Is my Dog Weird?

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I posted a question on our FaceBook page last week asking about weird behaviors your dogs perform. I was prompted to do this by some of the odd habits and behaviors of my own dogs and wondered if others had the same experience. Well, based on the feedback, you sure do.

Tino with his stuffed toy convention

Tino with his stuffed toy convention

Let me start with my stories. First there’s Tino – it always starts with Tino it seems. He had the quirkiest behaviors of all – many of them. One of my favorites was his tendency to take his stuffed toys outside and line them up outside the back door. He rarely ripped them up, he would take them out and gently place them on the lawn, like he was having a little convention or something. He would do this until they were all outside. Then I would go out, gather them up and bring them inside and put them away in the ‘toy box’ and then the dance would start all over again and over the course of a few days, he would slowly take them all back outside. What a nut. He did this even after he went blind.


Then there is Jack…Jack is a very happy-go-lucky guy. He loves his life. Every night after dinner he has a few rituals. He’ll go out in the sun room and roll around on the sisal rug scratching his back and making weird “I’m so happy” noises for a few minutes. Then he will jump up and go rub his entire body along the bead-board walls in the back hallway. He will walk down one side and back up the other in order to get both sides of his body equally scratched. I’ve been working on getting a video of it, but haven’t had any luck yet. But I’m really curious how he knew the bead-board would be a mini-massage? It must be some innate dog thing because Becca did exactly the same thing!



The oddest thing Sally did was to insist on sleeping in the middle of the bed all night – right smack between us, but then when she came back to bed after getting her breakfast from Steve (who always got up first), she would insist on sleeping on the outside of the bed. And when I say insist, I mean it, she would stand over me until I moved out of the way to give her room. What was up with that?

And here’s a few stories of weird behavior from our readers – enjoy and then add your dog’s contribution to our comments. We will add to this series as time and weirdness allows.

Riley Shih Tzu Trixie loves to do a ‘Meerkat’ impression, it really isn’t a sit pretty because she usually drops her hands down low… just like a Meerkat .. here is a pic×300.png she does it all the time, this is not a trick and it has not been trained.

Bobbi Basile: My father’s dog “marked” the neighbor. Dad and the neighbor where chatting away when up walks the dog, lifted his leg and peed on the neighbor. The neighbor was not a “dog person” and probably less so after that incident! Weird and embarrassing.

Sara Henderson: Lady (14 year old lab/chow/rotten) will wait til I make the bed, then jump up on it and ‘unmake’ the side where I sleep, and roll around making talking noises the whole time. When she’s done she stares at me with this dopey doggy grin, tail thumping, like “I helped!” Little stinker. I adore her.

Jackie Bouchard: Rita has a funny habit – every night when she’s just crashed on the sofa or in her bed while we watch TV, she leaps up as soon as she hears the ‘click’ of the TV being turned off. Then she races outside like a maniac. She obviously knows *our* habit: TV off = bedtime, so it’s her last chance to check on the yard!

Katie Keup: My pup who never marks in the house…. until we brought home a clients dog to stay over night. He was playing with our guinea pig Ren and the other dog was just looking at Ren. Murphy (my dog) lifted his leg and marked Ren that’s his pig! Ren got a bath but it was hilarious to watch!

 Susan Kottwitz: Rudy has a very strange way of laying down on the couch, but I have yet to be able to catch it with video

Tell us about YOUR dog:


We’re joining up with 2 Brown Dawgs for This ‘N That Thursday Blog Hop!

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  1. OMG.. you guys crack me up… especially using Trixie’s funny little quirk!! Baahaahhaaa
    Christine and Riley recently posted…Not a Wordless Wednesday … Pet Safety CPR/First AidMy Profile

    • How could I not use that cute picture of Trixie!
      mkob recently posted…Is my Dog Weird?My Profile

  2. Just because WE don’t see it, doesn’t mean they don’t have a perfectly good reason.

    Reminds me of the story of Noah, interpreted by a Czech stand-up.
    “So God told him to build an arch on a mountain and he did.”
    *laugh “What? An arch on a mountain? That’s crazy!”
    “Yeah, all the other idiots laugh at him too. Until the flood came.”
    “Uh. Well, of course. If an arch, definitely on a mountain!”
    Jana Rade recently posted…Tackling The Veterinary Terminology: Prefixes (anti-)My Profile

    • So true…I think they always have good reasons for it, sometimes it’s just beyond our human mentality!
      mkob recently posted…Is my Dog Weird?My Profile

  3. Great stories! Tucker used to do a similar thing to Jack’s. After supper, he’d disappear into the living room. If we were very quiet, we could tiptoe to the doorway and catch him flailing around. Less a scratching-his-back and more a kind of surfing the rug thing. He’s sense we were there and freeze for a moment. Jump to his feet with an innocent expression. He did not want to be seen doing this frolick 🙂
    When Rudy sits on the couch… first he “sits” then sort of rolls back on his tailbone while raised his back legs. Front legs are curled up to his chest. In one very fluid motion, he lowers to the couch. It is strange… graceful… and I just wish I could get a video.
    Sue at Talking Dogs recently posted…Devotion Fragrance by Viva La Dog Spa: Product ReviewMy Profile

    • They make it so hard sometimes to get the videos unless you carry the camera around your neck. That sounds funny what Rudy does. Sally used to jump up and sleep on top of the cushions right at the corner of the sectional sofa – like a little princess on her throne.
      mkob recently posted…Is my Dog Weird?My Profile

  4. Um, no…no weird behavior in my dog opinion. According to my human my love of rolling around on the living room floor and then putting my paws over my face and rubbing my face is strange but I think it is normal. My sister has temper tantrums, meaning that she lays on her back and kicks her legs, refuses to get up and Mom can’t pull her up because her flailing legs are in the way. I guess she has done that since she was a pup when she did not want to do something.
    emma recently posted…My Friend Buddy | GBGV | Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

