Ingredients A to Z: Biotin in Dog Food

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swiss chardWhat is biotin?

Biotin is water soluble B vitamin that is essential for protein and fatty acid metabolism. Water soluble means that the body will not store excess amounts which are eliminated during urination.

Common names for biotin

Some common names for Biotin include vitamin B-7, vitamin H, and vitamin H or coenzyme R.


Why is Biotin included in dog food?

Biotin is included in dog food as a vitamin supplement to help a dog metabolize proteins and fatty acids.  It is also added for ‘supplemental’ benefits (see below).


Common benefits or risks of biotin

There are many benefits of biotin including protein and fatty acid metabolism, it supports a healthy nervous system, and may help with the treatment of itchy skin and dry coat.


Miscellaneous facts about biotin

Biotin can be found in most sources of the B vitamins (e.g. meat, fish, eggs) but is found in higher concentrations in foods like swiss chard, leafy green vegetables, brewer’s yeast, sardines, and liver.

Biotin is often included in human skin care products due to its reputation that it helps keep skin healthy.


Sources and further reading

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  1. Since skin issues are something we care about I’ll have to check for Biotin in the foods we feed…Thanks for the great info SlimDoggy
    GizmoGeodog recently posted…A TRIBUTE TO BULLI THE WONDER DOGMy Profile

  2. Great info. I always learn so much here. 🙂
    2 brown dawgs recently posted…Picky EatersMy Profile

    • That’s great – good to hear that. One of our biggest goals 🙂
      That, and just to have some fun sharing stories about our dogs!
      mkob recently posted…Ingredients A to Z: Biotin in Dog FoodMy Profile

  3. Really? Excuse me a minute… “Hey mama I needs more liver and sardines cos Slim Doggy my body needs Biotin!”

  4. Great information, SlimDoggy!! We knew what biotin was…but so glad you are sharing information about individual ingredients. We can all learn something from this series!
    Oz the Terrier recently posted…Two Favorites Come Together for a CauseMy Profile

    • Thanks Oz. There are so many ingredients that this series will likely last a year or more! A little limerick for you…

      Ingredients from A to Z
      In dog food it’s so hard to see
      What’s good for my pup
      To serve them for ‘sup’
      For them to be healthy as can be!
      steve recently posted…Ingredients A to Z: Biotin in Dog FoodMy Profile

  5. Great Tasty Tuesday post! Sharing.
    Sue at Talking Dogs recently posted…Helping Pets in the Colorado Flooding #COFloodMy Profile

  6. Never thought much about Biotin but the name sounded familiar. Now we know a bit about it.
    emma recently posted…Is there a Doctor in the house? | GBGV | Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

  7. I eat vegetables if they’re well hidden in my food. My bipeds eat swiss chard quite often so I have some of that!
    Clowie recently posted…Help! Kelp!My Profile

  8. I have seen that so many times, and never knew what it was. Thanks for educating me!
    Jan K recently posted…Resolutions Revisited (Part 2)My Profile

  9. Thanks for the a-z. I’m getting my refresher course from many moons ago. It’s very interesting.
    joann stancer recently posted…Follow-Up FridayMy Profile

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