Is Overfeeding Your Pet a Sign of Love?

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dumbassdogownersDumb Ass Dog Owners or DADO’s. When I read about this blog hop last week, I wasn’t sure if I would join because I wasn’t sure what to write about and then it hit me…the biggest DADO of all and a real pet peeve, the people who think that having a fat pet shows that they are well-loved…dumb ass.

There are many people with dogs that are overweight – over 50% according to Association for Pet Obesity, that’s a lot of dumb people that are not taking proper care of their pets, pets that trust in them to do what is best for them. I mean, dogs don’t feed themselves, they rely on us to open the can of food or pour the food in the dish, they don’t do it themselves.

Owners who have overweight pets are dumb asses. It’s so easy to give your pet proper nutrition, proper portions and proper exercise. So why do we have so many DADO’s overfeeding their pets? I made a list of excuses we hear all the time but added a reality check for those of you that might see yourself in some of these.

What you say to yourself… The Truth…
He’s so cute, how can I resist? I want him to keep paying attention to ME because it make me feel better.
She is not overweight, she looks good. More than 1/2 of dogs are overweight. You have a 50/50 chance of being right.
I feel bad that I left him home alone all day. It makes ME feel less guilty if I feed him and make him happy.
It fell on the floor. I’m too lazy to pick up that food I dropped
He didn’t get enough snacks yesterday, so I have to give him extra today. Seriously? He’s already overweight and your feeding him MORE?
I can tell he’s hungry because he’s looking at me with that hungry look. Dogs are always hungry, get over it.
But he likes bacon! Well, this one is true…
It shows him how much I love him. Not really, it shows the opposite. Feeding your dog too much can shorten their life by as much as 2 years. Does that sound like a show of love?
I take her for a 30 minute walk almost every day so she burns off those extra calories. Um, not really. Most normal dogs only exercise enough to burn just 10% extra calories. Walking is low intensity and burns very few calories.
She looks like the Best of Breed Lab in last years Westiminster show! You mean like this flabby labby?

I’m sure there are a million more of these – what’s YOUR excuse?

We’re joining the Dumb Ass Dog Owner’s Blog Hop sponsored by Tales from the Backroad and Heart Like a Dog.


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  1. Oh ya, I hear those a lot. I will say, the biggest offender of fat dogs is older people. Retired, this is my baby type. Not a lot, most RVers we meet no matter the age are fit themselves and so are their dogs. But there are those who think the dog is sooooo cute because it’s belly hits the ground.
    Mary recently posted…Dumb Ass Dog Owners blog hopMy Profile

  2. I think over feeding your pets is a sign of lack of understanding. I think dog owners may take care when feeding their dogs their normal meals, but forget that treats (and people food) have calories too. I’ve learned to cut back on the raw meal on mornings that our dogs get a raw egg, because the egg has calories and adding it on top of a full meal is over feeding. It took some time to get in this mindset.
    Kimberly Gauthier recently posted…Are We Over Vaccinating Our DogsMy Profile

  3. Sadly, a few years back I was one of those dumb asses. I had the idea that I’d rather have my dog fat and happy, and perhaps not quite as long, then to have a skinny, lethargic dog. Until my dogs started getting up there in age and the very real possibility of losing them loomed ever closer.

    Thankfully Delilah’s pinched nerve set us on a weight loss path that we have followed to this day. And I’ve discovered that not only do my dogs look great, they feel better as well. We actually get out and do more together as well.

    I will say however, given the shape of some people I’ve seen, I’m not surprised their dogs are overweight.

    Thank you for joining the blog hop!
    Jodi recently posted…Dumb-Assery – It’s an Industry TermMy Profile

  4. I am guilty of sharing with my dogs, I’ll admit it. However, they are all fit and the correct weight. Well, actually, Ryder is a young male and actually needs to put on a little weight as he is too thin. But I see so many obese dogs, some are truly horrifying, and I always wonder how do the owners not see it?.

