when she had to drop a load. I think I created a monster. I have to retrain her because it’s just not that safe to go off-trail in the summer with snakes and stickers and such.
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  13. Those maps are too funny! Walks with my Husky would look more like Maggy\’s line. So thankful I have a no-pull harness!Love
    Cathy Armato recently posted…Your Dog Can Be Your Best Travel BuddyMy Profile

  14. Harley’s walk would resemble Jacks! Paws down! He is so straight – it’s not even funny.
    Groovy Goldendoodles recently posted…PROTECT THOSE PAWSMy Profile

  15. You can have a leisurely walk with Cookie … If you take her for couple of hours of walk before that. Lol
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  16. That is a awesome picture! Mine actually aren’t too bad when walking down the road on a leash they are just pulling me ahead as fast as they can.
    Sand Spring Chesapeakes recently posted…It’s A Ducky Monday~Monday MischiefMy Profile

  17. I’m not sure any of my dogs have ever walked a straight line! Sheba is the worst though. I always say she’s like flying a kite, she constantly weaves back and forth across the trail.
    Jan K recently posted…Tuesday’s Tails: Dottie and CatMy Profile

  18. So funny and true. If we’re doing an off-leash walk, I’m sure Haley is walking twice the distance as I am because she’s constantly running forwards and then back to me. She’s at the age now where I have to think about this when off-leash hiking to make sure she doesn’t overdo it.
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  19. I wish my dog, Mila, could walk on a trail like that all the time. But, since we live in NYC, that would be pretty dangerous. Although she does walk all over the sidewalk, it’s the city’s law to have dogs within 6 feet of you. Sometimes when I take her to the suburbs on an off-leash walk she’ll run up ahead of me just until she can’t see me, then she’ll wait for me to catch up. It’s the cutest thing.

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