Introducing Coco (aka Coco-bean)

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The SlimDoggy family has expanded. We have adopted a sweet little chocolate morsel named Coco. Coco was turned into the shelter when her family lost their home in the fires in Kern County, California this summer. She was then taken in as a foster by an LA rescue organization.

We first saw her on Petfinder – the same way we found SlimDoggy Jack. She looks so much like our first pup, Sally, it was an easy choice to agree to “foster-to-adopt”. She’s a tall, thin Lab weighing in at about 65lbs and almost as tall as Jack.

Coco, aka Coco-Bean

Coco, aka Coco-Bean

Our main concern was her compatibility with Jack. While Maggie loved her big brother, he pretty much ignored her, so there were never any disagreements or squabbles in our household. Given Jack’s age and declining condition, we certainly didn’t want to bring in a dog who would be rough with him, bossy, too playful or competitive. From what the rescue told us, Coco seemed a good fit – very chill & mellow, about 5-6 years old. They also told us that she had a couple of litters of puppies, had just recently been spayed and also had her spleen removed at the same time.
Already found a prime sun spot

Already found a prime sun spot

The spleen issue was a little worrisome as that is a symptom, not a disease unto itself, but we decided to bring her home. We knew almost immediately that she was our girl. Her personality is as sweet as chocolate and she is as mellow as can be. Her introduction to Jack was uneventful. We met down the street and walked them together – a few gentle sniffs and then on their way. A perfect introduction.
Figured out some of the bunny hiding spots already

Figured out some of the bunny hiding spots too

First thing I wanted to do was get her checked out by the vet. She had a very stiff gait which was concerning and her ‘mellowness’ seemed almost like discomfort or pain, so off to the vet we went and boy I’m glad I did. Poor girl has a laundry list of health issues.
She's a little skinny, but some good SlimDoggy nutrition will take care of that

She’s a little skinny, but some good SlimDoggy nutrition will take care of that

In addition to the concerns about her walk which turns out to be hip dysplasia/arthritis and her spleen, she also has a bladder infection, a couple of small mammary tumors that will need to be removed and biopsied and several broken teeth which will also have to come out. The spleen issue could be a multitude of things ranging from very bad to very mild. Unfortunately, the vet who removed it didn’t do a biopsy, so we don’t know, all we can do is watch for any new signs to crop up that it is something that needs additional treatment. Any of you who have had a dog with hemangiosarcoma know what I’m talking about. We’re hoping it’s not that.
She has a little of Maggie in her and loves squirming in the grass

She has a little of Maggie in her and loves squirming in the grass

So, we will have a long road with this little sweetie, but obviously she has already taken up residence in our hearts and we know that we can help her and so we will, just as we helped her brothers and sisters before her. We don’t know how much time she has, hopefully many years, but however long it is she’ll be loved and cared for and spoiled rotten like her brother Jack.
Jack and Coco

Jack and Coco

Jack, incidentally has shown a more than passing interest in her – more than his other sisters, but I’m thinking that may have to do with the bladder infection that anything else or maybe he has a crush on her like we do.


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  1. We adopted a super sweet chocolate lab with hemangiosarcoma. Her prior owner was going to shoot her because he didn’t want to deal with the illness/condition. She was as sweet as can be but sadly we lost her when she began to bleed internally and it became necessary to remove her spleen. However, her last months were filled with love, kindness, treats and the ministrations of our other pooches.

    • So sorry for you. We’re hoping that isn’t what her issue was, but are prepared to do the same – lots of love and treats of course.
      mkob recently posted…Introducing Coco (aka Coco-bean)My Profile

  2. Congratulations on your new family member! She is beautiful. I admire you for taking her in and not being put off by all of her health issues. We hope there is nothing that is not treatable, and that she’ll have a good long life to enjoy with her new loving family!
    Jan K recently posted…Sheba’s Tips for Living Life to the Fullest – Tip #5My Profile

  3. She is beautiful and hope she has many years in front of her.

  4. Oh, she is so pretty. Congratulations. I am so happy for you and Coco. Of course, I know you will always miss sweet Maggie, but it makes my heart happy to know you are helping and loving another dog. And good boy, Jack!
    Lindsay recently posted…Balanced Blends Coupon Code – Get $20 Off Raw Dog FoodMy Profile

  5. She’s gorgeous!! I’m so happy she found her way to such a perfect home!!
    Jackie Bouchard recently posted…Don’t Forget: Remember Me Thursday® on 9/22My Profile

  6. I have a crush on her too. I hope that the spleen wasn’t a big deal – lots of cases aren’t big deals and it sounds like this sweet girl deserves a lucky break (and you adopting her was a huge lucky break!).

    Shyla had her second form of a rare kind of seizure the other night. Her bloodwork (so far – it’s not all in yet) is suggesting early kidney disease at age 4! I need to figure out your dog food data bases to try to find a lower protein food for her!
    KB recently posted…Wordless Wednesday – Galloping through RainbowsMy Profile

    • Oh dear, poor Shyla. I read about the seizure hadn’t seen they kidney issue. We will make some suggestions for you. Stay away from the Science Diet stuff though.
      mkob recently posted…Introducing Coco (aka Coco-bean)My Profile

    • What is the specific diagnosis? Did the vet think she needs a low protein diet or just a high quality, meat based diet? A lot of kidney issues can stem from low quality (grain, fillers, plant based) proteins in dog food.

      What was the food that you have used for her in the past?

      We can help you find some lower protein foods with other quality ingredients as well. Stay tuned.
      steve recently posted…Introducing Coco (aka Coco-bean)My Profile

  7. Last week when you first told us about Coco, I had a feeling she had already stolen your hearts. I’m so glad you guys have given Coco a new home and a new lease on life! She’s a beautiful girl. Prayers and POTP that her medical issues are all easily resolved.
    Callie, Shadow, and Ducky’s Mom recently posted…A Heartbreaking Anniversary My Profile

  8. I hope to read more about your adventures with the new furkid :o) I think Jack has a crush on her, she is beautiful, so no wonder LOL

  9. Coco is such a lucky girl! And Jack, too……. check out MSM for pain! It’s completely natural and does not interfere with any medications. Good luck and will anxiously await more news on your new fur baby!
    Marcia Weiser recently posted…Naomi Campbell has one of the sexiest looks of the week in plunging dressMy Profile

  10. Oh, I hope Jack has a crush. That would melt my heart. ♥ Coco is beautiful and I hope that she enjoys many years in the Slimdoggy family.
    M. K. Clinton recently posted…MIU PET Shower Turns Bath Time Into Spa DayMy Profile

  11. Congratulations! She looks like a super sweet girl, and she is so very lucky to have found you guys to take her in and care for her with all those issues! We look forward to hearing more about her. Hope Jack is still doing well too.
    Emma recently posted…The Minnetonka Loop Trail SystemMy Profile

  12. Oh my gosh, she’s adorable. What a sweet face and that squirming in the grass pic is just precious. Good luck with your new fur-baby. Paws crossed she will have many years of a happy life with you guys and her ‘big brother.’

  13. As always, I’m amazed by the love you guys continue to put out into the world. Coco couldn’t have landed in a better home. Here’s hoping for a clean bill of health soon.
    Will recently posted…Dog Shows Are Out of This WorldMy Profile

  14. She’s gorgeous and it sounds like she’s found the absolute perfect family for her! Congratulations on the new addition! I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that she has a long, healthy life ahead of her.
    Beth recently posted…The Longest DaysMy Profile

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