  5. Sadly I just got word that a friend has colon cancer but because of obesity, surgery is life threatening so it is not an option. Her dog’s stomach almost touches the ground. So sad…
    jan recently posted…Dumb Ass Dog Owners Blog HopMy Profile

  6. This drives me crazy!! I am working on a post regarding weight (not yet finished), it was brought up in my mind because I get comments saying I need to feed my dogs more! Hmmm…well lets see…they feed themselves and neither one over eats. They are not “food hounds” so when they are full they walk away from their bowl. We don’t do free feeding – leaving food out all day. But we do give each dog about 2 Cups each and they have 15 min to eat what they want, if they walk away we remove the dish. Often they come close but don’t actually finish, some days if we exercised hard then they do finish their meals.

    But seeing fat dogs…especially with their equally overweight human counterpart drives me crazy. I have a grandma with a super tubby mini poodle..poor guy can’t hardly go for a walk without getting winded – they are literally killing him with food. When it is brought to their attention that he should lose some of his weight their comment is always that they “can’t do that” because he loves his treats and they don’t want him to feel left out. BTW – he gets scraps from every meal, treats regularly during the day, and always…ALWAYS gets his cottage cheese before bedtime snack.

    Ugh!! I just don’t get it!
    DZ Dogs recently posted…Summer 2015 Bucket ListMy Profile

    • It’s sad – the reality is it just makes THEM feel better – they get a rush from making their dog happy – I get it, but they won’t be happy when their dog’s life is cut short becasue they are overweight.
      mkob recently posted…Is Overfeeding Your Pet a Sign of Love?My Profile

  7. Yes, it’s easy to not realize how all those little bites of food and treats can add up to a lot of calories. I ran into a problem as Haley got older and slowed down a little bit. She gained some extra weight, but by adjusting her food intake and cutting back on treats, she lost the extra few pounds pretty quickly. Now she’s more energetic and overall seems like a happier dog. It’s amazing what a difference just a few extra pounds make on a dog.
    Elaine recently posted…12 Easy Ways to Exercise Your Dog in the WinterMy Profile

  8. Unfortunately I’ve known quite a few overweight dogs. I can think of one dog that was a good 30 pounds overweight. His owners loved him so much, but they just could not stop giving him treats even though they knew he was fat. They also could not discipline him much at all for training.

    Another dog I knew was also about 30 pounds overweight, and she was somewhat neglected in my opinion. They just filled her bowl up to the top every day (no real measuring) and really just made no effort to help her lose weight. I truly believe they loved her, but just didn’t make her health a priority.

    Sometimes my cat Beamer gets overweight and when he does it is a reflection on me being lazy. It does take discipline to keep him from gaining weight.
    Lindsay recently posted…Healthy dog treats for training – Green Bark Gummies reviewMy Profile

  9. Oh wow.. not what I expected when I came to Slim Doggy today.. Usually you have more professional posts.. I understand being frustrated with other dog owners, I really do.. but sometimes shit happens. I’m an educated dog owner and I do my best to take care of my dogs and feed them properly but even my dog gained some weight (she is still considered in the the ideal range, but I prefer my dogs on the slimmer side) when the circumstances were out of my control. Now that I’m out of that situation I can work on it. Not to mention some dogs have thyroid issues and losing weight can be hard. I think educating with kindness and understanding is really important and posts like these only cause people to be more defensive. 🙂
    Lauren Miller recently posted…Hide & Seek in 1,000+ Acres! Monday Mischief!My Profile

    • Sorry – not intended to offend. Our intent was a good-natured tongue-in-cheek poke at folks to go along with the “Dumb Ass” blog hop. You are correct, there are some things that are beyond a dog owners control that can cause a dog to gain weight. But there are many more things that are within an owners control that some people just don’t like to admit.
      mkob recently posted…Is Overfeeding Your Pet a Sign of Love?My Profile

  10. Wow, I completely missed the lab in Westiminster show last year. Overweight dogs is so frustrating and something I see frequently with giant breed owners as well. People with giant breeds tend to want the largest dog possible and think that weight is the greatest indicator of that. They say their dog is just ‘thick’ or ‘muscular’ and that’s rarely ever the case.

