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This year marks the fifth anniversary of First Lady, Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move initiative. The initiative was introduced as a means to help fight childhood obesity. There have been some significant changes and advancements made in fighting obesity as a result of this movement which she outlined at the annual “Building a Healthier Future” summit.

On Monday, she will appear on the Ellen DeGeneres show to introduce a new campaign called #GimmeFive. The campaign’s purpose is to ask Americans to share five ways they are living a healthy lifestyle. They ask that you share your ideas or habits on social media using the hashtag #GimmeFive. One of their fun suggestions is dancing and they are introducing a new group dance for us to learn to help us get up and get moving.

While childhood obesity is a huge problem in this country, so is pet obesity with over 52% of dogs and 57% of cats found to be overweight or obese. Our blogs, SlimDoggy and SlimKitty are focused on helping you keep your pet healthy and fit through food, fun & fitness. Not only that, our #PetsMove campaign was launched as a companion initiative to Let’s Move, and specifically designed to help our motivate you and your pets.

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In honor of the five-year anniversary, we thought a great way to celebrate would be to join in with a list of five ways our pets, Jack & Maggie live a healthier lifestyle. Feel free to add your ideas here, or on your own social media using hashtag #GimmeFive and #PetsMove.

Five Ways Jack and Maggie are Living a Healthy Lifestyle:

  1. We exercise every day. Yes, every. single. day. We don’t skip a day (except for injury or illness), rain or shine. They get up and they move with either a long walk or a run.
  2. We mix up their exercise routine so they don’t get bored, complacent and soft. We try to do mix running, walking, strength and flexibility training and very important for all dogs, especially our seniors, balance and core training.
  3. We watch how much they eat. The reality is that WE control the portioning of their food not them. If your dog is overweight, it’s because YOU are feeding it TOO MUCH of possibly the wrong food. We measure their food with a measuring cup. We don’t follow what it says on the bag because that is not appropriate for our dogs.  We also remember to include the treats we dole out as part of their daily calorie budget.
  4. We watch what they eat. Again, we feed them, so we take care to read their dog food labels or search our dog food database and feed the best quality food that we can. We want to ensure it has healthy ingredients, so we check our SlimDoggy Ingredients series to make sure don’t inadvertently feed them something that is harmful.
  5. We do all of this together as a family. Our dogs love being with us and nothing makes them happier then when the family piles in the car together to go to the park or the beach or even just the pet store. Their mental health in the form of love, affection and proper training is critical to keeping Jack and Maggie healthy.


How about you – how are you living a healthy lifestyle? Share it here or on social media with hashtags #GimmeFive and #PetsMove.

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  1. You guys are on the same page we are. There are no excuses for not getting out there and moving and eating right. Lazy is not an acceptable excuse. Find a plan and stick with it.
    Emma recently posted…Important Reasons To Crate Train Your Dog #CrateHappyPetsMy Profile

  2. it’s great to do such things together, it mostly works when you are team… even when one team member has a meet&greet with the fridge after midnight… right, dad?
    easy rider recently posted…easyblog MISCHIEF MOANDAYMy Profile

  3. The best way we can show our love for our pups is to keep them healthy and in shape. Same goes for us.

  4. Yup, twice a day you’ll find us out and moving! We both suffer if we can’t get out moving due to extreme weather and even on those days, I try to at least get outside a bit to move around even if just a block or two. We make up for it by chasing one another around the house which usually involves both of us being tuckered out and me squealing with peals of laughter when Sam catches me.His tail cannot stop wagging. 🙂
    Monika recently posted…LoyaltyMy Profile

  5. We try our best to watch calories and get out there and move! We slacked a little this winter getting outside and moving but we tried to find things inside to do!
    Jen recently posted…5 Things I Didn’t See Coming Last WeekMy Profile

  6. With Miley on her diet and our goal of getting her to burn more calories I’m afraid she has become bored with our routine this winter. Can’t wait for this snow to melt so we can get out back with her, we are always looking for new ideas! Great post, such an important topic as we are on the same page! 🙂
    Golden Daily Scoop recently posted…Dog in Search of His NoseMy Profile

  7. I hate to say it, but Flash has added girth over this last year. He and Patches have always kept themselves trim. But having Chewy in the house has upped the ante and I haven’t paid attention. Flash has been eating several times a day! So I’m cutting back how often I feed them. He’s been resource guarding. *sigh*
    Flea recently posted…Funny Adopted Dogs, FBM 115My Profile

    • With a name like that, it should be easy for him to drop a few lbs.
      mkob recently posted…#GimmeFive CampaignMy Profile

  8. I will admit that I do not have the healthiest lifestyle, nor the healthiest eating habits, but I do make sure my pets and kids do. I just have to get into the habit myself!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!
    Jenna,Mark “HuskyCrazed” Drady recently posted…Revenge of mans best friendMy Profile

  9. The best way to show you love your pets is keeping them healthy. It’s easy to keep motivated for your own with a pet as well. Great campaign.

  10. This winter was a challenge but I’m happy to say we got out and found something to keep ourselves active with each day. I’m so thankful to have a break in the weather now – it’s 50 degrees but for us in Michigan it might as well be Paradise. Just seeing Laika’s happy excited face when I come home from work each day is enough to keep me motivated. She waits all day long, the least I can do is reward her loyalty with some fun evening play time and walks.
    Jen Gabbard recently posted…Shear Madness – Should You Shave Your Dog?My Profile

    • So glad the weather is turning for all you folks up north.
      mkob recently posted…#GimmeFive CampaignMy Profile

  11. I am delighted to say, we are doing all the same things here. Doodle Dad even mentioned that we are the only family that walks several times a day, everyday, regardless of the elements. I’m strict with portions and treats, and we play several times a day. Even when I have outside commitments, I make sure there is some sort of activity going on. Will definitely share this –

    • And that’s why you and your dogs are healthy and fit.
      mkob recently posted…#GimmeFive CampaignMy Profile

  12. Those are 5 great ways of living healthy, I’m trying to get on track with the gang and myself as I already decided tomorrow is a bust as Red Robin has a limited time crab cake sandwich I just have to try. LOL
    Sand Spring Chesapeakes recently posted…Bad Mom No Biscuit~Gambler Blows A MoccasinMy Profile

  13. Wonderful post & I love your idea of #PetsMove!
    We also exercise every single day, and start our day off with a backpack walk (we’ll omit the backpack when it’s to hot). We love taking our pups with us on social outings as much as possible ~ it’s a great combination of mental & physical exercise.
    On inclement weather days, we’ll still go outside, but cut our outside exercise short. We supplement with exercise indoors ~ running up & downstairs, playing fetch, hide & seek, & “where’s your toy”.

    We also believe in healthy nutrition & measure out every single meal.
    Barbara Rivers recently posted…Toxic Household Hazards, Foods & Plants for K9s #NationalPoisonPreventionWeekMy Profile

  14. I believe in exercising and conditioning my dogs and feeding them healthy foods with appropriate supplements. I’ve attended two Canine Conditioning seminars over the years and learned about the importance of stretching and waming up/cooling down. If it applies to us as human athletes, it applies to our canine athletes, too. Also, and this one takes some effort on my part, I have to allow my K9 athletes’ bodies to rest and recuperate. A Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist told me last year that they need days off in order to remain in good physical condition. She recommended at least one day/week of rest, maybe more, depending on what you’re doing. Cross training is great and rest is not being lazy; it’s an integral component of remaining in peak condition.

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