Geocaching FitDog!

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geodogbadge12Hi, SlimDoggy Jack here. Today for FitDog Friday, we decided to get out and take part in this geocaching craze and join our friends Gizmo and Finn & Charley for GeoDog Day!

What is geocaching? Gizmo and Finn & Charley talk about it all the time on their blogs, but basically it’s kind of like a scavenger hunt and if you don’t know what that means, look it up 🙂  People all over hide these ‘caches’ and then using the GPS on moms phone you find them! I think there’s lots more to it with different levels of caches you can look for and you can take stuff or leave stuff in them – some are real easy to find, some are real hard. One thing that seemed to be in common with all of them was they were an adventure and a good outing to share with your human.  Maybe I could even get a little more exercise in.

Moms got the App for our phone and searched for nearby caches.  We wanted to start out slow, to see what this was all about and luckily  we saw that there was one just 3/10 miles from our house! Cool, we thought – nice easy one, we don’t even have to get in the car.  I hope that the cache is Bacon.  Or Steak.

geodog maggie

We grabbed sister Maggie and off we went. Just a simple afternoon walk. We both had already run in the morning and had a late morning walk, so this was purely a pleasure expedition with maybe a little mental challenge thrown in. And perhaps some Bacon.

We walked down to the bottom of our street and Maggie checked the app for the location and direction.  We take a left and head down the street.geodog jack

At first, I thought it was  in these bushes that I like to pee on.

But it wasn’t.

We go out the front gate and and walk past the mailboxes and if there was a beep-beep HOT, HOT, HOTTER alarm on the geocache App it would have been going off.

We walk over towards the mailboxes because that’s the only thing there and sure enough I spot it. Well not, really, momz did, but I helped.

geodog jack2


The cache was in a little Altoids tin stuck to the bottom of our mailboxes. geocache altoid

We opened it up, but I couldn’t really tell what was in there, a tiny little plastic bag with some papers and other stuff in it.  No Bacon 🙁




It wasn’t a terribly exciting geocache find, and our exercise was certainly not as strenuous as ‘normal’ for a  FitDog Friday, but hey, we’re senior dogs and this was our 3rd outing of the day.  Because it is FitDog Friday, dad told me that I should include a screen shot of my SlimDoggy app diary so you can see how many calories I burned. My run burned a lot more calories than our geocache (and you all know that running is my favorite exercise!) but the geocache expedition allowed me to get a few extra mini-treats — 28 kcals worth to be exact!

Jacks Activity Diary

Jacks Activity Diary


All-in-all it was a fun outing and now that we know what geocaching is all about I think I can get momz to do some more. From the looks of it, there are lots hidden in the park we go to almost everyday, so maybe we’ll look for one tomorrow.  Maybe that is where the Bacon is!


Special Prize Giveaway by Cloud Star

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fitDogFriday_avatarPlease enjoy our FitDog Friday Blog Hop brought to you by SlimDoggy and our co-hosts Peggy’s Pet Place and To Dog With Love. Join the Hop or just enjoy the links below – lots of fun fitness tips and advice!

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  1. Awesome adventuring, guys. Any reason to get out is a good reason and geocaching sure looks like fun! I wish we’d had time to try it for this big day since EVERYBODY’s been talking about it but we’re learning so much it will be easy to get going when we have time!
    Bethany recently posted…Three Canines, Two Felines and a Psittacine Present: Bad PoetryMy Profile

    • It was pretty easy and we had one so close to home it was pretty amazing…and we kind of live in the sticks!
      mkob recently posted…Geocaching FitDog!My Profile

  2. Geocaching looks sooo much fun & another excuse to get out with your dog. What more could you ask for. Liked the way you measured your Geocaching activity using your SlimDoggy App & discovered you earnt some treats out of it….Clever doggy 😉
    Paws and Pedals (Kate & Scooter) recently posted…SUP Dog – Paddle Boarding with DogMy Profile

    • Jack’s always looking for ways to optimize treat consumption.
      mkob recently posted…Geocaching FitDog!My Profile

  3. Geocaching is a new thing to me. Thank you for sharing your adventure.

    ~ Jack
    Dog Training
    Jack Z. Lucas recently posted…Pick MO not Curly Forget LarryMy Profile

  4. Awesome adventure for you guys!!! Thanks for joining in our Geodog Day!!
    Finn recently posted…Finn Says, “It’s GeoDog Day!!”My Profile

    • Thanks for the inspiration. New ways to get out and get moving are always top rate in our book!
      mkob recently posted…Geocaching FitDog!My Profile

  5. We go geocaching but Mom didn’t have the app so our geocaching is on hold until she gets it.

  6. That was kind of a bummer there was no bacon or steak, Jack, but glad you had fun anyway! We want to try this sometime too, but just couldn’t get it together to join in this time.
    Jan K recently posted…FitDog Follow-Up – ShebaMy Profile

  7. Woot! Thanks for joining Geodog Day & Congrats on your very first find! To up the exercise value you can find a hiking trail, then check the website…We’ve done up to 10-12 mile hikes, finding caches along the way and getting in lots of good exercise
    GizmoGeodog recently posted…It’s Geodog Day!My Profile

    • Yeah know – momz and dadz picked one that was way too easy!
      mkob recently posted…Geocaching FitDog!My Profile

