FitDog Friday Fall Fitness Challenge Week 3

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Sponsored by ABOUND Pet Food


We are now at the final week of the FitDog Friday Fall Fitness Challenge.   To summarize the challenge, we have partnered with ABOUND Pet Food for the month of October to create our own and have our readers share tips that will help you and your dog remain fit and healthy as we head into the fall season.


Week 3 Challenge: Sweet and Strong Strength Training Challenge

— show us your strength moves and favorite food ingredient to support a strong and healthy body.


3 Easy Yet Effective Canine Strength Exercises

I have written about strength training for dogs on numerous occasions. It is a lot easier to work in strength exercises into a dog’s fitness routine than most people expect, primarily because the dog’s body becomes the resistance and like human body weight training, it is a very effective way to build strength. Here is a list of three of my favorite canine strength exercises.



  1. Up downs. Have your dog lie down, and then rise to a full stand. Repeat. This is great for the hind legs and core.
  2. Labby Limbo. Set a bar or some kind of obstacle low to the ground at a height that will force your dog to have to squat low on all fours to get under the bar to the other side. This is a great drill for all four legs as well as the back and core muscles.
  3. Hill Sprints. Use gravity to build muscle on your dog. Find a hill that takes 30 or more seconds to ascend at your target pace. Run (or walk) up the hill as fast as you can. Rest on the descent. Try a zig zag descent to lengthen the recovery while deemphasizing the front legs.   Hills are great strength builders and will really help a dog maintain their hind leg strength.


Foods that Support an Active Dog

Fresh Organic Sweet Potato

Fresh Organic Sweet Potato

When it comes to foods that support a strong and healthy body for a dog, the obvious focus is on real named meat and fish sources, which contain high amounts of protein and fat, both of which are crucial for a dog’s body, especially active dogs. Besides meats and fish, there are a variety of other foods that can help an active dog stay active. One of these is Sweet Potato. Some of the nutritional benefits of sweet potatoes come from:

Carotenoids, which are plant compounds that can reduce the cellular damage from hard exercise

Copper, which helps the body produce collagen, which is responsible for keeping muscles and tendons healthy.

Potassium, which is required for proper muscle contraction, nerve transmission, and bone health.


The ABOUND Grain Free Salmon and Sweet Potato recipe lists salmon and sweet Potatoes as its first 2 ingredients, which are both perfect for an active dog (or any dog for that matter). ABOUND also has treat recipes that contain sweet potatoes. The Fish & Sweet Potato Recipe contains a simple and healthy list of ingredients that are perfectly suited to augment your dog’s regular food.


Show us your moves from the #FallFitDog Challenge
Now that we’ve shared three challenges, next week it’s your turn to show us what you’ve been doing to stay in shape this fall.
Did you try one of our challenges?
Week #1 — No Grain, No Gain
Week #2 — Superfood Super Circuit
Week #3 — Sweet and Strong Strength Training
Tell us about your progress and be sure to link up to our FitDog Friday Blog Hop next week. And in the meantime, if you have some fun photos to share, post them on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook with hashtag #FallFitDog. We might even share a few next week!
In the spirit of our previous #FitDog Kamps and Challenges, we may have some awards to give out following week, so be sure to link up NEXT Friday and post your pics too!
We hope you’ve enjoyed the FitDog Friday Fall Fitness Challenge with ABOUND! It’s all about getting out and getting active with your pup, and, along with our co-hosts My GBGV Life and To Dog with Love, we’d like to give some hearty thanks to ABOUND for sponsoring this fun series.

Don’t forget to enter for a chance to win the Fall Fitness Challenge ABOUND prize pack, filled with more than $200 worth of goodies for you and your dog! Enter via the giveaway widget on our Fall Fitness Challenge announcement and giveaway post! Good luck!


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  1. I love these sorts of exercises! I try to have the girls do them often!
    Lauren Miller (ZoePhee) recently posted…Buster Food Cube ReviewMy Profile

  2. I like the idea of the labby limbo… maybe we can do some weim-limbo too? bet we will need a lot of treats for that LOL
    easy rider recently posted…easyblog I’m back- TGIFMy Profile

  3. Great challenge, boy am I way behind the eight ball and missed this whole challenge. Just now trying to catch up from my time away. Thanks for visiting my blog while I was gone.
    Sand Spring Chesapeakes recently posted…Saskatchewan Picture Video 2015My Profile

  4. Hill sprints are our favorite of your three. It makes hills fun and provides a good workout.
    Emma recently posted…Sweet And Strong Strength Training – Fall Fitness Challenge Week 3 #FallFitDogMy Profile

  5. We did lots of hills on our most recent hike of Lantern Hill. The trail was very narrow which was a new challenge for Miley. It was fun and a great workout for us both!
    Golden Daily Scoop recently posted…Hiking Lantern Hill With Your Dog #WalktoberMy Profile

  6. These are great! Thanks for the ideas!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!
    Jenna,Mark “HuskyCrazed” Drady recently posted…Dogs In Costume: Flashback Halloween, And Learning Experiences!My Profile

  7. We missed the first 2 weeks as I was on a business trip but Kilo and I will be hitting the hills and trying some other strength training (we just did a few lie downs and stands). We are also both big fans of sweet potato and pumpkin.
    Talent Hounds recently posted…Fit Dogs Enjoyed Lure Coursing and Races At WoofstockMy Profile

  8. That photo of Jack underneath the fence is one of my favorites. It looks like he’s running the course at boot camp. Not too shabby, labby!

  9. We don’t have any hills, but one of the streets has a nice incline. We are steadily working on improving our health and stamina. Thanks for being such an inspiration. ☺
    M. K. Clinton recently posted…Enjoying the Golden YearsMy Profile

  10. Those are good exercises! We’ll have to try the crawling under beams!
    Tiffany’s Diamond Dogs recently posted…AZ Foothills Magazine Dog Days of Summer Finale PartyMy Profile

  11. I like the strength training ideas. I like interacting with Cocoa on our runs. We will run and then sometimes stop and do some of the exercises 🙂 Thank you.
    Julie recently posted…Running with CocoaMy Profile

  12. There is so much you can do to keep your dog in good condition. Brilliant article once again.
    Earl Lover recently posted…5 Tips For A Mentally Fit DogMy Profile

  13. Mr. N practices crawling both with me and naturally when his toy goes under furniture and he has to get it out.

  14. Great exercises! Rocco does the Labby Limbo under my outstretched legs (while I’m sitting on the floor). It becomes more of a crawl that way.
    Diane recently posted…#FallFitDog Challenge #3: Tricks for Keeping Your Dog StrongMy Profile

  15. The challenge sounds like a blast! I love the photos of the dogs getting their exercise on! Go doggies! Go! That last photo coming up the hill reminds me of our last trail excursion. My legs still hurt!
    Rama’s Mama recently posted…Sepia Saturday–Pup In The WoodsMy Profile

  16. I’m all for making use of nature’s landscape while out and about with our pups! I love your hill suggestion – that’s a great exercise for both humans and K9s 🙂

    Missy & Buzz get the super foods coconut oil & pumpkin puree mixed in with their food every day. One of our neighbors gave us some of her sweet potato harvest from her garden, and I want to try making some dehydrated sweet potato snacks for the pups (my mother in law gave us a food dehydrator a few weeks ago, but we haven’t broken it in yet).
    Barbara Rivers recently posted…3 Reasons For Trick Training Your K9 – Opening The Fridge!My Profile

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