  11. There are a ridiculous amount of fat dogs. Someone compared fat dogs to ticks and I haven’t been able to get that image out of my head since.
    I have to bite my tongue sometimes not to blurt out omg, your dog is so fat! He needs to lose weight asap.

  12. The crazy thing is that many dogs (even the food-motivated ones) feel really loved when they get to go outside for a family adventure.

    BTW, you aren’t going to start referring to people people who come to you for help as DADOs, right? 🙂
    Pamela recently posted…Dumb Ass Dog OwnersMy Profile

  13. I work in a doggie hotel, and we have tons of overweight dogs. Not just overweight…obese and bloated. The two worst ones were a beagle and a toy poodle. Both were so overweight they looked like some sort of cartoon character, not even a real dog. It breaks my heart. People don’t get that treats do not equal love. Sharing!
    Chelsea Price recently posted…5 Ways to Keep Your Dog Healthy and Warm This WinterMy Profile

  14. Kind of funny that the sport doggers hear the opposite – often from those with overweight dogs – that the dogs are too skinny and wasting away (often when they’re at the ideal weight).
    Jen recently posted…What happens when you take an adventure puppy to the beach for the first time? The cutest thing you ever saw (And announcing the 2014 Holiday Guide!)My Profile

    • People are used to seeing chubby dogs, so an ideal weight one looks skinny!
      mkob recently posted…Is Papaya Good for Dogs?My Profile

  15. I think I mentioned at the time that there was more wrong with the lab that won Westminster than its weight. The Labrador Retriever Club did put out a letter to conformation judges reiterating the standard. Hopefully they will continue educating judges. Usually these things take a bit of time though. I haven’t been around show labs recently to say for myself.

    I do wonder about that 50% stat. I know a lot of dogs and I can’t say many of them are over weight. I should know more with such a high statistic, right?
    2 brown dawgs recently posted…Gotta Have Some Soft Savories After A Long HuntMy Profile

    • How many of the dogs you know are active sporting dogs though? The stat in the UK is about the same too. Australia’s is a little lower, but still in the 30% range I think. I see plenty of them. Glad to see the LRC did put something out and I hope the tide starts to turn.
      mkob recently posted…Is Papaya Good for Dogs?My Profile

  16. Oh my gosh yes! This is so true and so sad.. I know that Obie (I think his name was) that severely obese Dachshund was owned by a couple that thought he just wanted more treats; I mean he was begging for them after all. So sad and I don’t know how it doesn’t become blatantly obvious the harm that they’re causing when they let their pets get that overweight – albeit he was an extreme example. And ugh those fat show Labs.. I don’t understand how this ever became acceptable – I mean what are the judges thinking when they look at these poor dogs? How on Earth can they act as the breed standard when we’ve seen the amazing athleticism of Labs?
    Jen Gabbard recently posted…Senior Dogs Smiling After Being AdoptedMy Profile

  17. If your dog is fat, you’re not getting enough exercise.
    BJ recently posted…The Walk Your Dog Week ChallengeMy Profile

  18. Thank the Doodle Harley’s vet worked hard to prevent me from being a dumb ass when it comes to over feeding / treating my pup. I like so many “newby” pet parents could have easily fallen victim to many of those scenarios you described, partly because I just didn’t know any better. But, just like I made the effort to read, ask, and learn, others can also. Let’s give “love” – it’s less caloric and twice as fulfilling 🙂

  19. This was a great post, glad you decided to join in on the hop.
    Sand Spring Chesapeakes recently posted…Wordless Wednesday~Glory’s Boyfriend SilasMy Profile

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