  8. Wow, congratulations! I wish I would find a cache with Bacon or a Steak. Or at least one with a a dead mouse, that would be not bad. Have a wonderful Geodog Day!
    easy rider recently posted…easyblog FINDING FRIDAYMy Profile

    • Hey, I agree, a dead mouse would be good.
      mkob recently posted…Geocaching FitDog!My Profile

  9. Just finished a wonderful walk, so I have space if I win those tasty treats! We did not do the geo caching, it is just too difficult to figure it all out and then with 2-3 dogs on leashes and holding a phone it is a program for disaster. We have so many other things we do we skipped this one. Mom likes to take us out together and not just one at a time, so unless at some point there is less dog or more human we won’t be trying it. It sounds like something that could be really fun if you take the time to get into it.
    emma recently posted…Emma’s Poem | GBGV | Bad Poetry DayMy Profile

  10. I take my two Cairns for a morning mile walk, and an evening mile walk every day. Three times a week they get to go on a two mile journey at our favorite spot during the day. I’ll have to look to see if there are any caches on these routes. It could be fun to snap a picture of my pooches finding a prize. I’m not sure I could really get into Geocaching on the regular, though.
    Jill C. recently posted…Gatsby, I Don’t Think We’re In Texas Anymore…My Profile

    • Looks like you and your Cairns certainly don’t need geocaching to get you motivated to get out for exercise. Good for you!
      steve recently posted…Geocaching FitDog!My Profile

  11. We at The Always Agile Labs love geocaching! We even have travel bugs that represent us (although both are currently missing in action) and tell about pet adoption! Riley’s traveled about 1800 miles from cache to cache before disappearing, and Jet’s made it almost 4000 miles!

    • Very impressive, to say the least.
      steve recently posted…Geocaching FitDog!My Profile

  12. Hi Y’all!

    If y’all have a park you can walk to, you don’t live in the sticks. To leave the yard I need a car, unless I just want to visit our one neighbor.

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog
    Hawk aka BrownDog recently posted…Another Follow Up and Fit Friday!My Profile

    • True – it’s all relative I guess…for Los Angeles, we live in the sticks 😉

  13. We tried so hard to find our geocache and came up empty. That would have been pawsome if your geocache had bacon in it.

    • Yup. You would have found the cache if it had bacon too- the scent is more powerful than any darn geocache app!
      steve recently posted…Geocaching FitDog!My Profile

  14. OMGoodness! It never occurred to me that there might be bacon in there! Now I REALLY can’t wait to go geocaching again!

    Love and licks,
    Genevieve recently posted…Something NewMy Profile

    • Let’s start a new trend– bacon must be in each and every cache. There will be a lot more geodogs, for sure!
      steve recently posted…Geocaching FitDog!My Profile

  15. We just love to see how everyone is participating today!! Good thing you didn’t have to put your hand into a cob webby, dead leaf filled hole!! Mommy says if I had thumbs (what are those) my hand would have gone in the hole in the tree!
    Christine and Riley recently posted…A Fun Way to Stay Fit… Become a GeoDog!My Profile

  16. There is something to be said about mixing up your exercise routine and trying new things, even if they aren’t as intense! Have a great night! Lee and Phod
    Hailey and Zaphod recently posted…Feline Friday – Who done it? Joke Day and a contestMy Profile

    • Agree…leisurely walks are a-okay with us. Thanks for stopping by.
      mkob recently posted…Geocaching FitDog!My Profile

  17. Isn’t Geocaching fun!!! And its always great to get in a fun hike to go with it.
    Rebecca recently posted…Geodog Day & FitDog Friday!My Profile

  18. You can trade the trinkets in the tin for something else. Maybe you should take something and leave bacon for the next dog 🙂
    Jessica recently posted…Meetup Groups Help Keep You and Your Dog ActiveMy Profile

    • Might be hard for Jack to part with any of his bacon, but it’s a good lesson in sharing.
      mkob recently posted…Geocaching FitDog!My Profile

  19. How fun of you and Maggie to join in the geocaching day. Next time maybe bacon will be in it. You don’t know til you get out and look.
    joann stancer recently posted…Follow Up FridayMy Profile

  20. I never really heard about Geocaching until reading your blog post. Just one question, who puts the stuff out for the dogs to find?
    Elena recently posted…My Dogs As My Diet BuddiesMy Profile

    • Folks that are part of this geocaching community. Anyone can hide one and then log it into the site.
      mkob recently posted…Geocaching FitDog!My Profile

  21. You had an easy one good start! Love Dolly
    Dolly the Doxie recently posted…Oral Hygiene Chews for Dental HealthMy Profile

  22. We’ve never tried geocaching but we’ve been reading about it in Gizmo’s posts and would like to try sometime. We think anything that gets people and pups out – even if just for a short walk – is a good thing! It might be fun to incorporate geocaching into one of the hikes we lead sometime – now you’v got us thinking!

    Garth Riley recently posted…Book Review: Pukka’s Promise by Ted KerasoteMy Profile

  23. Good job on finding that cache. After reading all of these posts, I figure that I have walked by a million caches and never knew it…lol.

    • You probably have – the one we found was at our mailbox for pete’s sake!
      mkob recently posted…This ‘N That ThursdayMy Profile

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