FitDog Friday Fall Fitness Challenge Wrap Up

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The FitDog Friday Fall Fitness Challenge, sponsored by ABOUND Pet Food, has come to a close. But we don’t want that to be an excuse for anyone to start slacking when it comes to their or their dog’s exercise and diet. There were many great ideas shared by our blog partners and readers on how to keep a dog (and the human) fit and healthy in the fall. I recommend trying some of the tips and suggestions that most appeal to you and even trying some that don’t. You might end of discovering a whole new and enjoyable way to stay fit with your dog.


In my opinion, the most important overarching takeaway from our challenge is that overall fitness and health, (human or dog fitness), is best attained through a combination of a varied and balanced exercise program and a sensible approach to diet.


Creating a Balanced Exercise Program for a Dog

As we all learned in the challenge, there are many different ways a dog can exercise. Sure, walking is simple and a great way to build foundational fitness. But a dog’s body, like a human’s body, really does require a progressive exercise program with a variety of different exercises and modalities, to be most effective (and the most interesting). Some of the things to keep in mind when designing an exercise program for a dog include:


Mix the intensity levels of the exercises in order to ensure that the dog’s nervous system is challenged. A great example of this is to add some running to a walking program or sprints to a running program.


Mix in strength training to keep a dog’s muscles strong. As we pointed out, dogs can do strength training moves. Try incorporating a few sets of strength moves, like the up downs or hill work, as part of your dog’s weekly routine.


Jack doing his kettlebell routine

Jack doing his kettlebell routine


Mix in core work. The core is the center of the body and provides protection of internal organs, supports and protects the spine, and provides the stability and power transfer that make athletic movement possible and efficient. Use balance cushions or other stability exercises to keep your dog’s core strong.


Creating a Sensible Diet Strategy for a Dog

Proper diet is just as important as proper exercise when it comes to being fit and healthy. Dogs require a diet that contains meat and fish protein sources as well as a mix of vegetables and fruits for their antioxidants and vitamin content. Our sponsor, ABOUND Pet Foods has created dog food products that contain some of my favorite ingredients, including Salmon, Blueberries and Cranberries, and Sweet Potatoes.


Once you have made your choice in dog foods, remember to calculate proper portions. As a rule of thumb, a normally active dog will require somewhere between 20-30 calories per pound of body weight, per day. A 50 lb. dog, therefore, will burn close to 1,100 calories and should be fed the appropriate amount of food (and treats).


With consistent exercise and good quality foods and treats, a dog can live a long and active life which in turn, means we would get to spend more quality time with our dogs. It’s kind of a no-brain decision, don’t you agree?


Fall FitDog Challenge

This wraps up our #FallFitDog Challenge. We introduced lots of interesting challenges as well as special offerings from our sponsor, Abound. Here’s a recap of what we covered:

Be sure an revisit our posts for inspiration and remember the giveaway is open until Sunday, so be sure and join from the entry in Week 1. Next week we will announce the winners of the giveaway and special participation awards for anyone who joined us and posted photos of their #FallFitDog challenges.


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  1. Jack can you lift up that kettlebell? wow!!!! I always forget to include the treats to the daily portion, specially when we have visitors who try to win Easy’s heart and his stomach with endless snacks :o) mabe it helps to split the treats in advance and to sort it in boxes what hold the treat- ration for one day?
    easy rider recently posted…easyblog TIE A PINKY RIBBON…My Profile

    • Absolutely. We gave that as a tip a long time ago – to portion out the treats for the day, put them in a little baggie or something and that’s the limit. Good thinking 😉
      mkob recently posted…FitDog Friday Fall Fitness Challenge Wrap UpMy Profile

  2. Hi Y’all!

    Way to go Jack! You are one “ripped” dude!

    Y’all come on by,
    Hawk aka BrownDog
    Hawk aka BrownDog recently posted…Fitness FunMy Profile

  3. Lots of great tips!!

  4. Jack you are a happy dog and such a great ambassador for great health. What a great challenge you guys did.
    Sand Spring Chesapeakes recently posted…Preacher And The Pigeon For Some FitnessMy Profile

  5. You go with the kettle bell, Jack! I don’t think I could lift it!
    Emma recently posted…Fall Fitness Challenge Wrap Up #FallFitDogMy Profile

  6. They need to invent the Senior Dog Olympics. Jack would sweep every category.

  7. Jack you are an inspirational fitness canine especially with that kettlebell 🙂 Great #FallFitDog challenge!
    Tiffany’s Diamond Dogs recently posted…#FallFitDog Week Three: Tricks, Strength, and ConditioningMy Profile

  8. A fit dog really is a happy dog. And Jack, nice kettlebell 🙂
    Julie recently posted…SmileMy Profile

  9. Jack is such an inspiration! Go fit dogs!
    Earl Lover recently posted…Tricks Are NOT ‘Pointless’ Nor ‘Cruel’!My Profile

  10. I love the picture of the happy dog. Labs just have a way of always looking so happy!
    amber recently posted…The sierras, 2004My Profile

  11. Is Jack’s kettle bell hollow on the inside so that it can be stuffed with goodies or is it weighted? I’ve never seen one of those toys!
    Barbara Rivers recently posted…Comment on LIKER – so much more than just a ball! #ActiveDogs by K9sOverCoffeeMy Profile

  12. This challenge was definitely inspiring for us. A variety of types of exercise are not only healthy for the dogs, but it keeps things interesting as well. We are really having some fun doing different things.
    Soon we’ll be needing a winter challenge too though…that’s the really tough time for us to stay motivated! 🙂
    Jan K recently posted…FitDog Friday’s Fall Fitness Challenge #FallFitDogMy Profile

  13. Jack is very fit and an inspiration!

  14. A well balanced dog is a happy, healthy dog! Love the kettle bell photo with Jack!
    Diane recently posted…Wrapping Up the #FallFitDog ChallengeMy Profile

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