FitDog Friday Fall Fitness Challenge

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abound pet food fitness challengeThis week, we are happy to announce the FitDog Friday Fall Fitness Challenge, which is sponsored by ABOUND Pet Food. The purpose of the challenge is to help pet owners from falling into the ‘end of summer’ fitness trap that they, and their pets often succumb to.
The end of summer fitness trap is the phenomenon where people (and their pets) tend to lose focus on their fitness and weight once the summer is officially over. It is much healthier and smarter to maintain a high level of fitness year round, and the start of the fall season is the perfect time to recommit to keeping your pet fit and healthy.

That’s why along with our FitDog Friday co-hosts, To Dog With Love and My GBGV Life, we are excited to bring you the FitDog Friday Fall Fitness Challenge with our terrific sponsor ABOUND! Our plan for the next three Fit Dog Fridays is to introduce a new challenge for you that we hope will help motivate you to get and stay active with your pups!
You also won’t want to miss the terrific giveaway sponsored by ABOUND and filled with goodies for both you and your dog. Read all the way down for details and to enter!
How to participate
Here’s your quick and easy primer to help guide you through the FitDog Friday Fall Fitness Challenge.
Who: Sponsored by ABOUND, founded on the belief that pet foods could be better, not just by a little, but by leaps and bounds. ABOUND recently launched its grain free line with no wheat, corn or soy fillers, no animal-by product meal and no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. (read more about ABOUND below!)
What: The FitDog Friday Fall Fitness Challenge, a special event that will run every Friday in October at FitDog Friday, co-hosted by To Dog With Love, My GBGV Life and SlimDoggy!
When: We’ll announce a new challenge on our FitDog Friday blog posts on Oct. 2 (see below), Oct. 9 and Oct. 16. We encourage you to come up with your own twist on our challenge and report how you did the following week by linking up your posts to our FitDog Friday Blog Hop. If you don’t have a blog, don’t worry! We’d love to hear about your progress in the comment sections of our blogs or on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. with hashtag #FallFitDog. Then, on Oct. 23 we’ll post a Fall Fitness Challenge recap with some of our favorite activities and invite you to do the same. On Oct. 30, come back for our award ceremony and the announcement of giveaway winners.
Where: Link up here at our FitDog Friday blog hop, leave a comment below or join us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.
Why: We partnered with ABOUND to bring you the FitDog Friday Fall Fitness Challenge to provide a fun way (and terrific giveaway!) to motivate you to get and stay fit and healthy with your dogs. The challenges are designed so that anyone can participate and adapt them to the activities you love best. We hope you’ll share your activity ideas so we’ll all learn something new. Special thanks to the folks at ABOUND for sponsoring the challenge and providing some wonderful prizes.

And now, for this weeks challenge.

Week 1 Challenge: No Grain, No Gain

The first week’s challenge is called “No Grain, No Gain”. The theme of this week’s challenge it to share tips on how you keep your pet at a healthy weight, even after the summer is over. Obviously, keeping your dog fit and trim requires both exercise and proper diet so tips on either or both of these facets are welcomed.

SlimDoggy Tip for the No Grain, No Gain Challenge

Add intensity to exercise and watch the food and treat labels for high carb grains and other fillers.

If you want to keep your dog fit in the fall, it is best to keep your eye on both exercise and feedings. Regarding exercise, the simplest way to increase the number of calories your dog will burn during exercise is to increase the intensity level of the exercise. While the level of intensity that any dog can withstand will vary, the idea is to raise intensity when compared to what your dog is normally used to. For example:

Jack doing his kettlebell routine

Jack doing his kettlebell routine

  • If your dog is a walker, simply walk a little faster or if injuries are not an issue, try mixing in some jogging during the walk intermittently.
  • If your dog is a jogger, jog a little faster or incorporate sprints.
  • If your dog performs strength moves, add resistance via a weighted vest or add instability.

When it comes to food, it is important to not only watch the total number of calories fed, but also to look at the ingredients that are in the dog’s foods and treats. I always recommend foods with real, named meats and fish (e.g. Salmon) and that also incorporate fruits and vegetables as sources of carbohydrates and vitamins and minerals. Grains are not inherently bad, but a dog’s body has no nutritional need for grains and grains like corn are often used as cheap fillers.
When it comes to treats, I prefer those with simple, short ingredient lists. Treats are not meant to be ‘complete’ foods, and thus should be made up of just a few natural, recognizable ingredients.

About ABOUND Dog Food

ABOUND was founded on the belief that pet foods could be better, not just by a little, but by leaps and bounds. We envisioned a pet food that used all-natural ingredients, contained high-quality proteins as the first ingredient, and included real vegetables and wholesome whole grains. And for our furry friends with more sensitive digestive systems, ABOUND now offers a Grain Free line. NO wheat, corn or soy fillers, NO animal-by product meal and NO artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.
ABOUND has created a line of Grain Free dog foods and treats that are available at Kroger (and related) supermarkets throughout the U.S. ABOUND Grain Free dog foods are formulated to more closely mimic a dog’s natural, ancestral diet. ABOUND Grain-Free recipes are protein-rich and feature easy-to-digest carbohydrates, with none of the grains that some dogs can find difficult to digest.
Made from North America sourced ingredients, ABOUND treats are full of healthy and tasty ingredients like sweet potato, cranberries and blueberries.  Sounds like the perfect reward after a fitness challenge!
You can learn more about the ABOUND Grain Free product line at the ABOUND website
ABOUND products are exclusively available at The Kroger Co. Family of Stores.
Prize Pack Details
Enter via the giveaway widget below for a chance to win a very special prize pack from ABOUND filled with these goodies!
 Abound dog food prize pack
Each prize pack, valued at $230, consists of the following items:

  • Three packages of assorted new grain-free dog treats from ABOUND
  • One coupon for new grain-free ABOUND dog or cat food
  • One $100 gift card*
  • An olive ombre rope dog leash
  • A puzzle dog toy with a modern, modular design. Place ABOUND treats into the integrated flaps and let your dog enjoy tossing and rolling.

*For Kroger family of stores or generic gift card if winner is not in a Kroger market

Enter here to win one of the prize packs:



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    Sounds like fun! Can’t wait for the a break in the weather and the Humans to return!

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  6. We walk every day with no exception!! I try to avoid rain, but if it’s one of those rainy-all-day-long fall days, the pups sport their rain jackets, I sport mine, and off we go for our walk!
    My preferred treats these days are those that only have one single ingredient!
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  9. I sure love this challenge! As most know, I’m obsessed with playing fetch!!! Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

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