Helping Your Pudgy Pooch Back To Slim and Trim

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We saw an article about getting your dog slim and trim by Ron Miller at . You can read the article here:

Helping Your Pudgy Pooch Back To Slim and Trim | The Dogington Post.

We obviously think it is great the Ron is writing about this as we have way too many overweight dogs in the world.  Yet, we don’t think the author has provided much useful information for a dog owner to really address the problem.

Below is a snippet from the piece:

Overweight dogs are far more prone to develop diabetes, suffer from painful back conditions, heart problems, and the eventually breaking down of hip and leg joints due to toting around all the extra weight. Generally speaking overweight dogs tend to be house dogs that eat table scraps and do not receive enough exercise. So this is a great place to start-cut off the table scrapes and put your dog on a daily walking plan. This will help reduce their weight as well as increase their level of energy.

Yes, this is mostly true.  But we believe part of the problem is that most of the articles and advice given on this topic are similar in nature to this passage- not very specific and provide no real guidelines other than saying “walk your dog” and “stop feeding them table scraps”.  Walking is an OK exercise for your dog but if your dog is in good health (as cleared by your vet),  mixing in some more intense (and fun) exercises can make a huge difference, just like it does for humans.

Use the SlimDoggy app or the SlimDoggy widget (coming soon to a pet blogger near you!) so that you can more closely monitor your dog’s feedings and exercise.  This should be something that you do throughout their life anyway, not just when they are overweight.  Keep your dog healthy and happy and living longer with consistent and proper exercise and nutrition.


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  1. ohhh a new widget, cool! Is it coming to Android soon? I have the app on my ipod but I always carry my phone with me when Nellie and I go walking. Have a great Monday.
    JoAnn Stancer recently posted…Monday Mischief ~Birthday BoyMy Profile

    • We’re working on an android version – you wouldn’t think it, but it’s much more complicated that the iPhone one.

  2. The app sounds great for folks who have a pup that needs to lose some weight.
    I only have a dumb phone, so no app for moi. But luckily we’ve always been active with our pups so none of them have ever had weight problems. We’ve even slimmed down some family pups when they came to stay with us for a week or two! (We joke that we run a doggy fat farm.)
    Jackie Bouchard recently posted…Monday Mischief: Smoothie MischiefMy Profile

    • Good for you! So many pets need to lose weight, every little bit helps!

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