    • I knew we liked that Katie. Temper tantrums…BOL!
      mkob recently posted…Is my Dog Weird?My Profile

  5. Thanks so much for joining TNT! Those are all great stories. Jack knows where to get a good back scratch. 🙂
    2 brown dawgs recently posted…This ‘N That ThursdayMy Profile

    • He does and he’s so big, if he’s particularly enthusiastic, it sounds like an earthquake.
      mkob recently posted…Is my Dog Weird?My Profile

  6. I LOVE Tino’s toy convention! How cute! My dogs do too many quirky things to count. That’s what makes them so wonderful! Have a great day 🙂
    Laura recently posted…Hounds Make GREAT Family PetsMy Profile

  7. Cute rituals, Norman will scrub his face on the couch after eating and will also rub his back and make pig noises, usually on the grass. Gambler will sit in the kitchen against the cabinets where a towel hangs down and will sit up and sit down and rub the base of his tail on the cabinets, I’m really not sure what he is doing but I did get it on video once and no one could help me out with what the heck he was doing.
    joann stancer recently posted…This ‘N That ThursdayMy Profile

  8. That marking the guinea pig is HILARIOUS!!! OMD. And I love the back scratching video. My Patches does that on the carpet and in the grass, but Flash isn’t interested. I can’t think of weird behaviors for my dogs. All the other animals, however …
    Flea recently posted…Actively Seeking a Luchador MaskMy Profile

  9. So funny!!! Trying to think and I’m not sure that Teach has anything unusual that he does. But my parent’s Corgi, Roxy, now she has some. One is any time someone gets the eggs out to crack she goes nuts trying to attack them. And then if you shake your butt at her she will also go nuts!! Dogs provide so much entertainment I’m not sure how I could live life without one.
    Rebecca recently posted…A Corgi Time…My Profile

  10. Fun stories! Thanks for including our “weird” Rita. That is so cute about Tino and his toys. And Rita does a similar thing to Jack’s rug “twist” – throws herself down on her bed and grunts and twists and snuffles. So funny.

    Trixie’s pic is too cute!
    Jackie Bouchard recently posted…Mirth Watch Thursday: Educating RitaMy Profile

  11. Great stories! Certainly one of the best things about living with dogs is the everyday entertainment they provide…Gizmo is such a clown that not a day goes by where he doesn’t have me laughing
    GizmoGeodog recently posted…Life is Very Good on This ‘N That Thankful ThursdayMy Profile

    • That’s part of their DNA – “make the humans laugh and not take themselves so seriously”.
      mkob recently posted…Is my Dog Weird?My Profile

  12. I loved Tino’s toy ritual! It reminds me of our Moses, who used to have an after supper ritual. After we eat, the dogs would lick the plates and then after we clean up they get a treat. Moses would run into his room, and collect as many toys as he could in his mouth at once (usually 2 or 3) and then carry them in and carefully set them on the dog bed in the dining room, then he would be ready to have his treat! Also, if we raised our voice to him, he would throw himself on the floor on his side and refuse to budge (similar to the temper tantrum of Emma’s sister Katie.)
    Our Cricket does the same as Rita when we shut the TV off in the evening. As soon as she hears that click she leaps up (even from a dead sleep) and races upstairs to the door to go out before bed.
    Jan K recently posted…Wordless Wednesday – SouvenirsMy Profile

    • Funny stories. I love dogs who love their toys like this. Sally used to meet us at the door with her favorite toy and parade around with it in her mouth. The longer we were out, the longer she carried it around. My guys do the thing with the TV too.
      mkob recently posted…Is my Dog Weird?My Profile

      • One of my sister’s beagles does the same thing as Moses after supper, but she whines and cries and makes the funniest noises as she runs around with her toys. It’s really hysterical. My other sister’s dog Bear did the same as Sally….when we visited he always had to greet us with something in his mouth (oftentimes my sister’s shoe!).
        Jan K recently posted…Wordless Wednesday – SouvenirsMy Profile

        • Funny…Sally had her favorite bear – that she had from the time she was a pup until she passed – it was her go to comfort toy.
          mkob recently posted…Is my Dog Weird?My Profile

  13. This is another reason why I wish dogs could talk. I’m sure all of their strange rituals and quirks would be perfectly logical if they could just explain them in terms we could understand.
    jan recently posted…The dogs of Sigmund FreudMy Profile

    • You are so right…I am only guessing that Tino was having a convention.
      mkob recently posted…Is my Dog Weird?My Profile

  14. Joker does the same as Jack, he starts rolling around when he feels comfortable with the enviroment. So every time I see Joker doing it I know he is doing okay. 🙂
    Francesca Villa recently posted…Wordless Wednesday: A ReminderMy Profile

  15. I have one habit mom and dad find bizarre. I get REALLY excited when they take out the trash. I’m a pretty calm pup, so not much excites me, but I just can’t contain myself when it’s time to take out the trash. When dad starts pulling the trash bag out of the can, I run over and start jumping around and making excited noises, and when he pulls the bag out and walks over to the door, I run to the door, and I dash out as soon as he opens the door and I go flying off the deck. The trash can is in the alley, so I get to accompany dad out into the alley. It’s so very exciting!
    Garth Riley recently posted…FitDog Friday – GREAT Places to Walk: Beaufort, South CarolinaMy Profile

    • That is pretty nutty Garth – Jack accompanies us on the garbage removal…but not with that level of enthusiasm!
      mkob recently posted…Stay Limber, do the Labby LimboMy Profile

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