FitDog Friday#3

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Before our official FitDog Friday post, we have some great news.  We are proud to introduce a new co-host,  To Dog With Love who will join SlimDoggy and fellow co-host Peggy’s Pet Place for our weekly FitDog Friday Blog Hop! Welcome Rocco!

We wanted to use this week’s post to demonstrate how easy it is to participate in FitDog Friday.  You don’t have to write a long post (although we love reading these).  Here are some suggestions on how to participate even when you are pressed for time:

– Post a picture (or pictures) of your dog exercising.

Jack & Steve run to stay fit

Jack & Steve run to stay fit

– If you have the SlimDoggy app, post a picture of your dog’s diary showing their calorie burn and activity. Or your Facebook post where you brag about your dog’s activity.

Jack's diary, April 18

Jack’s diary, April 18


Bragging about Jack's run, April 18.

Bragging about Jack’s run, April 18.

– Encourage your readers to tell you (in your comment section), what was their dog’s exercise highlight of the week.

– Create a 1-2 line post that tells us what your favorite brand (and formula) of dog food is.

Hopefully you get the idea.  Do what you can and help us grow the hop and raise awareness for the benefits of canine fitness and health.  We have some very cool things planned in the future that we hope will further foster participation from Bloggers and readers a like.  In the mean time, lets have fun and stay fit!

You can now join two Blog Hops:

FitDog Friday Blog Hop And the Saturday Pet Blogger Hop (sponsored by Life with Dogs, Two Little Cavaliers & Nip & Bones)

FitDog Friday Hop


Saturday Pet Blogger Hop


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  1. Woof! Woof! Happy FitDog Friday. Yes I did share my recent activity on FB. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar
    SUGAR: Golden Woofs recently posted…Exercising Your Dog When You Are InjuredMy Profile

    • Hi Sugar, welcome to the Hop! Thanks for sharing your activity!

  2. We’re so excited to join you! So many fun ways to good ways to share our fitness fun!
    Your pals,
    Diane and Rocco
    Diane recently posted…FitDog Friday: Quick and Easy Disc GamesMy Profile

    • Welcome, welcome!

  3. I know it’s only week 3 but I haven’t had trouble coming up with ways to contribute to this great blog hop. Thanks for continuing to raise awareness and help dogs get and stay fit!
    Bethany recently posted…Keeping a Fragile Dog FitMy Profile

    • That’s great – keep those tips & advice coming. We all learn so much from each other it’s great. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. We don’t track our fitness because we are just always out and about but we do plan to post about what we have been up to as far as walking adventures and ways to stay fit while having fun 🙂 Thanks for hosting this blog hop as we believe fitness is so important for pups and their humans!
    emma recently posted…Fit With Puppies | GBGV | FitDog FridayMy Profile

    • We agree 150% So glad you’ve joined our efforts to raise awareness about doggie fitness.

  5. Am so enjoying the blog hop, and consciousness about calorie intake for my pup….keep it comong

    • Thanks Ter! Keep coming back – the more the merrier.

  6. Wags! SlimDoggy – Happy FitDog Friday!
    DogTread K9FITvest recently posted…Walk This Way: How Gait Analysis Can Strengthen Your Dog and Help You Identify WeaknessesMy Profile

  7. It’s nice to take the pressure off sometimes and it can be the simplest things that touch someone and motivates them.

  8. Thanks for the great tips! We are going to try to hop along at least every other week!
    Jackie Bouchard recently posted…FitDog Friday: Pearly-White Canines!My Profile

  9. Congratulations on getting your app up and running!
    Flea recently posted…BlogPaws – HELP!!!My Profile

  10. That’s right! There are so many options to post about, because keeping our pets trim, fit and healthy happens in many ways every day. Someone mentioned keeping their minds active too, and that can be part of FitDog Friday as well. Just connecting and supporting each other is another helpful part.
    Peggy Frezon recently posted…FitDog Friday- Furry Fun RunMy Profile

  11. I’ve been having fun reading everyone’s Fit Dog Friday posts. It is fun to see all the ways people are out being active with their dogs. But, now I want a pedometer for my dogs!
    Crystal recently posted…Fit Dog Friday: Box Turn TrainingMy Profile

  12. Yeah for fit doggies! You have inspired us to be better dogs!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

    • Thanks for stopping by our Hop! Glad to hear it was inspiring.

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  14. good job guys we walk a lot, dont run, but we do walk mom had a pedometer and she was doing about 9 miles a day but then she lost the pedometer

    urban hounds

    • Nine miles is GREAT – well done!

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