How to Keep Your Pets From Overheating in the Summer

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Summer is almost here and time for some tips on keeping your dog cool during the summer months, while still getting enough exercise in to keep them fit and healthy.

Our eHow video has some great tips:

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  1. We’re always out really early in the summer when it is hot out. Later in the day, I wear my KoolKollar (ice filled collar) to keep me cool. The other thing to remember is that us short dogs are real close to the asphalt which gives off a tremendous amount of heat which is why walking on paths on a sunny day really overheats me quickly. Just testing out our KoolKollars, when Katie and I leave home in the afternoon on a sunny day for a walk on the road, her collar lasts twice as long as mine because it is farther from the asphalt. Never underestimate the heat of asphalt.
    Emma recently posted…Dog Bunnies Color Easter Eggs | GBGV | Monday MischiefMy Profile

  2. How cool is that LOL.
    Laika recently posted…Mit nye legetøj blev ødelagt / My new toy was destroyed.My Profile

  3. Great tips. And keep your dogs out of closed up cars in the heat! And I’m glad I watched this video and hate to admit that I did a DAA and have been putting the fitvest on upside down. URGH.
    Sand Spring Chesapeakes recently posted…Monday Mischief~Remains To Be SeenMy Profile

    • No, I hate to say that Steve was putting it on wrong in the vid – the zipper goes on the top. (I usually put it on Jack).
      mkob recently posted…Mouth-watering Snacks for your DogMy Profile

  4. Late-night walks are essential for us when it really heats up. During the week, I don’t often have the opportunity to take them swimming, and early mornings just aren’t going to happen (snooze button). So that’s us, leaving for a dog walk when the sun sets at 10:30pm. Ah well. Summers here are short.
    PS. Like the tshirt!
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  5. What a great video! I didn’t know about the vest or bowl. Those are great ideas. We’ll be getting active in the morning to avoid the heat.
    Beagles and Bargains recently posted…M is for Make Your Own Dog Toys #atozchallengeMy Profile

  6. Thank you for the new pointers for this summer with the vest especially! Living in Florida, it is hot, hot, hot from the minute you wake up!

  7. Great tips. We do a lot of conditioning in the heat, meaning that we try to have the dogs outside at least part of the day even when it is super hot. We try to find shade or water to train in. Of course you have to be careful not to overdue. I have seen newbies at hunt tests take their dogs right from an air conditioned car to run a test in 100 degree weather. Not good. On at least one occasion, the dog went down. (The dog was OK. Luckily a vet was standing right next to me when it happened so she gave first aid.)
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